Hinduism Submitted Names

These names occur in the mythologies and legends of Hinduism.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
AAGNEYmHinduism, Indian
Modern transcription of Agneya.
AAMISHmIndian, Sanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Nepali, Marathi
Means "bait, lure, something that tempts" in Sanskrit.
AARAfSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Marathi, Nepali, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu
Means "saw, awl, shoemaker's knife" in Sanskrit.
AASHISmSanskrit, Indian, Hinduism, Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam
Means "blessings" in Sanskrit.
AASTIKIfSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Nepali, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, Assamese
Means "one who believes in a god or gods; theist" in Sanskrit.
AAVYAfSanskrit, Indian, Hinduism
Means "to animate, to drive, to protect" in Sanskrit.
Meaning unknown. In Hinduism, he is the reincarnation of Chandra, the son of Arjuna and Subhadra, and nephew of Lord Krishna.
ADRIKAfIndian, Hinduism
Means "small mountain" in Sanskrit. According to the Mahabharata, Adrika is an apsara (a female spirit of clouds and waters) who was the mother of Matsya and Satyavati.
ADVAITmSanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism
Means "not dual" in Sanskrit. One of its forms advaita is a branch of Hinduism called advaita vedanta.
ADVAYmHinduism, Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Assamese, Nepali
MEANING : not two ,without a second, only, unique, non-duality, unity, identity (especially the identity of ब्रह्म{ Brahm}, with the human soul or with the universe, or of spirit and matter) ,the ultimate truth... [more]
MEANING : not malevolent, harmless, not malicious. Here अ means not + द्वेषा means malevolent ... [more]
AGRIYAm & fIndian, Hinduism
First Best, Prime... [more]
In Hindu myth, Ahalya is the wife of a devout sage. The god Indra once made love with Ahalya. As a punishment, Ahalya's husband turned her into stone. Years later Rama lifted the spell by touching her and persuaded her husband to forgive her.
AHANmSanskrit, Malayalam, Hindi, Hinduism, Punjabi, Indian, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Nepali, Marathi
From Sanskrit अहन् ahan "day".
AHLADINIfSanskrit, Hinduism, Indian, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Bengali, Indian ( Sikh ), Marathi
MEANING - causing joy or delight, delightful, a name of goddess Durga
AILmSanskrit, Indian, Hinduism, Hindi
Means "plenty, abundance (of food or refreshments)" in Sanskrit.
AILABmSanskrit, Hinduism, Hindi, Indian
Name - Ailab ऐलब... [more]
Means "God's gift" in Hindi.
AISWARANmIndian, Hinduism
Means "belongs to the lord; lordly".
Akashagamini generally means "Flew in the sky". The name Akashagamini is associated to God/Goddess Durga.
AKHEDmSanskrit, Indian, Hinduism, Tamil, Nepali, Hindi, Sinhalese
MEANING : sorrowless; free from pain or depression . Here अ means not + खेद means sorrow, pain, affliction ... [more]
AKHEDAfMarathi, Indian, Sanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Punjabi, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu
MEANING : "sorrowless","not-distressed" ,"free from depression or pain" . Here अ means free from + खेद / खेदा means distress sorrow or pain... [more]
AKOPmSanskrit, Indian, Hindi, Tamil, Hinduism, Malayalam, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada
MEANING : free fron anger, not enraged, calm. Here अ means not + कोप means wrath, anger. It was the name of a minister of king Dasharatha... [more]
AKOPANmIndian, Sanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Telugu, Bengali
MEANING : not irascible, one who is not ill-tempered, not irritable. Here अ means not, without + कोपन means anger, irritation
AKSHATAfIndian, Sanskrit, Hinduism, Hindi, Marathi, Nepali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Indian (Sikh)
" unhurted "; "uninjured " ;"virgin "
AKSHITIfSanskrit, Indian, Marathi, Hinduism, Hindi
"Imperishableness " ; "Imperishable "
ALAKSHMIfIndian (Rare), Hinduism
The name of the older sister of Lakshmi and the Hindu goddess of misfortune. She is sometimes viewed, according to one source, as another avatar of a form of the goddess Kali. It is derived from a, a negative participle, and the name Lakshmi, meaning "one who is not the goddess Lakshmi".
ALARmSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Gujarati, Assamese, Punjabi, Nepali, Marathi
MEANING - door; a kind of Aloe plant ; Name of preceptor of lord Buddha... [more]
ALOBHAfSanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Kannada, Indian
MEANING - free from greed or cupidity, moderation, Contentment
ALOBHINIfSanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Indian, Tamil
MEANING - "free from desires", not-greedy. Here अ means not + लोभिनी means greedy, desiring
AMBIKAfHinduism, Indian
Possibly means "dear mother" in Sanskrit. Ambika is a feminine personification of the Hindu goddess Durga and also another name for Parvati.
AMITHYAfSanskrit, Nepali, Hinduism, Gujarati, Indian, Bengali, Assamese, Marathi, Hindi
MEANING - not-falsely, truthfully. Here अ means not + मिथ्या means false, lie
AMMAVARUfIndian, Hinduism
An ancient goddess of India who existed before the beginning of time. She laid an egg that hatched into the divine trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.
AMMAYmIndian, Sanskrit, Hinduism, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada
Hindi, Sanskrit script : अम्मय... [more]
AMMAYIfSanskrit, Hinduism, Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi
Hindi, Sanskrit script : अम्मयी... [more]
AMOORmSanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Nepali, Gujarati
"Astute"; "not-ignorant " ; "sharp-sighted "
The protector,one who serves for his motherland
AMULAfSanskrit, Indian, Hindi, Gujarati, Hinduism, Marathi
MEANING : { rootless , Agnishikha plant ( Methonica Superba- Bot. ) , a bulbous plant ... [more]
ANAGAfHinduism, Indian, Tamil
Means "sinless."
Meaning "fire." A Hindu attendant god. He is one of the eight vasu deities who serve the god Indra.
ANAMITRAm & fHinduism
Means "Lord Surya (Sun)."
ANAMRINmSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada
MEANING : having no enemy that can injure... [more]
The name of serpant(sarpam) of Lord Vishnu where he use as his bed in the ocean. The nagaraja is his true brother. The name is better for his friendship
ANASUYAfIndian, Hinduism
Means "without envy" from Sanskrit an, a negative prefix, combined with asūyā "envy". In Hindu mythology she was the pious wife of the ancient rishi (sage) Atri.
ANEECHAfSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Bengali, Tam, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Hinduism
DEVANAGARI SCRIPT : अनीचा... [more]
ANGADmIndian (Sikh), Hinduism, Indian
a part of , normally pertains to a parent addressing the child as a part of themselves... [more]
ANICHmSanskrit, Indian, Hindi, Kannada, Hinduism, Malayalam, Gujarati
DEVANAGARI SCRIPT : अनीच... [more]
ANJANAfHinduism, Indian, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali
Possibly means "mother of Hanuman" or "gift of God". In the Indian epic Ramayana, Anjana is the mother of Hanuman.
ANJIfSanskrit, Indian, Hinduism, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Nepali, Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, Kannada
MEANING - blessing, brilliancy, oointment, commander, sender, unctuous
ANNAPURNAfHinduism, Indian, Telugu, Kannada
Means "full of food" from Sanskrit अन्न (anna) meaning "food, grains" and पूर्ण (pūrṇá) "filled, full". Annapurna was a Hindu goddess of the harvest and grain and an avatar of Durga (also associated with Lakshmi).
In Hindu myth, one of the Adityas, the guardian deities of the months. A minor sun god.
ANSHUMANmHinduism, Indian, Hindi, Marathi
Derived from Sanskrit अंशुमान (aṃśumān) meaning "sun". Amshuman (or Anshuman) is a figure in Hindu mythology.
ANURADHmSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Marathi
MEANING - accomplished, worship, happiness, born under the asterism 'Anuradha', Seventeenth of twenty -eight lunar mansions... [more]
ANUSHTHAfSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Punjabi, Buddhist, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Assamese, Nepali, Indian ( Sikh)
MEANING - to stand near or by, follow out, to govern, to superitend, attend to, do
ARAGmSanskrit, Indian, Hinduism, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Sinhalese, Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Kannada, Gujarati, Assamese, Punjabi
MEANING - Unimpassioned, calm, a name of lord Shiva
ARAGAfSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi
MEANING - impassioned, calm, a name of goddess Durga
ARANIfSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati, Nepali, Marathi
Means "sun, mother, wood used for kindling fire by attrition, pain, being fitted or turning round".
