Great strong name, I knew a brilliant boy by the name of Jesse, he ended up getting a job coding and helping his father grow a farm.
Also a German form. It's used in the song "Es ist ein Ros entsprungen" in reference to the Tree of Jesse.
I think this name is very handsome and delicate at the same time.
Jesse Pinkman is a character from Breaking Bad.
Every time I hear the name Jesse I think of some cold callous douche with a goatee and pointy adams apple who smokes weed all day.
Doesn't fit a little boy but I really like it for teenagers.
Jesse, when male, comes from Ishai, which is Hebrew for "he will give a gift" or "he will be a gift". Ishai was David's father.
Girls can use Jessie. Leave Jesse for boys.
Handsome boy's name! Jesse is for BOYS, and Jessie is for GIRLS. Jess can be unisex.
Nice and simple.
It's a male name, you guys.
I really love this name on a boy. It sounds gentle and non-threatening.
I agree with noisynora. Awesome name for a boy! Jesse can be used on a girl as well.
Sounds feminine and has a really ugly spelling.
Jesse sounds cool and handsome on a guy. I think Jessie is better for a girl.
Fun fact: Jesse is actually for both sexes.
I hate this name. I knew someone with this name but I prefer the name Jessup.
Contrary to popular belief, Jesse is used as a feminine name too, as a variant of Jessie (1).
Nice name for a girl or a guy.
Technically Jesse is a boy's name, guys. It’s the English form of the Hebrew name Yishai and the name of a (male) character in the bible.Although they sound the same, Jessie is a different feminine name.
It was originally a Scottish nickname for Jean, but nowadays it is more commonly used as short for Jessica.Jesse is masculine, Jessie is feminine.
Handsome. Nicer than the feminine diminutive Jessie.
Jesse McCartney wrote the lovely song “Beautiful Soul” in 2004.
I love the name, yet varied the spelling. Our daughter was our first born and although I called her Emma when I found out I had a little girl growing within me, she came 6 weeks early. To fulfill a promise to his Grandpa, we named her Jesse. I was able to change the spelling to Jessyca and added the LeAnne I had planned for Emma... LOL.
Our Jessy was so incredibly bright. She was a blessing to many people, especially when she wrote for the local paper about her struggles with a terminal, rare form of liver cancer. She did have her fairy tale wedding, yes... mom found her the man of her dreams and I love that young man still.
Jessyca LeAnne Garrett Reems was a wondrous example of the true meaning of the name Jesse.
I'm not a fan of this name. I know Jesse is biblical, but it actually sounds like a hick name to me. I picture someone yelling "Jesseeee... get outta that thar house before I tan yer hide!" (You'll have to imagine the Southern accent.)
My name is Jesse and I'm a girl. I hate my name.
In 2018, 29 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Jesse who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 152nd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Researching my name and understanding biblical text, names where giving according to circumstances eg. Moses meaning He Who Draws Out Of The Waters, or He Who Extracts. Also with Hebrew word, context and subject are often put in the one eg. a descriptive sentence like First born of Issac and Rebekah who is red and hairy and a mighty hunter. In English could be written or said with a just one or two words if said in Hebrew.
From my research... Jessica the Feminine name is from the Hebrew Iscah or Yiskah who is Abraham's niece, Lot's sister (Genesis 11:29) and has the meaning 'she will look out' or 'she will see'.Jesse the Masculine name from the from the Hebrew Îyshay or Yishai who is the root of Jesse father of King David (Ruth 2, 1 Samuel 24, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings 1, 1 Chronicles 5, 2 Chronicles 2, Psalms 1, Isaiah 2) and has the meaning 'God exists, I possess' which can be interpreted to gift or wealth.I'm not sure about this next one hopefully someone might be able to confirm it?
Jesiah (1 Chronicles 5, Ezra 1) the Hebrew name is Yishshı̂yâh and seem to be the two names Josiah and Jesse put together in one name. I have found 3 different meanings for Jesiah 'Yahweh Gives', 'sprinkling of the lord' or “Jehovah will lend”.
Good name.
Being a female and having the name Jesse may be offensive to some. You'll have that. However, it hasn't seemed to stop God from answering my prayers, nor has it damaged my relationship with Jesus. In fact, knowing the Hebrew meaning of the name Jesse has changed my relationship with him for the better. Pretty sure it was Jesus that said there will be no male nor female in Heaven, there is no gender there. Just here. In this place where carnal minds get hung up on names, and some men shame me for being Jesse. How a man feels about it is not going to change it, or that I'm happy to have it. I don't need human approval to be ok with it. The Father and Son don't seem to mind. Read back through the new testament, and try to pick up on how Jesus chastised those men who had superior attitudes toward women and children. Someday I'll be given a new name, straight from the Divine. Until then, my name is Jesse.
