Cute name for a girl.
Joanna is a very pretty, friendly-sounding name. Also, the nickname “Jo” is cool.
My name is Joanna and I always thought it too long. However as I’m getting older I’m enjoying its uniqueness as long as no one calls me Joanne or Joan, which I sometimes get.
Never occurred to me that this is a feminine form of John. But I’ve always liked it. Every Joanna I’ve known have been pretty positive people to be around.
With 681 052 bearers, Joanna is the 8th most common feminine given name in Poland (2014 Data).Source:
I don't like the Jo, or Io in Greek, part because it doesn't sound good.
It's a decent name.
Joanna the goanna.
Joanna looks beautiful, sophisticated and will age well. I picture it on someone with fair hair as well as darker hair, it will suit anyone! I recommend parents to use this more often.
Also a Bulgarian variant transliteration of Йоанна.
You'll find numerous bearers on social media.
Joanna is also Finnish, used alongside Janina, Johanna, and Janika in Finland. The name day for Joanna in Finland is July 21.
My name is Joanna, and I'm really not sure that I like it. My family always calls me Jo, and it bothers me. I used to like it, that's when I was a total tomboy. But heading into my teen years I found myself changing. And at school, people often call me Joey, like my friends, and it makes me feel like an old-fashioned boy, which I hate. Once I had a friend a bit younger than me, and when I told him he could call me Joey, he said,"isn't that a boy name?" long story short, we're not friends anymore. And then I had the idea of being called Anna. It was sort of old fashioned, but also could be a modern name. I asked my bestie to call me that, but I don't want to tell the rest of my family or anybody at school to call me that because I'm afraid that I'll be made fun of. The name Joanna is a good name, but heck, it does NOT fit my personality.
Joanna is a lovely name. I like all variations of this name, Joanne, Joan, Joannie, Joanna. Jana, Janna, are all lovely, elegant and nice sounding.
I prefer Joanna to Joanne. Joanne seems super dated. Joanna is very pretty and seems more timeless.
“Joanna jo jo Joanna” Drogba is a song made by Afro B in 2018.
I really like this name. So pretty and feminine.
Joanna (1479-1555) was Queen of Castile and Aragon and the elder sister of Catherine of Aragon. She was known as Joanna The Mad because of her mental health.
Joanna is beautiful, sophisticated, charming... more elegant and sultry than Joan (which I still like - mostly because I like Joanie), and more modern and *au courant* than Joanne (which is harsh to my ears). Like another poster said, I'm surprised Joanna hasn't increased in popularity given current name trends - then again, this also means a little Joanna will likely be the only one in her class, which is a plus. And, of course, there's the nickname "Jo." :-)
Very pretty and I really like the nickname Jo :)
I personally dislike the name. No hate towards those with names that are like Joanna, I just personally wouldn't call myself that name; even though I look like a person who fits the name. I call myself a more tomboy than feminine, and my name just doesn't cut it. I'm fine with my nicknames: Jo, Jojo, Jobie, Joey, etc. But I'm just not fine with the actual name. I would call myself a Jordan.
In France it is pronounced as ZHWA-NA.
Extremely common, at least here. I have a friend who has a younger sister named Ojanna, which I believe is a Spanish - Caribbean variant of Joanna. It's pronounced Oh - ha - nuh, like the Hawaiian word meaning "family," and I think it's really beautiful and very unique, yet also smart sounding. I dunno. Just a comment.
Joanna is very nice as a name although I honestly prefer Johanna over it.
My name is Joaonna, and Joanna and Joaonna are kinda the same but it's pronounced JO-ON-NA, and I hear JO-AN-NA.
My first name is Joanna, and weirdly enough, it seems that almost no one is capable of pronouncing it correctly ("jo-AN-ə"). The most common mispronunciation I hear is "Jonah," though a lot of people also somehow miss the final "a" and just read it as "Joann" or "Joan" instead.
My name is Joanna and I have only met one person with my name except her name is JOHANNA. It is not even the same. Seeing all these comments helps me know that there are others with my name.
Not one of my favourite names, but it is much prettier than Joanne or Joan.
Joanna Marie Valentina "Zizi" Lambrino was the first (morganatic) wife of the later King Carol II of Romania.
I like Joanne better. The A sounds too strong and hard. Joanna is JoJo Siwa's full name!