ARAVAfSanskrit, Indian, Hinduism, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Nepali, Marathi
Meaning = "Noiseless ", "calm", "silent "... [more]
ARJmSanskrit, Indian, Telugu, Hinduism, Marathi, Hindi
MEANING : gain, to acquire, to earn... [more]
ARJANmSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Kannada, Bengali, Sinhalese, Nepali, Marathi, Gujarati
MEANING : procuring, gaining , earning, acquiring... [more]
ARJATIfSanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Indian
MEANING : to gain, to earn or acquire... [more]
AROSHmSanskrit, Indian, Hindi, Hinduism, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil
MEANING : gentleness, calm or happy, freedom from anger. Here अ means free from + रोष means anger
ARUfSanskrit, Hinduism, Indian, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Nepali
MEANING - the sun, red blossomed khadira tree
ARUDDHmHinduism, Indian, Sanskrit, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Nepali, Sinhalese
MEANING : ( not obstructed, unhindered, unrestrainable. ) Here अ means not + रुद्ध means hindered, stop or obstruct... [more]
ARUDDHAfSanskrit, Hindi, Indian (Christian), Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Hinduism
MEANING : ( not obstructed, unhindered, unrestrainable. ) Here अ means not + रुद्ध / रुद्धा means hindered, stop or obstruct... [more]
Name - Ashir अशिर... [more]
The creator of happiness,one who brings happiness without any hurt to other
ASHOKIfSanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Indian, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil
MEANING- '"not sorrowful", not causing sorrow, happy. Here अ means not + शोकी means sorrowful
ASHTBHUJAm & fIndian, Hinduism
in feminine it refers to the Godess durga... [more]
ASHWINAfIndian, Sanskrit, Hinduism
A feminine form of Ashvin, the seventh month of the lunisolar Hindu calendar. It means "light" in Sanskrit, and Ashvini is the first star that appears in the evening sky (the head of Aries). Ashvin also stands for the Divine twins considered to be the Hindu gods of vision in Hindu mythology.
ASTAKOPmHindi, Sanskrit, Hinduism, Indian, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali
MEANING : one whose anger is laid aside. Here अस्त means to laid aside, disappear + कोप means wrath
MEANING : exsistent, present, happen, be, Name of a sister of prapti ( daughter of Jarasandhas & wife of Kansa)... [more]
ASTIKf & mIndian, Hinduism, Mythology
name of Sanskrit origin denoting a brahmin with the gotra of atri (अत्रि). Believed to being directly originating from the septarishi atri.
MEANING : possessed of property, opulent... [more]
ASTITAfSanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Bengali, Nepali, Gujarati
MEANING : existence, reality... [more]
ASUKARmSanskrit, Hinduism, Hindi, Indian, Nepali
"Arduous"; "not easily done"; "difficult "... [more]
ASUKARIfSanskrit, Indian, Hindi, Hinduism, Tamil, Telugu, Nepali, Kannada
"arduous"; "difficult to do"... [more]
ATHAKmHindi, Marathi, Indian, Hinduism, Punjabi, Bengali, Indian ( Sikh ), Gujarati, Assamese
MEANING - untiring, tireless, indefatigable
ATHARVAm & fIndian, Hinduism
derived from vedic culture, Atharva-veda.... [more]
AVANmHinduism, Sanskrit, Indian, Tamil, Telugu, Nepali, Sinhalese, Indian (Sikh), Bengali
Meaning, "favour, preservation, protection,(= तर्पण) satisfaction , joy, pleasure, desire, speed, preserving, a preserver."
AVANIPmSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Marathi, Nepali, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Punjabi, Malayalam, Kannada
MEANING - Protector or ruler of earth; Sovereign; King. Here अवनि means earth + प means protector, ruler
Hindu name meaning "descent" and refers to deities in Hinduism.