Jesse Wesley Williams is an American actor, model, and activist, best known for his role as Dr. Jackson Avery on the ABC Television series Grey's Anatomy. He also appeared in the 2013 film Lee Daniels' The Butler as civil rights leader Rev. James Lawson. His other roles have included Holden in The Cabin in the Woods; Officer Eddie Quinlan in Brooklyn's Finest; and Leo, Lena's boyfriend, in the film sequel The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.
Jesse Ellis Lingard is an English professional footballer who plays as a winger for Premier League club Manchester United and the England national team. Lingard made his senior debut while on loan at Leicester City in 2012, and spent time on loan at Birmingham City and Brighton & Hove Albion during the 2013–14 season and at Derby County in 2015.
To all you people who are saying it is wrong to assume Jesse is a boys name or that you believe it should be used for both masculine and feminine, suck it up. All my freaking life I've dealt with people saying my name is a girls' name and calling me Jessica, and I have had it. I empathize with you girls whose names are Jesse, but believe me, far more people assume it is a girls' name than a boys'. I have even received emails from people in the military who think I am a girl, despite my profile saying what my gender is. I have had enough of it. To parents who want to name their daughters Jesse, please change the spelling to Jessi, or Jessie, or whatever other variation there is.
I think Jesse is an awesome name, regardless of the associations. These people, the famous bearers of the name Jesse, were important parts in history! Take no shame in others being reminded of Jesse James when they hear your name, I think you should be honored. Your parents thought it a fitting name for you!Now, I believe that Jesse is a masculine name. I'm sorry to any females (or males for that matter) who disagree, but Jesse was a biblical figure. In the bible, he is a man and this hasn't changed. I have met people who now consider many names to be appropriate for any gender; I think it simply depends on the name. Billie has been used for boys and girls for quite a while. I support that. I have heard Eddie been used for a boy or a girl. I do not support that. It simply depends. Jesse is a masculine name that is fitting for a boy.
The name Jesse has a French equivalent. It would be "Jessé", as the father of king David in the bible.
Variations : Jess, Jesse, Jessée, Jessie, Jessy et Jessye and for girls Jessie, Jessy et JessyeIt is celebrated on the 2nd of December in commemoration of St Jesse, Bishop of Tsilkani in Georgia. [noted -ed]
I prefer by far the pronunciation JESS (rhyming with mess). The standard pronunciation is just way too feminine.
I'm not from an English-speaking country, so probably that's why I dislike this name... It just sounds so feminine! I could never have a boyfriend named Jesse. It sounds like Jessie, a nickname from Jessica.
This is the perfect name for a guy! Short and sweet and so damn cool!
I can't believe no one mentioned Jesse Ventura, a famous wrestler and politician.
The name Jesse was given to 64 girls born in the US in 2015.
It is also pronounced Jess, rhyming with mess.
Girls named Jessica spell it Jessi or Jessie. I know a girl called Jesse, no I. It is a pretty name for a girl. One user said it was a strong, noble male name, but females can be strong and noble.
Jessie and Jesse are different names. Jesse is a name on its own, but Jessie is a diminutive of Jessica or Jean.
Jesse is a cute name for a guy. Love it! My favourite name!
Why do boys have the name Jessie, a pet form of Jessica? Only 60.12% of Jessie's are female, so about 40% are male. Would you name a boy Jessica?
I just wanted to add that the Dutch name Jesse's origin is actually Frysian, and not Hebrew. Jesse comes from the old Frysian name Ese, which in turn may be linked to Asen, which comes from old Germanic mythology.
In Dutch it is pronounced "yes-uh" and also a boy's name.
Jesse Liu, (Born in Taipei, Taiwan) guitarist for Taiwanese metal band Chthonic.
I don't like the name Jesse. It sounds too girly and identical to "Jessie".
Jesse Carmichael plays keyboard for Maroon 5. Personally, I think this name is ruggedly handsome and perfect for any age :)
In the book 18, Peter's wealthy, fun-loving and womanizing friend is named Jesse.
