Ugly and too short as a full name.
Clara711  4/24/2021
Love this as a middle name or as a nickname! Had a crazy dream one time and now all I want is to name my daughter Harper Jo. It fits with so many different names and it’s also unisex which is a plus.
kyleighrae  3/24/2021
Jo is the feminine version.
Joe is the masculine.
Elistariel  3/4/2021
Jo can also be used as a short form of Joseph, Jolene/Joline/Joleen, Johanna, or other names beginning with a similar sound.
glacier_bear_82  11/9/2020
My full first name is Jo and while it is pretty common in the UK, it is not common as a first name in the US and it was kind of awful growing up with it. The masculine form of Joe is much more common here and I had to explain why I was a girl named Jo to every new person I met and that yes, it does have a feminine form. It’s actually very common here as a middle name but people never seem to make the connection to it as a first name. I was named after Jo March in Little Women and I love that character, so in that way it has been pretty cool and I am always really happy when a remake comes out and my name becomes popular again!
Orangebanjo  10/10/2020
Love as a first name.
― Anonymous User  6/27/2020
I love this as a nickname for either gender.
MSW  3/15/2020
I am ftm transgender, and I go by Jo instead of my full name.
crofters147  1/7/2020
Also used in Norway, where it's primarily masculine. [noted -ed]
Beautiful Victory  4/20/2019
Nickname only.
kayisforkeen  10/24/2018
My middle name is Jo (Allie Jo) and I love it! As for the people who say this shouldn't be a first name, I agree, but not because it's a nickname. My first name is normally a nickname, but it's my full name, so it's okay to have a nickname as a full name. But, I don't think it should be a first name. It sounds better as a middle name.
Allie_Catt  9/19/2018
There is Jo Nesbo, the Norwegian film writer. His name is not short for anything, just Jo on its own.
Hushpuppy  12/10/2017
It is just too short on its own for me. Sort of like Mo or Bo. I feel the same way for Joe, even though it's a letter longer. I love Josephine and Johannes, though, Jo for a girl and Joe for a boy.
― Anonymous User  11/26/2017
As a name prefix, male & female, it means "YHVH-...," that is, God's proper name in the Jewish Bible.

Examples include: JOhannah, JOhn, JOnathan, etc.
Sabertooth  7/30/2016
Jo was one of Janet Jackson's middle names. Her full name is Janet Damita Jo Jackson.
Eileen1209864  6/18/2016
The name Jo was given to 27 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/16/2016
Jo Calvino, a weightlifter who took part in the Glasgow 2014: Commonwealth Games.
― Anonymous User  7/24/2014
Jo Jones (née Grant) was a companion of the Third Doctor in the TV show Doctor Who.
VoraLundar  6/17/2014
My middle name is Jo (not short for anything, just Jo) and I have never liked it. As a child the other kids all used to say I had a boys middle name and some teachers INSISTED that I was spelling it wrong and always used to add an 'e' on the end to make it 'Joe' which is definitely a boys name! My mum was furious! However I think it goes well with my first name- Maisie Jo.
Maisie  4/29/2014
Jo Weisman- a French Jewish boy at the time of the Holocaust. Taken to the Velodrome d'Hiver and then sent to a concentration camp, which he escaped from. The 2010 French film La Rafle (The Round-Up) was based on his experience.
Maisie  4/29/2014
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is a (male) French tennis player. As of 2013, his highest ranking was No. 5.
bibi66  5/29/2013
Josefina "Jo" Lupo is the deputy sheriff (later head of GD security) in the Syfy series Eureka. She is portrayed by Erica Cerra.
Fray  11/20/2012
In Dutch this is mainly a masculine name. It's a short form of Johannes. [noted -ed]
Winter  3/15/2011
Jo Polniaczek was the tough but beautiful tomboy on the '80s sitcom The Facts of Life. The show's creators named her after Jo March from the novel Little Women.
― Anonymous User  2/16/2011
If I hear this name, I immediately think of Little Women, which makes me think, "classic", which makes me think, "old fashioned", which makes me think, "old". So I think this would either fit a little girl or an old woman, but not anything in between. So you could go by Jo until about nine, and then go by your real name (Joanne or something) and then do Jo again when you're old.
rooball  12/30/2010
I love this name! It's become one of my (many and various) nicknames, after a character I play. The only thing is, her name is just "Jo", not short for anything. Naming someone outright with a name that's usually a nickname is probably a bad idea, in retrospect; you have to spend a lot of time afterwards constantly explaining how it's not a nickname!
gala  7/30/2009
Surprised no one has cited LITTLE WOMEN as a source of this (nick)name's popularity. For show biz examples, there was not only actress Jo Van Fleet, but popular singer Jo Stafford.

