The ENGLISH pronunciation of the name is d͡ʒoʊ.ˈɛl (jo-EHL).
Yuck. JoJo Siwa didn’t ruin it, it’s just an ugly name.
It’s really nice! So what if Jojo Siwa has this name? Every name has a namesake.
For some reason, I don't like the Joe- part, and whenever I hear this name, all I can think of is Jojo Siwa :|
Joelle “JoJo” Joanie Siwa is a singer, dancer and actress. She is known for starring on season two of “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” and two seasons of “Dance Moms”, with her Mom, Jessalyn. She signed a contract with Nickelodeon in 2016 and has released several songs such as “Boomerang”, “Kid in a Candy Store”, “Hold the Drama”, “Every Girls a Super Girl”, “High Top Shoes”, “Only getting better”, “My story”, “Everyday Popstars” and “Bop”.
Joelle Joanie Siwa better known as “JoJo”, is a dancer and singer. She is known for “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” and “Dance Moms”. She is also known for Nickelodeon and her singles “Boomerang” and “Kid in a Candy Store”.
I really really love this name. It's very beautiful and melodic sounding. And it makes you smile when you say it. It just sounds so feminine and pretty. I love it.
It's pretty. I don't understand the hate on this name.
I HATE I HATE! When they take some masculine name and add some crappy junk to it. This name is a perfect example of trashy. I hate when they say “Oh it’s being unique” Well it’s far from unique. ITS TRASH! Oh and did I forget to say that an annoying brat bears this name. Oh you’ve guessed it, Jojo Siwa, whose real name is Joelle.
The name Joelle was given to 361 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Joelle are female.
Joelle Joanie Siwa, also known as JoJo Siwa or JoJo with the Big Bow is an American dancer, singer, actress, and YouTuber. Siwa was a top-5 finalist on the second season of the series Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition and the youngest contestant on season 2. She appeared on the show with her mother and was eliminated in week 9.
My first name is Joelle and I used to think it was "ghetto" for I went to a fairly ghetto school in middle and elementary school and often people told me it was. I was sooo hung up on it. My freshman year in high school people started calling me "Jo" per accident of a teacher not knowing how to say my name...(story of my life, right fellow Joelles?). I love my name know. The only other Joelle I know of is the Bachelorette Jojo. I love the name Elle and I think Jo is a super cute name. It just took some independence and growth to love it. Screw anyone who thinks it's trashy! Classy as can be, us Joelles are.
The name Joelle was given to 241 girls born in the US in 2015.
Why so mean? I think the name is great and God does too!
How can people think a name that means "Jehovah is God" is trashy? This is a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning.
I love this name! It's my step daughter's name and we call her JoJo or Jo. It fits her perfectly too.
I think this name is short & sweet, gorgeous, and somewhat unique since it's rarely used today in comparison to a name like Emma or Abigail. I think those names are gorgeous too. Some people might pronounce it like the boy's form, Joel, but I like it like "Jo-elle". Maybe it will start to get more popular due to the popularity of names that are shortened to Ella or Ellie these days.
Rather a pretty name, as is Joella. How childish are those who describe it as trashy! No name derived from the Bible is trashy!
It's definitely not the best name out there, and it sounds a little fake and unimaginative (like Ryanne or Brianne).
It's pretty enough, but it's not very sophisticated. Joey and Jo as well as Elle and Ella make good nicknames.
This is my name. I definitely do not think it's trashy at all! I think my name is pretty unique. I haven't met a lot of Joelles, at most I've ran into three others. I don't really like the nicknames Joey, Jojo, or Jo. Most people call me Joelley, or Jelly. :)
It is not a bad name, but I prefer the spelling Joellee, it sounds more like a girl's name (and with this pronunciation: Jo-EL-ley).
It's not ugly or anything, but it's one of those rather unimaginative names lazily constructed of a male name. It doesn't sound as sophisticated as some people believe. It actually comes off as a name lower middle class people pick because they think it sounds French, and thus prestigious. In French, however, it's a pretty name, even if nothing special.
I don't think Joelle is trashy at all. I love it. :)
I think this name is very pretty.
I think it is a unique name and also it's not forgettable.
What a purty, purty name!
This is my name, and I love it. It can be pronounced: Joe-well, Joe-ell, Zo-elle, Zo-well, Jo-lee. Mine is pronouced Joe-ell, but I love Jo-lee. A nickname for this name could be Joey, Jojo, and Jo.
Joelle happens to be my first name and I'm very proud of it. It makes me feel special to know that my name isn't as common as other names and my name is anything but trashy.
This name IS trashy.
I love the name Joelle, it is unique and it is elegant and dainty sounding, not trashy at all.
I think the name Joelle is very pretty. I would pronounce it Jo-Elle. Makes a great middle name too.
In French, this name is somewhat mysterious and mature. Once you convert the name to English, however, it is pronounced "jo-elle" and to me sounds trashy. Ew!
The English pronunciation of this name does not make it sound trashy! My cousin bears this name, and I happen to think it is very lovely.
Joelle is pronounced "jo-EL" in English.

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