One of the very few names that can sound both masculine and feminine (and no, Madison, Taylor, Morgan, and all those other trendy surnames turned girl names don't count). For girls it only makes sense to spell it Jessie, which I think is adorable as a nickname for Jessica or a name on its own. For guys, Jesse sounds super masculine and quite attractive :)
The comments I've read for this name are almost unbearable. My name is Jesse, and I am here to tell you about my name.Jesse was of Hebrew origin thousands of years before it was used by another group, including Finland. As Catholic Christianity spread, so too did biblical names and various kingdoms in Europe each adapted these biblical names to fit their own languages.I cannot stress this enough; Jesse has been and always will be a MASCULINE name, though at some point in time, I reckon closer to the modern age, some moron decided to put an "i" in the name and thought he could name his daughter "Jessie". The ancient Hebrews in the land of Israel would have seen girls with the obvious male name of Jesse as something degrading and offensive.This being said, some people with poor translation skills would have you believe that Jesse translates to "gift" or "wealthy". However this translation is wrong and takes away from what it really means. The name "Jesse" translates into "God Is". A paraphrase of this meaning fitted more to the modern age would be "God exists", but this paraphrase is not the same. In ancient times, very exalted or powerful names were more like expressions of self. Hence the bible quoting God as saying in Genesis I believe, "I am what I am".Jesus also said to a crowd when He spoke of Abraham, "Before Abraham, I am!" This was to say that before Abraham was even alive two thousand something years prior, Jesus existed back then as he did in that present time. The name "Jesse" which translates into "God Is" is the very same kind of exalting description. It is an expression of God's power, authority, and sovereignty over all things; a declaration of God's glory and majesty, and one of the highest declarations in all of the Hebrew language and of biblical names. It can also refer to God's eternity and infinite being, as the name credits God as "God Is", rather than "God was" or "God will be", and thus stating that "God Is" is a reference to God's never-changing, always constant nature, that He is outside of time and exists all at once in past, present, and future.This aside, stop giving your daughters an obviously male name as it sounds incredibly stupid to anyone who knows their Hebrew and it is offensive to some. Don't butcher this truly ancient name by adding in an extra letter to distinguish the supposed "female" side, as there never was a female side.
[-- Jarus 4/15/2013... Right on!] My name is Jesse. And I am a proud man who has a profound name created 1154 BC.How was the name Jesse originally spelled in Greek? Was the first Jesse a man? Well, the original spelling in Hebrew was Yishai. Yishai was the son of Obed as documented in the book of 1 Samuel of the Old Testament. Both referenced names are of men.Yishai's youngest son David became King of Israel. Both referenced names are of men.Yishai or Jesse is a significant member in the genealogy of Jesus Christ of the New Testament.It is innate for people to create change of anything and everything for better or for worse.Other spellings pronounced like Jesse were simply contrived sometime after 1900, I suppose. Many people are oblivious to the original spelling of a man’s name created 1154 BC. Or perhaps they just prefer to obscure the spelling as a form of "name reformation".Note, that I have authored a screenwriting for a short movie about this very topic. It is copyright 2013.It is a fun and delightful story called "The De facto Spelling". I hope it will be produced in movie form within two years by a professional movie making staff.Of course, the gender matters. On this side, we are canal thinking beings. The Holy Bible is clear about this profound name... of a man!Now you know the truth!
The significance of any given name, Biblical especially, is the MEANING of the name itself; NOT the gender of whom holds the name.
The comments on the Hebrew MEANING and ORIGIN of the name are correct. However, the commentary given concerning gender grossly lacks understanding, and basically everything else regarding the name Jesse- including the 'insight'(which is actually a lack thereof) to the English form.And this is coming from one who most definitely 'KNOWS their Hebrew'.I could go on and on in extreme depth, but my point is this:Whether male OR female - if you bear the name Jesse, be not ashamed.
Enjoy your name, as well as the blessed meaning.
This name was strictly and completely masculine long before it started being used on girls. People who think it's only a female's name are obviously confused and just wrong; it was of completely masculine origin when the Bible was written. I've also known three Jesse's and they have all been guys. I prefer "Jessie" on a girl.
I know one person with this name and he's kind of a jerk, but I still think this is a really cool, masculine name that's been consistently popular, and doesn't really sound girly to me, although of course Jessie does.
I hate this name for a boy! It is a girls name! You people are mad calling your child after a girl...
Jesse Williams is an American actor.
I remember going to school with a guy whose given name was Justin but he went by Jesse. I always found that interesting because I never would've guessed that the two names had some sort of connection.Anyway, I think that Jesse sounds both sweet and masculine at the same time (much like Uncle Jesse from Full House, if you will). I like it!
Jesse Cook, famous musician playing guitar.
Songs include "Down like rain" and "May be".
Jesse Oliver Aarons. A character from the book, Bridge to Terrabitha. I personally didn’t like the book (hated it), but I love the name!
Jesse Ball (b.1978) is an American poet and novelist. He is the author of "Samedi the Deafness" and "The Way Through Doors."
I don't like this name. It sounds girly and will lead to bad Jesse James jokes. Even worse, the association with the ghastly Jesse Jackson has ruined this name for me.
Don Knotts' real first name was Jesse.
Famous bearer is Jesse James.
I have heard that the name Jesse means "God IS", that's why I named my son Jesse!
Famous bearer of this name is the hottie singer Jesse McCartney!
Jesse can be a female name to.
Jesse is my favorite character in 'My Sister's Keeper.' He's a 'bad boy', by that I mean drinks, smokes, and does drugs. He turns good in the end. He's actually a sweetheart when it comes to his sister.
Jesse is also used in Finland, where it is pronounced YES-se. The name day is 13.8.
