My name is Joni, I hate when people misspell it since it is the easiest way of spelling it how it sounds. And personally, I hate my own name because of how it looks, it just looks short and like a nickname, I wish I had a name that looked and felt normal to say.
Jonitt95  4/1/2018
Pronounced either JO-nee or YO-nee in Dutch.
Suzijn1994  3/5/2014
I hate this spelling! My name is Joan, but everyone calls me Joanie. The spelling Joni should not be considered a nickname for Joan, it is spelled nothing like it! Personally I prefer J-O-A-N-I-E to J-O-N-I.
joanie2007  7/7/2007
Joni Erikson Tada has been paralyzed since she was in her teen years. She dove into a lake, unaware there was a rock there! Ouch! Luckily, her friends saved her life. She lives today. She can draw amazingly beautiful, especially her greeting cards! She also can sing. She's an amazing person.
― Anonymous User  6/19/2006
Joni Mitchell (born Roberta Joan Anderson) is a legendary Canadian musician and painter.
― Anonymous User  12/23/2005
Joni Eareckson Tada is an artist, author, singer, and inspirational speaker. She has been paralyzed from the neck down since she was a teenager. Now she helps others in their need. However, she pronounces her name like "Johnny."
breakofday  12/21/2005

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