Such a pretty name! I love Joanna. Also, to that commentor below, Jojo Siwa's name is "Joelle Joanie Siwa", NOT Joanna. Also, you can thank my 8 year old cousin for obsessing over her, lol. She's the one who told me. (I don't like Jojo Siwa)
JoAnna García is an American actress. She is known for her roles as Sam in Are You Afraid of the Dark? And Cheyenne Hart-Montgomery on The WB/CW sitcom Reba. She has also gained popularity with her acting roles in Privileged, Better with You, Animal Practice, Once Upon a Time and The Astronaut Wives Club.
It is also Greek variant transcription of Ioanna (Ιωάννα).
My name is also Joanna. I absolutely love my name. I love the nicknames even though I tell my friends I don't. The nicknames I get called are Jo, Jojo, and Joey. I was also called Joanna Banana in elementary school which did bother me. Not because I didn't like the name but because I have always hated banana's. I wouldn't ask for any other name. And I'm honestly grateful that my mom didn't choose the other name she wanted to give me which was Valeria. Which in turn sounds really girly. Something that I am not. I've always been very tomboyish, but I still enjoy certain girly things. Which is why I think Joanna suits me and my personality.
My name is Joanna and I have never liked my name. I don't think it's pretty and I wish my mom had not picked it. The only thing that rhymes with it is BANANA. Try being called Joanna banana in middle school. My family calls me Jo which I don't think is cute- too boyish for me. Growing up all my friends were Kim's, Lisa's, Michelle's, Gina's etc. and I was Joanna Bananna. I wanted so bad to change it when I grew up. The icing on the cake is being called Joanne quite often and it's not fun having to correct people constantly. I just wish I had changed it years ago. I'm 49 now and I still don't like my name. Just my two cents.
I think Joanna is a very sweet, feminine name. I would definitely use it on my daughter. Definitely cuter than Joanne.
Joanna is a beautiful and classic name. It's greatly under appreciated, but that could be a good thing in that it's not clichéd.
I don't like this name. Too plain, too boring and sounds really ugly.
Joanna is a cute name! It's not used as much as it used to be these days. This name deserves more love. :)
I think this name is very pretty. I love 'Joanna' yet I despise 'Joanne', I don't know why. I'd consider using it on a future daughter.
The Biblical Greek |Ioanna| is likely a transliteration of an unattested Biblical Hebrew feminine name that has also been transliterated into the Biblical Aramaic |Yochanah|, per the Aramaic English New Testament.Neither |Ioanna| or |Yochanah| is a descendant of the other, but share a common, if unattested, parent. Their Anglicized forms, respectively, are JOANNA & JOHANNAH.
I used to resent the fact that Joanna was my name, because my sister's name is that of a Bible character who has a lot more written about her. But now I love it, and I've even gotten used to people calling me 'Jo'! I like the name; it is unassuming and pretty. Another great thing is that it is relatively easy for those from many other languages to pronounce.
This name is a little too plain/boring for me to like, but it's alright. I don't like the way this name sounds because all I hear is "Jo-WAA-na" and I think of a baby crying sound, "waa." I also don't like any of the nickname options for this name like Jo, JoJo, Anna/Annie... I usually like old fashioned and vintage type names, but I find Joanna to be boring and it doesn't fit well on a young person.
FYI - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: In the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic traditions, Joanna is a saint. She is considered a disciple who later became an apostle. In the Bible, she is one of the women recorded in the Gospel of Luke as accompanying Jesus and the twelve: "Mary, called Magdalene... and Joanna the wife of Herod's steward Chuza, and Susanna, and many others, who provided for them out of their resources". She was also one of the women who discovered the empty tomb of Jesus on the first Easter morning. NOTE: I am very proud to bear this name!
[noted -ed]
My name is Joanna, and my parents say it the American way, but my dutch grandparents have always said it yul-khA-nna.
I love this name! I always liked the name Johanne and other diminutives. I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be nice to put an a at the end?" Then one day, I wanted to chose children names. I read somewhere about creating names by combining those of the parents. My name is Savannah and my on-again off-again boyfriend is Joe. Joanna is the perfect combination! :) I'm just lucky that it's already a name.
My name is Joanna but I prefer to spell it Johanna. I think it looks more balanced that way.
I love this name. It's simple and a little old-fashioned but it's got a lovely flow to it. I imagine a Joanna as a very mature, strong and kind young woman.
Very, very pretty.
Beautiful, but for some reason I think Johanna looks and sounds a bit more elegant.
This sounds a little more "country" I suppose, than Johanna.
