It’s fine, but it is a nickname. The full name, Gillian, is really nice, and gives a grownup Jill so many options. A girl’s name really should be versatile enough to encompass the diverse ambitions and desires of womanhood.
Sounds immature to my taste. I can't picture anyone over 10 years.
Big Jill is a legend.
Plain, dated, and boring!
I decided to name my "future daughter" Jill when I was about 12 years old and read it in a book. Years later, when I actually had a daughter, she was born prematurely and weighed only a little over 2 pounds. The name I had loved since my younger days suited her tiny self. She's grown now and is still petite. The name still suits her. I think it's a classic and beautiful name. She loves it too.
Jill Biden.
It’s awful, Jill and Janet and those type of names are ugly.
Actually really good name. Jill sounds strong. Maybe not the sweetest sound, however, it has sound, unlike many names that really have no sound or something. I like this name. Feminine and has quality.
Not a fan of the name Jill at all. Personally, I feel it is plain and very dated.
Whatever you say about this name, ‘Boring, Overused, Plain’ there are some special things about this name you can’t say anything about. I think the shorter the name is, the better. 3 - 4 letter names are definitely the best!
I’m a Jill. This is actually a gem of a name. A classic one-syllable name that is not overused, and still sounds fresh. Kind of a unicorn. I find it very odd a lot of the comments that say this name is boring or plain or not unique. I don’t know what country they are from, but in the US, I actually rarely meet a Jill. It’s a name everyone knows but is quite uncommon. There wasn’t one other Jill in my entire high school.

When I was younger the only thing I didn’t like about my name is that it felt to me like a child’s name (it means “youthful”). Oddly enough, I am quite youthful in both personality and looks. Now I appreciate the name more. I like that other people like it a lot. People love to play with it and give me fun nicknames. And I also really like that I don’t come across many other people with my name.

