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Gender Masculine & Feminine
Usage Japanese
Scripts 仁, 迅, 臣, 陣, 甚, 尋, 人, etc.(Japanese Kanji) じん(Japanese Hiragana) ジン(Japanese Katakana)
Pronounced Pron. JEEN

Meaning & History

Sino-Japanese reading of such kanji as 仁 meaning "benevolence, compassion, humanity," 迅 meaning "swift, fast," 臣 meaning "retainer, attendant," 陣 meaning "camp; group, party, corps; war, battle," 甚 meaning "extreme, excessive, tremendous," 尋 meaning "fathom" or 人 meaning "person."
Though it has been in use in the past as a (rare) feminine name, since the 20th century, usage is, for the most part, restricted to males.

A notable bearer of this name is musician, singer, songwriter and actor Jin Akanishi (赤西 仁) (1984-).
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Gender Masculine & Feminine
Usage Korean
Scripts (Korean Hangul) 進, 晋, 眞, 鎭, 振, 珍, 震, 辰, etc.(Korean Hanja)
Pronounced Pron. CHEEN

Meaning & History

Sino-Korean reading of such hanja as 進 or 晋, both meaning "advance, progress," 眞 meaning "true, real, genuine," 鎭 meaning "quellable," 振 meaning "shake," 珍 meaning "treasure," 震 meaning "thunder" or 辰, referring to the Dragon as the fifth of twelve earthly branches in the Chinese zodiac.

One notable bearer of this name is singer and songwriter Jin, born Kim Seok-Jin (1992-), best known as a member of the South Korean boy band BTS.
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