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I love this name it's better than Jeremy.
This name fits any pastor/preacher. Very religious feeling towards it. This name feels holy and makes me feel like getting taught guidance by an elder master of the Jedi order.
I really like this name. It's unique, but not out of place.
Cool! Way better then the bland and ugly Jeremy.
I know a 10 year old non binary Jeremiah. Their name is spelled Jeremiasz, and they have long blonde hair and blue eyes. I think it’s a cool name, one you don’t hear often.
My name is Jeremiah and I'm mixed with Black And Latino. I don't really understand the fact that some people hate my name, I actually think that my name is cool. To the other Jeremiah's in this world this name is unique.
Honestly? I like this name. I don’t understand the hate for it to be honest. It’s unique, handsome, and a lot better than Jeremy in my opinion. Any guy who has this name should feel lucky.
I like this name, just wish it wasn't so overused.
I think the name Jeremiah is hot and cold.
I really love the name Jeremiah. A lot of great Hebrew names tend to be over used such as James or John, but this is one of the Hebrew names that gets overlooked too often. Me personally, I love the sound of this name. Also, there’s many nickname options even if they're not the greatest (Jerry, Jeremy).
Jeremiah is another “a” ending name I prefer as a boy’s name. However, both feminine AND masculine names are all used on girls once or more, so I accept the name Jeremiah as a unisex name. However, feminine names will never become unisex, just males. Not my opinion, but what everyone thinks. Jeremiah is okay for boys OR girls, but I prefer it for a boy because that’s what it’s intended for.
I actually like Jeremiah for a boy. Doesn’t matter if it ends with “a”. I like Indigo for a girl more than a boy.
Friends of mine named their son Jeremiah a perfectly nice name but called him Mia almost exclusively, (pronounced My-ah). Egad! We could never understand why they did that to the poor kid. He was always being called Mia (pronounced Mee-ah) as in the girls' name by everyone who read his nickname. He had it tough until he went away to college and started calling himself Jere (pronounced Jare).
In my personal opinion, I find it ironic that people find this name pretentious, obnoxious, etc. When that's all the things Jeremy reminds me of. Jeremiah has this biblical and traditional charm, and a nice sound where as Jeremy just seems dated to me, someone who's in their 40s. Sure, it can seem extra but it just has such a beautiful sound that makes me love the name so much. I would even use it for my child if I had one.
To be honest, this makes me think of a creepy old man living in a creepy house in a creepy neighborhood. I much prefer just Jeremy, as it sounds cuter, yet also a bit more masculine at the same time.
Jeremy is nicer, in my opinion. The ending, "miah," just sounds ugly to me.
My 13 year old son is Jeremiah James and it has been a wonderful name for him. He is an athlete and also happens to be biracial, so I think it was a good fit for him. I wanted a name that represented both sides of his heritage and didn't lean too much in either direction. We call him J most of the time, as his initials are J.J. and we started calling him that as a baby, but just J. Stuck. He was named after Jeremiah 29:11, which is beautiful scripture to have as a foundation. :)
I really love this name, so brash, refreshing, rustic and handsome. Great meaning too.
I love this name. I see zilch reasons to loathe "Jeremiah".
I slightly prefer Jeremy, but I still find Jeremiah very pleasant-sounding and handsome. I saw it on a girl once, spelled Jera-Maya *rolls eyes*
I really like this name. Besides the Biblical association and meaning, I think it's much more traditional and substantial than the short form "Jeremy," which was trendy in the 1980s and seems like a nickname.
I hate this name. It's ugly and pretentious. Jeremy is much better.
This is my name. I used to hate it when I was younger. I think it can be a really imposing name on a little kid. It's also frustrating that everyone mispells it (Jeramiah, Jerimiah, Geremiah). Other than the fact that most people don't know how to spell it, I love having this name. I haven't known too many people who share my name, and would rather have Jeremiah as my name any day than Josh, Jason, or other names common in my age group.
This is my brother's name but we call him Miah. I really like it and so does he. I think the name sound very gentle, but it is a small bit girly.
Just another über-biblical -iah name for people who rub their religiousness in everyone's face.
Did it ever occur to you that maybe some people like -iah names simply because they think they sound nice and have strong meanings, not because of religion. They are very refreshing, handsome, and much better than the "-aden" garbage being given to kids these days.
I'm with Ali Hassan all the way -- and I am an atheist! I LOVE "iah" names. Yeah, right! You really have to be a fanatic to give your kid a biblical name -- like Adam, Daniel, David, Deborah, Elizabeth, Esther, Eve, John, Jonathan, Joseph, Mark, Martha, Mary, Matthew, Michael, Paul, Peter, Ruth, Stephen, Thomas, Timothy....(I've no objection to names ending in "-aden," however.)
This name sounds so much more fuller and classier than Jeremy. I prefer it much more than Jeremy, which makes me think of one of the boys who made middle school hell. Anyway, great name!
I like Jeremiah better than Jeremy.
As a Jeremiah myself, I would never take on the nickname Jeremy. I really don't like that name. It may be a mouthful but that's what people call me, though my first and middle initials are JJ too.
I've only known one "Jeremiah", and he was extremely nerdy and creepy. I think Jeremy would be a nice nickname though.
My son's second middle name is Jeremiah. I love the sound of it.
I prefer the name Jeremy. I also think of the song Jeremiah was a Bullfrog.
My husband's name. I love the way it sounds. I know a Jeremiah that is called "Miah" and some have called my husband Jerry. He actually goes by "Jay" more than anything else, because his initials are J.J. and was called J.J. as a kid.
Why not just Jeremy? The -iah behind sounds extra. Slightly girly.

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