I’m currently pregnant with a girl and am trying to find a similar type of name that falls into that area between classic and unique. It’s really quite hard!
Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down, and broke his crown, and Jill came tumbling after.
Not a good name.
Maybe a little plain but still pretty.
Jill Vertes is known for starring on the reality show “Dance Moms” with her daughter, Kendall and the reality show “So Sharp” with her daughter, Ryleigh.
Outdated and very bland. Jillian is (slightly) better, but then a lot of people might still use the nickname Jill for it. Better to skip this name.
In 2018, 44 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Jill who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 271st most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Boring, yawn.
Jill Valentine is a fictional character in the Resident Evil horror franchise by Capcom. Jill made her debut appearance in 1996 as one of the protagonists of the original Resident Evil game, in which she is a member of the U.S. special police unit STARS trapped in a mysterious mansion along with her team partner Chris Redfield. Jill is featured in several Resident Evil games including Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil: Revelations, where she is in conflict against the Umbrella Corporation and its splinter groups. Jill is also a founding member and key field operative of the paramilitary organization BSAA.
I know a lot of people think it's a boring name, but I actually love this name! I despise Jillian/Gillian though. I know one lady with this name.
This is the name of the Green Party's nominee for president in 2012 and 2016, Jill Stein.
My name is Jill, and I have always liked it. It is not overused, and I think it ages well. My mom always called me Jillie Bean, and my husband does too. I wouldn't change it!
I like the name "Jill". While "Jillian" is a fine name as well ("Gillian" isn't too bad), I much prefer the shortened "Jill".
I love the name Jill as a nickname and think Juliana makes a great formal way to get to use Jill - I do like Gillian but Juliana seems fresher as well as less expected yet still appropriate (and it has the advantage of the same initial as Jill).
Outdated, but simple. It's a strong, female name. I like it and hope more baby girls get it, it's really a great name for a woman.
The name Jill was given to 36 girls born in the US in 2015.
Sounds too plain for my taste. It didn't even make the top 1,000...
I have a cool aunt named Jill. Fun, short, sweet name!
When my cousin's friend said to my cousin (who is named Jill_ "Take a chill pill, Jill." It all came into focus. This is a terrible name for a girl.
The name Jill was given to 43 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
"Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water; Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after." Can't believe this hasn't been mentioned. :)
It has also been used as a nickname for Julia, though that is not very common anymore.
Popular British TV presenter Jill Dando.
It's ok, but a bit boring. Also sounds old so I don't think it would suit a child.
Jill Johnston, the Village Voice dance and (later) art critic and author of Lesbian Nation.
I love this name so much! I knew it for a while in the back of my head, but then I got to know a wonderfully weird person with the name Jill. Though I don't know her very well and don't see her anymore; ever since I couldn't get the name out of my mind and am quite sure I'll call my first daughter this!
Thorgill, a fiesty heroine from Nancy Farmer's book 'Sea of Trolls' was named Jill by her Anglo-Saxon mother but changed it. Her friend, Jack, the main character, (Saxon, Thorgill is Viking) calls her Jill however.
Nobody has mentioned two actresses with this name: Jill Ireland (London, Egland, UK, 24 April 1936-Malibu, California, 18 May 1990), who was Mrs. Charles Bronson, and Jill St John (Los Angeles, California, 19 August 1940), now Mrs. Robert Wagner.
Jill McBain, the female protagonist and mother-earth figure in Once Upon A Time In The West, played by Claudia Cardinale.
Jill Johnsson is a Swedish country singer.
My name is Jill, growing up I didn't like my name thought it was too plain and simple. I always wanted some unique exotic name. But, as I have gotten older I am glad I don't have to give the spelling everytime I tell them my name and I also feel the name sounds youthful, so hopefully as I get even older people will see me as being younger. :-)
Jill Valentine from the "Resident Evil" video games.
I don't mind Gillian at all, but I hate Jill. The name just doesn't sound very pleasant. In addition to that, I have grown to associate this name with both an infuriating anti-choice blogger named Jill Stanek and an annoying feminist blogger named Jill Filipovic. So, not only do I find the name ugly, it reminds me of at least two people I don't like.
A famous singer by the name of Jill Scott.
Jill Pole is one of the characters in CS Lewis's the Chronicles of Narnia. She appears in The Silver Chair and The Last Battle.
This is my mum's name, she doesn`t mind it but hates it when people spell it Gill!
I like this name and have no clue why.
Jill is such a happy name - and all the Jills I have known have had equally sunny personalities (with the exception of my elementary school librarian). It's like a rule. If your name is Jill, you're going to be a sweet person. :)
I think it's cute and spunky.
I read somewhere that Jill meant 'sweetheart' or 'girl', but I'm not quite sure.
I LOVE the name Jill. I had a teacher whose first name was Jill, and she was amazing. She was fun-loving, silly, smart, patient, kind, and totally awesome all around. I don't know if I'd name my daughter Jill, but it is definitely a pretty name and whenever I hear it I think of the teacher who influenced me in so many good ways!
My name is Jill, and I like it that I don't have to spell it often when I speak to people on the phone or meet new people. It's a fun name - Short and punchy. There are of course the endless jokes about Jack.
There's a series of "pony books" about a girl named Jill and her horse adventures, by Ruby Ferguson.
I know a very sweet girl named Jill, which is probably why I think of it as a sweet name. It's very similar to Jane, but it doesn't have the same dark quality, so I don't like it as much. Still, it is a very pretty name and I much prefer the shortened "Jill" to any version of "Jillian".
There is an author named Jill Mansell.
Jill Thompson is a comics artist who has drawn for the popular series Sandman.
Jill Phillips is a Christian music artist.
Jill is a very sweet name for a girl.
A ridiculously plain name, yet I still like it. Hmm?
Jill Murphy is an English children's author, writer of the popular "The Worst Witch" books. She has brought legal action against author J.K. Rowling because of alleged similarities between the "Worst Witch" and "Harry Potter" series of books.
Jill is the name of one of Rachel's sisters on FRIENDS.
Jill Diven is the name of Brad Garrett's wife and the mother of his two children, Maxwell and Hope.
Jill Hennessy is an actress who is currently starring as Jordan Cavenaugh on the T.V. show "Crossing Jordan." There's a nursery rhyme "Jack and Jill." Also, Jill is the heroine of "The Silver Chair" and "The Last Battle," two books in "The Chronicles of Narnia" series by C.S. Lewis.
A famous bearer is Eastenders actress Jill Halfpenny.

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