Also Icelandic and Faroese, written as Jósef. [noted -ed]
I love my name. But the f jacked me up in school when it came to spelling. Like the word phone. Ph made no sense to me lol.
I would never use this name because I immediately think of Josef Stalin and Josef Fritzl, two of some of the most evil men in history whenever I hear it.
The name Josef has a lot of problems.
Despite the association with Stalin, I still like this name. I won't let one extremely evil man taint this name for me!
Add Usage: Dutch, Finnish, English (Modern)

Pronounced: YAW-zəf (German), YO-səf (Dutch, Danish), YO-sehf (Czech, Finnish), YUW-sehf (Swedish), JO-səf (English)

Meaning: Form of Iosephus (see JOSEPH) used in several languages.
Joseph looks much better.
Josef Salvat is an Australian singer. He's famous for his cover of Rihanna's song "Diamonds".
Josef K was the main character in Franz Kafka's The Trial.
The name Josef was given to 91 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
Josef Čapek (1887-1945) was a Czech painter, graphic artist, stage designer and writer.
Josef Albers (1888-1976) was a German-born painter, designer, writer and teacher.
Makes me think of that Nazi physician Josef Mengele.
Josef is a very cool name, but I don't like the English pronunciation Jo-seff. It's Yo-sef.
This spelling makes me think of Josef Fritzl, the Austrian man who held his daughter hostage and fathered children with her.
Josef Kaplický (19th March 1889, Vysoké Mýto - 1st February 1962, Prague) was painter, graphic designer, sculptor, designer and theoretician.

Josef Kaplický (18th April 1995) was son of Jan Kaplický and grandson of Josef Kaplický (KAHP-lit-skee).
Urgh. The f at the end makes it ugly in my opinion. Sorry to all Josefs out there.
Famous bearers:
Jazz singer Josef Erich Zawinul, born 7 July 1932, Wien, Österreich. Date of Death: 11 September 2007, Wien, Austria. Singer Josef Vojtek, born 21 June 1965 Teplice, Czechoslovakia. Actor Josef Dvořák, born 25 April 1942, Horní Cerekev, Czechoslovakia.
Stalin, baby! All the way! USSR! Soviet Union! All that jazz! But it's still a very nice name.
Pronounced as "Yaw-ZEHF". Josef´s pet forms: Joska, Joza, Jozhin, Zefan, Pepa, Pepé, Pepino, Pepito.
I usually prefer 'f' to 'ph', but this name makes me think of both Stalin and Mengele, which are not good associations! Of course, most people probably won't have that thought at all, and there's no real reason it shouldn't be used.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Josef here:
German pronunciation: YO-zef. [noted -ed]
This is a very beautiful name, but who wants to share his name with Stalin?

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