Why do people hate Jayson? Jason feels wrong since it's just stolen a lot of it which makes it boring and not fun. Everyone that is named Jayson you're cool and funny.
Jason = James
Jayson = Jaymes

Jason is fresh and quite attractive, while Jayson is ugly and disgusting.
Ugly spelling.
They had to ruin Jayson too?
Very unattractive spelling.
When I started 9th grade, there were seven James's in my class. The teacher lined us up and asked what we preferred such as Jim, Jimmy, etc. I was always exactly Jim or Jimmy, both of which I did not like. So those were out of the question by the time he got to me anyway (of course the last one). He asked if I would be comfortable with Jamie. I really didn't have an issue, but one of my best friends already went by that. I said, how about just J? I was okay with it and the teacher was too. It eventually manifested into Jay.

Recently, my employer started using my legal name "James" in all of our communications, which quite frankly "TICKED ME OFF". After protesting though the proper channels, a supervisor said, well change your name. Challenge accepted! I thought hard and researched name meanings and chose Jayson. I am adding it to my full name as a new first name as I really care about my original first and middle names because they both are family names and have a lot of both meaning and memories for me.

I could not easily decide whether to use "Jason" or because I used "Jay" for all of my adult life, I could spell it "Jayson". Also at play was the sound of adding a new first name. Did I want to use "Jay James" or "Jayson James" After conducting a short poll with my father, my wife, and some really close friends, the "Jaysons" if you will, had it.

I am currently awaiting the Court's approval which did not cost as much as I heard. I thought $500 plus, but it was less than $170.
I definitely prefer Jason. While Jayson is a reasonable spelling if you're naming your son after someone named Jay, it's one of those names that will eternally need to be spelled out for people. But then again, so are classics like Elisabeth and Sara.
My first name is Jayson and I don't care if people say that name is so stupid and it should really be Jason. I love my name and I am proud of it. It is very unique- I say it is a unique way of saying Jason.
My brother's name is Jayson and I don't care if people say it should be Jason because I personally think it's cool that he has it spelled differently. You can be more unique and you would have something different. (You can also have the nickname Jay).
This spelling looks like it was hand picked by both illiterate and idiotic parents. Either spell the name properly as Jason or simply don't use it at all. There's no need to butcher a perfectly good name.
Many Jason's go by Jay...
My theory as to why this spelling abomination in on the charts is due to the inspiration of Grayson. Ick!
Every other guy of a certain age is named Jason, and the name is still kicking around in the Top 100. I really don't think the name needs to be spelt phonetically for people to figure out how to pronounce it. If this spelling is being used to try to give a long-played-out name some kind of fresh, original twist, it fails at that too.
No. Just no. I'm pretty sure were all perfectly capable of pronouncing "Jason". We don't need any help, thank you very much.
It looks stupid. What's wrong with Jason?
Wouldn't it be more logical to nickname the bearer's father 'Jay'? (Ouch!)
I like this variation of Jason. Then you can nick-name the bearer 'Jay'. :D.

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