It seems much more popular as an element in "combination names" (Mary Jo, Jo Ann, Billie Jo, etc.) than as a stand-alone. When it IS used by itself, it's probably assumed to be a nickname. "Jo Ann," by the way, may be perceived either as a combo name OR an alternative spelling of "Joanne"--which is one of many feminine forms of John and not a combination name (strictly speaking, although even that could be interpreted as such)

The use of the "Jo" spelling for males is--as others have noted--not uncommon in non-English speaking countries. I'm not sure they'd "get" the distinction, especially when you consider that in French, say, the addition of an "e" to a name is nearly ALWAYS a feminine marker (Rene vs. Renee, for example). The English Joe/Jo is the opposite of this pattern, and would likely confuse many. (Check out the French film WAGES OF FEAR, for an example of a masculine "Jo").

But, of course, in English speaking countries, the two letter spelling for a male would be very rare indeed.

This would appear to follow a pattern where a variant spelling is considered the more FEMININE spelling, no matter whether it is actually shorter than the male version. In that it is not totally different from "Leigh," or "Dayle" or "Jaye," (although in terms of the actual spelling, the last example follows the opposite pattern--it is, however, variant, and that seems to make all the difference.)
gbcallahan  7/2/2009
Jo Koy is a comedian. I think Jo is short for Joseph.
bibi66  1/4/2009
Nice as a nickname, bad as a legal name.
number1212  12/2/2008
This name is also used for females in Dutch and Limburgish, where it can not only be a short form of the names already mentioned in the description, but also of Marjolein.

But, this name is also often used on males, both in Dutch and Limburgish. In those cases, the name is often a short form of Johannes and Joseph. In a way, think of it as the Dutch and Limburgish form of the all-American name Joe.
Lucille  10/18/2008
This is far too minimalist and youthful. I have to say that I have never heard or read about a guy who spells his nickname Jo. Girls and women spell it Jo, guys go by Joe. So, I'd say this spelling looks a bit feminine for guys.
slight night shiver  6/10/2008
A bit short, sort of raging and easily disturbed. It requires a long supportive middle name.
GarbageGuy  5/16/2008
Jo O'Meara - an ex-member of popular band S Club 7 (later just S Club). She was involved with the Racism Row on Celebrity Big Brother in 2007.
i-heart-me  4/5/2008
Hello! Jo Frost is like the most famous bearer of this name! I'm surprised nobody noted Super Nanny on here!
SingingDove114  3/25/2008
Also short for Josephine or Joanna.
WhitePhantom  3/9/2008
Singer Janet Jackson's full name is Janet Damita Jo Jackson.
Jassie  5/7/2007
I prefer J-o-e if this name is going to be used for a boy.
― Anonymous User  7/23/2006
Jo is sometimes used as a nickname for J.K Rowling. I shouldn't have to tell you what she wrote.
patchworkgirl  3/7/2006
"Jo" reminds me of some big girl, blunt and rash, sort of foolish, although my given name is "Jo" (In Chinese "Qiao"). :(
letranger  2/3/2006
Jo Van Fleet was an American theater and film actress. Jo has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contribution to motion pictures.
― Anonymous User  12/28/2005
In Louisa May Alcott's novel Little Women, there is a famous Josephine, Jo.
Anjamon  5/14/2005

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