To tell you the truth, this name always makes me think about aggressive, über-masculine guys who are dumber than a box of rocks and either wind up becoming criminals, loud-mouthed radio station hosts, wacky athletes, or Republican congressmen, so I'm not big on the name.
Wasn't the boy on Free Willie called Jesse?
A famous bearer was American playwright Jesse Lynch Williams (1871-1929). He won the first Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1918 for his play "Why Marry?".
I really don't see what all the hype is about this name. Personally, I think it sounds too trendy and androgynous. Not that I think all men should be super macho or anything, it just doesn't quite ring nicely to me.
Jesse Lacey is the lead guitarist, vocalist, and lyricist for the band Brand New.
Jesse is the child of Radiohead bassist Colin Greenwood and American novelist Molly McGrann.
A famous bearer is Jesse Jackson. He is a professional civil rights activist.
Jesse Ghrylls is the name of the host of Man Vs. Wild, Bear Ghrylls's son. His other son's name is Marmaduke.
Jesse has always been a male name; its origins are of course biblical. On this basis I can't understand why some people think it should be unisex. Jess or Jessie for a girl is usually a short form of Jessica. Jesse for a girl looks so wrong and very downmarket.
Jesse Owens' real name was J.C, but someone thought he said Jesse, so the name stuck.
Jesse Hooper is the guitarist of Australian rock band Killing Heidi.
Law & Order and Rent actor Jesse L. Martin.
My father used this as a nickname, instead of Philip - he used Jesse because our last name is James and he was a rebel. I don't know that I would name my child this but it is a good name.
Jesse Metcalfe acted in Desperate Housewives as Eva Longoria's secret lover, in real life he is Nadine Coyle's (of Girls Aloud) lover! Very sexy! Him and the name!
And I think Jesse is a name for male and female, I don't know any females with this name but my mate is called Jessica and we all call her Jesse. It is for both genders.
My cousin's name is Jesse Aaron. I think that that sounds really cool and, for the most part, fits him perfectly.
There's a song called "Jesse" sung by Carly Simon.
Jesse is the nickname of Hector de Silva, the ghostly hero of Meg Cabot's "Mediator" series.
Jesse Spencer is an Australian actor.
Jesse sounds best used on a boy. I think Jessie is better for a girl though.
The use on Full House for Elvis and hair obsessive Uncle Jesse killed any chance of me ever really liking this name.
There is an author named Jesse Kellerman.
Jesse Tuck is from the book and movie 'Tuck Everlasting'.
Bob Dylan and Sara Lownd's son's name is Jesse.
To me, Jesse is a VERY SEXY name for a man!
I am a girl and my name is Jesse, spelled JESSE and I like it because no one else has it and it's cute. I've never found anyone to think of me as tomboyish. Many people I meet think it's just a nickname for Jessica. Also, Jessie was a popular name for girls in the Victorian era, I hope it comes back.
I know of a boy named Jessiah, which I guess is a blend of the name Jesse and the name Josiah.
There's a girl in my French class who's name is Jesse. And she does spell it Jesse and not Jessie.
Jesse makes a better masculine name than feminine. The name seems like it would fit a strong/noble male and for females, it brings to mind of a preteen tomboy.
My name is Jesse, and I have to say that I really do like having this name. I didn't like it at first, when I was little, but now that I am almost 17, I feel that this name really fits me. It is a great name.
I really like this name (for a boy of course) and I also love the song "Jesse's Girl".
Jesse is a great name for a boy, one he can easily grow up with.
My name is Jesse. It's a name that I secretly hated as kid because it wasn't common. But now I love it because one eventually grows into their name and one's name becomes them. It is a small part of me but it represents all of me. I am Jesse.
The way Jesse is spelled it shouldn't just be a guys name. My name is Jesse and I'm a girl. People who think it's a guy's name are wrong. So it should be changed to both masculine & feminine.
I agree that this name should be listed as masculine and feminine. There are at least two girls at my school that spell it this way.
Jesse is also a Finnish male name, but the pronunciation is YES-se ("e" like in end).
OMG! I think that Jesse McCartney is SO cute! :)
Uncle Jesse was a character on the T.V. show "The Dukes of Hazzard."
Jesse is a hot name for a guy!
It was the name of a character on Full House.
It is not quite correct that the Hebrew name Yishay (or, as I spell it, "Ishai") stands for "gift". The Hebrew word for gift is "Shay" (pronounced exactly like "shy"), which is also a very common name, but rather a modern one which has no known relation to biblical Jesse (or Yishay). The name "Yishay" is commonly explained as being the initials of the phrase "Gather together tribes of Israel" (in Hebrew: "Yachad Shivtey Israel". Yishay is a three letters name). This explanation is based on the fact that Yishay/Jesse was the father of King David who gathered all tribes of Israel into one kingdom.

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