Very unique and unusual way of spelling Jasmine, although I also love Jasmine.
Much lovelier than Jasmine. Not tacky at all.
Total stripper name.
Jasmine is lovely, but Jazmin (as an English kreatyv spelling) looks tacky and unprofessional.
“Jazmín” is how you say “Jasmine” in Spanish, so I imagine that many people with this name may have Spanish-speaking parents.
My guess is that this is not just a variant of Jasmine but also the regular form of the name (or name of the plant) in Hungary as it made the girls popularity list in that country and charted as high as #1.
Jazmin Grace Grimaldi is the daughter of Albert II, Prince of Monaco and Tamara Rotolo, and the elder of the Prince's two known illegitimate children. Prince Albert II publicly confirmed Jazmin's paternity on 1 June 2006, noting that he had wanted to protect her identity until she was an adult. Jazmin is the older half-sister of Alexandre Coste Grimaldi and of Prince Albert's two legitimate children, Princess Gabriella, Countess of Carladès, and Jacques, Hereditary Prince of Monaco.
Sound: Its very pretty!
Originality: 10/10!
Spelling: Personally I would spell it Jasmine but it doesn't really matter!
Ug. Ly. Why can't we stick to Jasmine, a beautiful name by itself, and not have to rely on such hideous "variants"?
"Jazmin" is also commonly used in Hungary. [noted under Jázmin -ed]
This is one of my best friend's names. She prefers to be called Jaz and is offended if someone spells her name Jasmine.

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