AWADHmSanskrit, Hindi, Gujarati, Indian, Nepali, Hinduism, Sinhalese, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam
MEANING - indestructible, not hurting or killing, innoxious, not violable. Here अ means not, absence + वध means killing
AWADHAfSanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Indian, Nepali, Sinhalese, Kannada, Telugu
MEANING : indestructible, not hurting, innoxious
AYUSHmIndian, Hinduism
Means "blessing".
BALINmIndic, Hinduism
Balin is the name of a monkey king in the Hindu epic, "The Ramayama".
BANDHAVIfSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Nepali
MEANING : female relative, Sister, freind
BANDHULIfSanskrit, Hinduism, Hindu, Indian, Bengali
MEANING - Noon-plant... [more]
BARBARIfSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Marathi, Nepali
MEANING : 'curly-haired', a species of ocimum,yellow sandal wood, gum myrrh, vermilion
BEECRAMmIndian, Hinduism
Variant transcription of Bikram (Hindi: विक्रम)?
BHATTAfSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam
Name : Bhatta भट्टा... [more]
"one who is expressive; Bhaav = expression, also sometimes used to mean emotion, in many Indian languages"... [more]
bijal means the richel,sine.... [more]
BISALmSanskrit, Indian, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Hinduism, Kannada, Odia
Name - Bisal बिसल... [more]
BODHANAfSanskrit, Hinduism, Tamil, Indian, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam
MEANING : intellect, Knowledge, enlighening, causing to awake or expand
BODHANIfSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Nepali, Sinhalese
MEANING : intellect , Knowledge, Teaching, exciting
BUDDHISHmSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Assamese, Nepali
"lord of wisdom " ; "lord of intelligence ". Here बुद्धि means wisdom + ईश means lord
CHAKmSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Nepali, Sinhalese, Tamil
MEANING - to shine, satiate, to resist... [more]
CHAKASmSanskrit, Indian, Hinduism, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi
MEANING : Shining, make bright, cause to shine
MEANING : Greek partridge these are fabled to subsist on moonbeams )... [more]
CHAKORAKmSanskrit, Indian, Hinduism, Hindi
MEANING : Greek partridge
CHAKORIfSanskrit, Hinduism, Indian, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Nepali, Sinhalese, Marathi, Gujarati
MEANING : female Greek Partridge ( fabled to subsist on moonbeams )... [more]
CHANDRATmSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism
MEANING : it was the name of an ancient physician
CHANGmSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Punjabi
MEANING : Handsome, understanding, being judge of... [more]
CHARVAKmSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi
MEANING : One who speaks nicely or sweetly, a philosopher
CHARVANGIfSanskrit, Indian, Hinduism, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Nepali
MEANING : beautiful-bodied, charming lady. It is joining of चारु + अङ्गी .Here चारु means beautiful, lovely + अङ्गी means bodied, limbs
CHEVIfSanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu
MEANING : Name of a raagini ( in music ), female personification of music
CHHEKmSanskrit, Hindi, Telugu, Hinduism, Indian
MEANING : "clever", shrewd, domesticated, bee
CHHEKAfSanskrit, Indian, Hinduism, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Hindi
MEANING : "clever", shrewd, domesticated
CHINTANmHinduism, Indian
Indian-Sankskrit... [more]
CHOSKmSanskrit, Indian, Hindi, Tamil, Hinduism, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati
MEANING - an Indus horse, a horse of particular & good breed... [more]
DAVITHmSanskrit, Indian, Hindi, Hinduism, Tamil, Telugu, Nepali, Sinhalese, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Fijian, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati
MEANING : a handsome man conversant with every branch of learning, a wooden antelope ... [more]
DEEPESHmSanskrit, Hinduism
Derived from Sanskrit. ... [more]
DEVAm & fSanskrit, Hinduism
Meaning "deity" in Sanskrit, referring to any benevolent spirit or supernatural being. The devas (also known as suras) in Hinduism maintaine the realms as ordained by the Trimurti and are often warring with their equally powerful counterparts, the Asuras... [more]
DEVADUTmSanskrit, Indian, Hinduism, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali
Name - Devadut Devadoot देवदूत... [more]
Closely related with the feminine name Devanshi "part of god".