BBC news presenter Joanna Gosling - she really suits this elegant attractive name.
Also Finnish.
I think Joanna is a nice name with a nice flow to it.
This the real name of the teen singer JoJo. Her full name is Joanna-Levesque. I am a big fan! Here is the website:
Joanna Lumley (b. 1946), the lovely English actress with the posh, sexy voice.
Joanna Baillie was a Scottish poet playwright in the 18th and 19th century. She fought to have her work seen in a serious light. This is a classic and beautiful name that has been in use for hundreds of years.
My name is JoAnna. It took me a while to grow into the name, because I used to think it was plain, but now I love it. It's almost like a classic that's been updated, if that makes any sense. I really like the capitalization of the A in the middle, but if I want it to be spelled right, I often have to correct people when they're writing it out. The nicknames age well: when I was younger, people used Joie as my nickname, and as I've grown older they tend to use Jo more.
This could also be used as a combination of Jo and Anna.
Joanna Garcia, most famously known as Cheyenne Montgomery on "Reba", bears this name.
Joanna in Hebrew means the "gift or grace of Jehovah".
Joanna is my name. I haven't yet met anyone (in person) with my name. Mostly, my family calls me Anna. The most annoying thing (to me) about my name is that people sometimes shorten it to Joann.
Joannah is good for those who like lacy, Joanna for those who prefer rich and wholesome. Both are beautiful choices.
I LOVE the name Joanna. It's so pretty, and better than Johanna.
Joanna is a character in the horror story/musical "Sweeny Todd".
Please ignore what I said earlier. The Sweeny Todd character was Johanna, not Joanna.
Her name's pronounced the same was as Joanna, though. (She lives in England so "Johanna" and "Joanna" would be pronounced the same.) They're both really nice names by the way. :)
This name is okay, but a bit lazily constructed and unimaginative. It's definitely better than Brianna, though.
Celebrated harpist, singer-songwriter Joanna Newsom bears the name.
Pronounced "jo-AHN-na".
For some reason whenever I hear this name it makes me think of a chubby middle aged women living in a trailor park. Yuck! And I just hate the sound of the name.
I really like this name. It's much prettier than Joanne, and I like the nickname Jo.
Broadway actress Joanna Gleason, daughter of Monty Hall, bears this name.
JoJo's real name is Joanna Noelle Levesque.
In Nottingham we have this radio station called 96 Trent fm and there's a breakfast show called the Jo & Twiggy show. Yep you guessed it. Jo's name is Joanna but shortened to Jo.
One famous bearer is Joanna, daughter of Benjamin Barker (Sweeney Todd) and Lucy Barker. The ward of Judge Turpin in the rather morbid play Sweeney Todd.
(Polish) Pronounced yo-AHN-nah.
A pet form is Jola (same as Jolanta).
Jola isn't a pet form of Joanna in Poland, it's only to Jolanta. Joanna's pet forms are Joasia or Asia.
I think this name is beautiful and nice. It reminds me of a quiet, polite girl.
Joanna is a very beautiful, elegant name.
Joanna has been used since the 1880's but used the most in the 1980's.
My mother's name is Joanna. Most people call her Jo. It really seems to work as a middle name. Many of the possible names I come up with, even the odd ones my husband would never agree to, work with Joanna. It's a strong, honest, down to earth name just like my mom.
Hello, my name's Joanna too. Only you don't pronounce it the English way, and neither the Polish, if I read it correctly. Maybe it's because I'm Dutch.
You pronounce it like jo(dzjo)-AH-na.
A very good, quiet and sober name for a well-mannered, soft-hearted and sober girl.
Joanna is a nice name. I am surprised this name hasn't increased in popularity due to the popularity of Anna.
Gimme hope, Joanna. What a song. (Slightly ruined by the Yop thing, I have to admit.) Good name too. I'd rather be called this than Joanne or Jospehine.
My name is Joanna Weaver. There is an author named Joanna Weaver, I have not read her books.
JoAnna Lacy is a Christian author who writes books with her husband, Al Lacy.
I am named Joanna and love it. I have met very few with my name and the nicknames I have been called over the years are not at all irksome (Jo and Joey). One complaint would be that many insist my name is Joanne and refuse to see the 'a' at the end of my name.
This is a really pretty name - not that all that common, but gorgeous.
Joanna is my name and I like it, not too common. I think it's much prettier than Joanne. Possible nicknames Jo and Joey are nice too.
Means gift from God (Hebrew).

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