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Ahalya 1
Gender Feminine
Usage Hinduism
Scripts अहल्या(Sanskrit)
Other Forms FormsAhilya, Agalya, Akalya, Ahalikai

Meaning & History

From Sanskrit अहल (ahala) meaning "unploughed, unfurrowed". In Hindu mythology Ahalya was a woman created by the god Brahma. She was married to the sage Gautama Maharishi but was seduced by Indra, causing her husband to punish her for her infidelity by turning her into stone. She was subsequently liberated from her curse by Rama.
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Ahalya 2
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Gender Feminine
Usage Tamil
Scripts அகல்யா(Tamil)
Pronounced Pron. ə-həl-YA
Other Forms FormsAgalya, Akalya, Ahilya

Meaning & History

From Tamil அகல் விளக்கு (ahal vilakku) meaning "lamp, diya".
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