Name - Dewila देविला... [more]
DHARUNmSanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Marathi, Indian, Nepali, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu
MEANING -bearing, holding, supporter, Name of lord Brahma ( ब्रह्मा ),heaven, water, opinion, basis, foundation, firm ground, the firm soil of the earth, prop, stay, receptacle... [more]
DIPTIMANmHinduism, Indian
Diptiman is pronounced as Dįptimān. It is a Hindi/Sanskrit term meaning illuminated. ... [more]
DISHANAfSanskrit, Hinduism, Hindi, Indian, Fijian, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, Mauritian, Malayalam
MEANING - an instructor in sacred knowledge
DISHANIfIndian, Hinduism, Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi
MEANING - an instructor in sacred knowledge
DITHmSanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Tamil, Telugu, Indian, Kannada, Nepali, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Fijian, American, Sinhalese
MEANING : a handsome dark - complexioned man convesant with every branch of learning , a wooden elephant ... [more]
DIVYANIfSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Marathi, Nepali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujarati, Assamese, Punjabi, Indian (Sikh)
MEANING - Divine, celestial, heavenly, magical, agreeable ... [more]
DORAfIndian, Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil, Hinduism, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, Sinhalese, Nepali, Gujarati
MEANING : A fillet of thread or cord tied round the arm or wrist; it is also applied to the string tying a packet or parcel; string... [more]
DRISANAf & mEnglish (Modern), Hinduism, Sanskrit
Meaning uncertain, though popularly claimed to mean "daughter of the sun" in Sanskrit. It occurs in Hindu mythology as a name (perhaps a title or epithet) of the Dānava demon Virochana (a son of Prahlāda and father of Bali)... [more]
EDHITAfSanskrit, Gujarati, Hindi, Bengali, Indian, Hinduism, Marathi, Indian ( Sikh ), Nepali, Punjabi, Assamese
MEANING - to increase, prosper, grow strong, rise, bless... [more]
EERAJmHinduism, Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, Nepali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati
MEANING- { "son of wind-god", a Name of lord Hanuman}. Here ईर means air, wind-god + ज means born... [more]
EERITmSanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Indian, Marathi, Bengali
Name- Eerit ईरित... [more]
EHmSanskrit, Indian, Hinduism, Tamil, Hindi
Name - Eh एह... [more]
FALAKAfSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Malayalam, Kannada
Name - Falaka ( फलका)... [more]
MEANING : : to obtain fruit or reward. Here फली means reward, fruit + भू means obtaining... [more]
FALINmIndian, Sanskrit, Hinduism, Hindi, Nepali, Tamil
"Bearing fruits" ;"fruitful"... [more]
FALITmIndian, Sanskrit, Hinduism, Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali, Nepali, Gujarati
MEANING : bearing or yielding fruits, successful, having an iron point (as an arrow ), a tree, producing consequences, developed... [more]
MEANING : "having foam for a thunderbolt ", lord Indra... [more]
FULLANfSanskrit, Indian, Hindi, Hinduism
MEANING : puffing up, inflating... [more]
MEANING : blossoming, expanded... [more]
GANESAmHinduism (Rare)
Variant transcription of Ganesha.
GAURAVmIndian, Hinduism, History
Means "pride" in Sanskrit.
A gift from God
HAIMmSanskrit, Hinduism, Hindi, Tamil, Indian, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Marathi, Nepali, Bengali, Gujarati
MEANING - golden, consisting or made of gold, a name of lord Shiva, dew, hoar-frost, wintry, covered with snow... [more]
HAIMINIfSanskrit, Indian (Modern), Hinduism, Tamil (Rare), Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Assamese, Nepali
MEANING - golden, made or consisting of gold, wintry. In ancient time, it was the name of a queen
bengali name it meaans a person who is always happy and spreads happiness
HIMANSHUmHinduism, Indian
indian; meaning ice particle... [more]
not sure about the history but the name means 'diamond keeper' and for the girls its hiral, which also means the same
HIRANYALAKSHMIfIndian, Hindi, Hinduism
Means "golden mark" in Sanskrit.
