I named my son Jethro :) my husband and I love the meaning of the name. The name is biblical and it’s really uncommon. The nickname for the name is also nice (Baby Jet or Jetjet). For those who commented that it sounds like “death row”, to be honest, the name Darrel sounds even more like death row, yet it’s a commonly used name.

Anyway, each to their own, people have different names and they all turn out to have different characters/ future. As long as you’re happy with the name, you should go with your feeling.
I like the etymology / meaning of this name: abundance. Seems a propitious way to name a boy.
Jethro Bodine is a character in the TV show "Beverly Hillbillies" played by actor Max Baer.
My partner and I named our son Jethro when he was born three years ago. We wanted a name that was not common and Jethro is rather uncommon. A great deal of people give us feedback that it is the coolest name, and also one that is not easily forgotten. I find it to be unique and am really proud of my son's name. Somewhat comical that it is biblical and a redneck name, and also my favourite character from Outrageous Fortune, a great NZ tv series, and name of a famous band. Nick Cave also chose this name for his first born. Jed for short.
Jethro Gibbs is a character of NCIS, a TV show.
The name Jethro was given to 112 boys born in the US in 2015.
My name is actually Jethro, my nickname is Jack and has been stuck with me growing up.
Jethro makes me shudder - rhymes with "death row". The Cornish form of James - the ultra-cool Jago - seems like a good alternative.
Colin Morgan played a teenager named Jethro in the Doctor Who episode "Midnight."
I personally like the nickname Jeth a lot.
I knew a dog named Jethro once, so that kind of makes it seem weird to me that it'd be a people name. But I think I'd still think it was weird even if I didn't know a dog with this name.
To me, personally, it sounds like "death row".
Jethro Cane is the name of a character from the Doctor Who episode "Midnight".
I really don't get why people find it a redneck name. To me, Jethro is the farthest thing from it. It sounds cool and sophisticated, though I wouldn't really use it on a child.
Jethro West is one of the main characters in the New Zealand tv series Outrageous Fortune.
Jethro Lazenby Cave is a fashion model and the son of Nick Cave.
I think Jethro is a cool-sounding name. I like the fact that it is Biblical and that there's a band called Jethro Tull (I don't listen too much to them, but I like a lot of names that are associated with bands). I wouldn't name my kid Jethro, but I'd definitely use it in a story.
Jethro Hallam Creighton is the main character in Across Five Aprils, a story set during the civil war.
This one has a bit of a hillbilly reputation, and it does rather seem like a name very annoying Christians would choose for their son.
This is my favourite boys' name of the moment. Unusual but has quite a contemporary feel - I feel like it's only a matter of time before we get our first celebrity baby Jethro and the name rockets. It would suit a sexy guy!
A good nickname would be Jett or Jet.
Jethro is the name of a character on NCIS.
The character on NCIS that beth16 is refering to is actually named Leroy Jethro, but goes by his middle name to most of his old friends.
I like this name. There is really nothing wrong with being named Jethro. To me it sounds more modern than "redneck". I mean if you name your kid Jetrho, it'd be cool to call him "Jet". So this is a great name, nothing to be ahsmed of.
Even before I ever saw The Beverly Hillbillies, this has always seemed to me a rather redneckish, unsophisticated, backwoodsy sort of name. I've come to notice that's also the impression the general public gets from it, probably in part due to the movie's popularity, but true all the same. In the South or Midwest, it might be the object of minimal ridicule, but in most parts of the US and Canada, it seems to come with this negative stereotype, and I would personally advise against choosing this name for a child.
Musician Nick Cave has a teenage son named Jethro, who has recently started modelling.
A famous bearer is the Cornish comedian Jethro.
This is the name of the fictional character Rear Admiral Albert Jethro 'A.J.' Chegwidden, USN, the Judge Advocate General in JAG.
Jethro was Jed Clampett's nephew on the "Beverly Hillbillies."
Jethro Tull is also a singer.
Jethro Tull is a band not a singer, the singer is Ian Anderson

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