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Aru 1
Gender Masculine & Feminine
Scripts 在, 亜瑠, 亜琉, 亜留, 明瑠, 明琉, 明留, 有瑠, 有琉, 有留(Japanese Kanji) ある(Japanese Hiragana) アル(Japanese Katakana)
Pronounced Pron. AH-ṘUU  [key]

Meaning & History

This name can be used as 在, 亜瑠, 亜琉, 亜留, 明瑠, 明琉, 明留, 有瑠, 有琉, 有留 with 在 (zai, meaning "exist, located in, outskirts, suburbs," 亜 (a, meaning "-ous, Asia, come after, rank next," 明 (myou, min, mei, a.kasu, aka.ramu, a.kari, aka.rui, aka.rumu, aki.raka, a.ku, a.kuru,, a.keru) meaning "bright, light," 有 (u, yuu, meaning "approx, exist, happen, have, occur, possess," 瑠 (ryuu, ru) meaning "lapis lazuli," 琉 (ryuu, ru) meaning "gem, lapis lazuli, precious stone" and 留 (ryuu, ru, todo.maru, todo.meru, to.maru, to.meru, ruuburu) meaning "detail, fasten, halt, stop."

Except for 亜琉, 明琉 and 有瑠, which are unisex, and 亜留, which is feminine, 在 and all the other kanji combinations are used for boys.

Bearers of this name include (male) figure skater Aru Tateno (立野 在) (1997-) and (female) J-Pop singer Aru Takamura (高村 亜留) (1961-2014).
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Aru 2
Gender Feminine
Usage Kazakh
Scripts Ару(Kazakh) ارۋ(Kazakh Arabic)

Meaning & History

Means "beauty" in Kazakh.
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Aru 3