HOMIfSanskrit, Hinduism, Hindi, Gujarati, Indian, Marathi, Nepali, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, Kannada
MEANING - fire, clarified butter, water
HOMINIfSanskrit, Hinduism, Marathi, Nepali, Indian, Sinhalese, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil
MEANING - offerer of oblations, one who presents obalations
IDAfSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Marathi, Nepali
MEANING - speech, Goddess of speech ( Saraswati), earth, heaven, refreshment, food, vital spirit, offering ... [more]
IHITmSanskrit, Indian, Hinduism, Gujarati, Nepali, Marathi, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Mauritian, Fijian, Indian ( Sikh ), Assamese
MEANING - sought, wished, desired, attempted, desire, request
ILESHIfSanskrit, Indian, Hindi, Hinduism
MEANING : wife of king (queen)... [more]
INANIfSanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Indian
Name: Inani/Inaani इनानी- Vatapattri plant (वटपत्त्री का पौधा), energetic, mighty... [more]
INGITmSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Hinduism, Nepali, Bengali, Assamese, Indian ( Sikh)
MEANING - sign, secret aim, indication, movement, gesture, change of voice
IRAm & fHinduism
In Hinduism, Ira (ईर) is the name of the wind-god who is the father of the monkey god Hanuman. His name means "wind" in Sanskrit.... [more]
IRITAfSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Nepali, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali
Name- Irita (Eerita ) ईरिता... [more]
ISHAANmSanskrit, Hinduism
In Hindu tradition, Ishaan is the guardian of the north-east direction. He is often identified with the deity Shiva.
ISHASHISmIndian, Hinduism, Hindi, Sanskrit, Punjabi, Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu
Name - Ishashis ईशाशिस्... [more]
ISHTmSanskrit, Hinduism, Hindi, Indian, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, American, Assamese, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Nepali, Indian ( Sikh ), Sinhalese, Gujarati
MEANING - wished, desired, loved, worshipped, respected, sacrificing, lover, husband
ISHTAfSanskrit, Tamil, Hinduism, Telugu, Hindi, Indian, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Nepali, Sinhalese
MEANING - desired, loved, worshipped, respected, sacrificed
JAAMIfSanskrit, Indian, Hinduism, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Nepali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali
MEANING : a virtuous or respectable woman, Sister, daughter -in-law. ( It is name of an apsara)
JAMIfSanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Indian, Punjabi, Marathi, Malayalam, Sinhalese, Telugu, Assamese, Odia
MEANING : a virtuous or respectable woman, Sister, daughter -in-law. ( It is name of an Apsara)
JARAfSlovak, Arabic, Hinduism
In Slovakian, the name Jara means- anc. The name Jara orginated as an Slovakian name. The name Jara is most often used as a girl name or female name.... [more]
JATAYUmSanskrit, Malayalam, Hinduism, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Indian, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati
MEANING - Bdellium, having entangled hair, long-lived
Meaning: to conquer (the passions), overcome or remove (any desire or difficulties or diseases) , truimphant (a name of lord Vishnu )... [more]
JHALAfSanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Indian, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil
MEANING : sun-heat, girl, cricket (insect)... [more]
JHALARIfSanskrit, Hindi, Tamil, Indian, Hinduism, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati
MEANING : a sort of drum, curl... [more]
JHALIfSanskrit, Hinduism, Hindi, Nepali, Indian
MEANING :Areca-nut
JHALLmSanskrit, Indian, Nepali, Hindi, Hinduism
MEANING : a prize-fighter, a cudgel player... [more]
JHALLAKmSanskrit, Indian, Hindi, Hinduism
MEANING : cymbals... [more]
JHALLIKAfSanskrit, Indian, Hindi, Tamil, Hinduism, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujarati, Telugu, Nepali
MEANING : light, sunshine, cloth used for applying colour or perfumes... [more]
JIHAANmSanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Indian, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Nepali, Tamil
MEANING - flying ( like an arrow ), bounding forward (like a horse )... [more]
JIHANAfSanskrit, Telugu, Hindi, Hinduism, Malayalam, Indian, Tamil
MEANING - flying ( like an arrow ), bounding forward (like a horse ). It is feminine of Sanskrit word/ name Jihan, Jihaan... [more]
JOSHmSanskrit, Indian, Hinduism, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Nepali
MEANING - pleasure, satisfaction, enthusiasm
JYANImIndian, Sanskrit, Hinduism, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Nepali, Sinhalese, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Assamese
MEANING - knowing, wise, intellectual, learned... [more]
This is the other name of Krishna who is a male character in Hindu Mythology.
