Jonah is such a cute name. I love how so many Hebrew names sound exactly like what they describe. This name is short, cute and delicate like a dove :)
Another famous bearer of Jonah is American actor Jonah Hill.
Even though the biblical namesake was a whiny drama king, I still love the name.
REMINDER TO NON HEBREW SPEAKERS : in Hebrew you don't pronouns the AH in the end. You pronounce it like : Yona
Have a nice day :)
Like Jonah from wdw :))
I don't like this. The "ah" makes it look ugly for some reason. But, there are names that are worse than this!
I love it.
It's so sunny and handsome! I love it! Great name for a boy! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ It ages so well! I love it! Better than the boring, unattractive, mean, super old, old testament names, like Benjamin, Elijah, etc, which I despise! Jonah's out there, be proud of your name!
One of the few Old Testament names I would consider using, it has a strong sound and just a vibe which I really like, prefer it over Noah and Elijah - the other Old Testament names I would potentially use are Samuel, Nathan and Reuben, but this is right up there, great name.
Not bad! Pretty neat, you can’t really go wrong with this name.
Not a good name I like Jonas better.
Jonah is a very nice name.
Ever since I was little and heard the name Jonah in 'Sleepless in Seattle', I fell in love with the name. The movie became a favorite of mine. Many years later, when I got pregnant I had a mile long list of names for my baby boy... Mateo, Giovanni, Amadeo, Ethan, Leo, Damien, Isaiah, Elias etc. But when he was placed in my arms at the hospital, I knew for certain, he was Jonah! Plus, the name means 'dove' which is a plus. He's 7 now, and it fits him. He's smart, funny and has a big heart. No regrets xxx.
John Jonah Jameson from Marvel comics. He is the editor in chief of the Daily Bugle and is portrayed by J.K. Simmons in the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man films.
I really like the name Jonah, it's very timeless and suitable for a guy of any age! It's not super common but not awkwardly unique either. It may get confused with John or Jonas though...
JONAH IS A CUTE BOYSSSSS name. STOP TRYING TO NAME GIRLS THESE NAMES! Y'all are trying too hard! Pick a girl name. It is clearly a boy name.
Jonah is a great name, you should call your child Jonah, it is a beautiful name.
Jonah is a neat name.
Jonah got eaten by a whale, and personally I think that's pretty neat.
I like the name Jonah.
23 unfortunate baby GIRLS were named Jonah in the US in 2017!
You will have to grow accustomed to correcting people who hear or think the name is Joe, Jon, Jonas, Joseph, or Noah. I love the name though.
I think that the name Jonah is amazing.
Very good name.
The Chinese equivalent of the name Jonah is "约拿" in simplified characters and "約拿" in traditional. Both have the Pinyin pronunciation of "yuē ná". Please add this to the list of related names in other languages.
A superb, fine and great masculine name. :-)
The English name came as many from a mistake. The Bible was first printed in Germany. When it was translated into English the name remained in the german form. So Jonah Should have been translated Iona since J is pronounced as I in german and h is silent.
Ps: usually the simplest solution is the correct one;
A very fresh, airy, pleasant name, but it still has a nice edge of masculinity. I like it a lot.
I love this name, it's soft but masculine. Also a very cute meaning.
I think this name sounds and looks more feminine than masculine. I know that as far as Christians are concerned, it's traditionally a boy's name, but I personally place it right up there with Meredith as sounding more appropriate for a girl (hey, I live in North America; give me a break). Both the -ah ending and the meaning make it sound feminine to me. I suppose I could compromise and use Yonah on a girl instead of Jonah. But I really like that J. For a boy, I'd use Javan. It means the same thing as Jonah, but it sounds a little more masculine (although it could also work on a girl).
This is my son's name. We call him Jo or Jojo for short. We picked it because the Bible story is meaningful to us, and makes it known, but it's still not too common. He's always the only one in his class with it, but nobody has trouble pronouncing it.
In the New Testament, the Greek form of Jonah was Jonas.In Greek, Jonas is as follows ΙωναςSimon Peter's father's name was Jonah or Jonas.
I like this name. It's really sweet for a little boy, it works for a teenager, and it doesn't sound stupid on an elderly man. You can't go wrong with a Bible name like Jonah.
In the book Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta, Jonah Griggs is a main character and the love interest of the narrator.
I quite like the name Jonah. It's very cute. I wouldn't name my son Jonah probably, but I AM using this name in a fan fiction story I'm writing. I thought the character needed a biblical name.
I like it. Really like it. The guy in the bible is a great reason to call him that, and I'm not religious. Talk about how you can change!
I never did like the sound of this name, but the dorky Jonah Goldberg has really made me hate it.
I like this name alot, if you wanted to, you could even call your son Jon for short if he doesn't like the name Jonah! But I like Jonah and I might use it if I ever have another kid. But only for a boy.
I prefer the version 'Jona,' pronounced like at the beginning of Jonathan.
I love this name. Right now it is my favorite name for a boy. Love its meaning and think it's a very cute name!
Personally, I don't like how this name sounds.
In Israel Yonah is a both f and m name, amoung Sepharadim it's usually girls name and amoung Ashkenazi it's boys.
I like the name Jonah, it is very pretty. But, I wouldn't name my son this, or my daughter. Maybe it is a little too pretty.
I know a girl called Jonah. It doesn't just sound like a boy's name but it looks like a boy's name as well I think beause of the h or the jon? Not too sure.
I just love the name Jonah. It is a strong yet gentle masculine name. One you can grow up with.
Jonah Baldwin was the name of the little boy in the movie "Sleepless in Seattle."
A famous bearer of this great name is in my opinion the greatest sportsman of all time, Jonah Lomu, a former rugby player with the All Blacks but is now retired because of a bad kidney. Great name, even better player.
A soft-sounding, gentle, peaceful name.

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