This is one of the 108 names of Maa Durga, the Hindu Goddess signifying power.
KAJmSanskrit, Hinduism, Indian, Hindi
Meaning - "born from water "; "aquatic "; "lotus"... [more]
KAJAfSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Marathi
Meaning - "born from water "; "aquatic "; "lotus"... [more]
An epithet of the Hindu goddess Kali, destroyer of time, which is taken to mean "pertaining to time" as a derivative of kali, the feminine form of Sanskrit kala "time".
KALIMAHfHinduism, Mythology
Kali Ma, called the "Dark Mother," is the Hindu goddess of creation, preservation, and destruction.
KALINDIfIndian, Hinduism
Sanskrit name meaning "sun".... [more]
ancient times in harappa, the word 'kalpesh' was used as presentation of new articles.
Kamal, Kamala, Kamalika & Kamalipa. All these names orginated from the flower name "Kamal(Lotus". The name Kamalipa means "Big Lotus"
KARAfSanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Indian, Nepali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati
MEANING - condconfinement, Prison, binding , a part of lute below the neck ( for deadening the sound ), a female messenger, female worker in gold ● Origin - Sanskrit, Indian
KAREESHMAfTamil, Hinduism, Indian
This name means blossum.And is similar to the name karishma
KARNmSanskrit, Indian, Bengali, Hindi, Hinduism, Marathi, Nepali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Punjabi, Assamese
MEANING - ear, furnished with ears, the helm or rudder of a ship ( in Geometry ) the hypotenuse of triangle or diagonal of a tetragon
KARVIfHindi, Hinduism, Punjabi, Indian, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi
Meaning- female artisan; doer; maker
KASHISHm & fIndian, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Hinduism
MEANING : "lord of Kashi city"(a name of lord Shiva). Here काशी means city named Kashi + ईश means lord
Lord Visnu's Pearl
KAVINDRAm & fHinduism, Indian
It is name given to poet's who are highly talented or who have created master piece... [more]
KAYIKAfSanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Indian, Marathi, Nepali, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi
MEANING " Corporeal " ; Relating or belonging to body... [more]
KETmSanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Indian, Marathi, Nepali, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi
MEANING - wish, desire, mark; sign; abode; intention ... [more]
KETAfSanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Marathi, Nepali, Indian, Bengali, Gujarati, Assamese, Punjabi
MEANING - wish, abode, sign, mark... [more]
KETAKIfSanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Marathi, Nepali, Gujarati, Assamese, Punjabi, Indian ( Sikh ), Indian ( Christian )
MEANING - fragrant crew Pine (Pandanus Odoratissimus - Bot.), flower of fragrant crew pine. These flowers are found in two clours white & yellow & are cursed to not to use in worship of lord Shiva
KHABHmSanskrit, Hinduism, Hindi, Indian
MEANING : Shining in air, A planet... [more]
MEANING : 'gliding through the air ', a kind of ... [more]
KHACHARmSanskrit, Hinduism, Hindi, Indian
MEANING : moving in air, flying, a bird, , sun, planet, cloud... [more]
MEANING : juice, firmness, solidity... [more]
KHADGmSanskrit, Hinduism, Hindi, Indian, Punjabi, Marathi
MEANING : sword, scymitar, a large sacrificial knife, a rhinoceros, iron,
KHADGINmSanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Malayalam, Indian
From Sanskrit खड्गिन् (khaDgin) "rhinoceros" or "armed with a sword".
KHADHVANINmSanskrit, Hindi (Rare), Hinduism, Indian (Modern)
From Sanskrit खाध्वनीन (khAdhvanIna) "sun".