Austrian Chancellors and Presidents: 4 presidents, 2 chancellors
(president) Karl Seitz (a.k.a. Josef)   1919-1920  
(president) Michael Hainisch (a.k.a. Josef)   1920-1928  
(chancellor) Kurt Schuschnigg (a.k.a. Josef)   1934-1938  
(chancellor) Josef Klaus   1964-1970  
(president) Franz Jonas (a.k.a. Josef)   1965-1974  
(president) Kurt Waldheim (a.k.a. Josef)   1986-1992  
Bohemian Kings: 3 kings
King Josef I   1705-1711  
King Josef II   1780-1790  
King František Josef I   1848-1916  
Fictional Characters from Books: 1 character
Josef K.   1925   The Trial  
German Chancellors and Presidents: 2 chancellors
(chancellor) Wilhelm Cuno (a.k.a. Josef)   1922-1923  
(chancellor) Helmut Kohl (a.k.a. Josef)   1982-1998  
Greek Prime Ministers: 1 prime minister
Josef Ludwig von Armansperg   1835-1837  
Norwegian Kings and Queens: 1 king
King Oskar I (a.k.a. Josef)   1844-1859  
Notable Athletes: 5 soccer, 1 rugby
(soccer) Josef Masopust   1931-  
(soccer) Jupp Heynckes (a.k.a. Josef)   1945-  
(rugby) Joe Schmidt (a.k.a. Josef)   1965-  
(soccer) Miroslav Klose (a.k.a. Josef)   1978-  
(soccer) Lukas Podolski (a.k.a. Josef)   1985-  
(soccer) Josef Šural   1990-  
Notable Businesspeople: 1 businessperson
Franz Josef Popp   1886-1954  
Notable Evildoers: 1 criminal
Josef Fritzl   1935-  
Notable Politicians and Statespeople: 1 politician
Josef van Schaik   1882-1962  
Notable Writers: 1 poet/author
Rainer Maria Rilke (a.k.a. Josef)   1875-1926  
Olympic Medalists: 4 silver, 1 bronze, 1 gold
(gold) Josef Ternström   1912   cross country team  
(silver) Frank Cuhel (a.k.a. Josef)   1928   400 m hurdles  
(silver) Josef Hauser   1936   water polo  
(silver) Josef Doležal   1952   50 km walk  
(silver) Josef Odložil   1964   1500 m  
(bronze) Josef Dostál   2012   canoe sprint  
Other Leaders: 3 presidents, 3 prime ministers
President Josef Munzinger   1851   Switzerland  
President Melchior Josef Martin Knüsel   1861; 1866   Switzerland  
President Josef Zemp   1895; 1902   Switzerland  
Prime Minister Josef Ospelt   1921-1922   Liechtenstein  
Prime Minister Josef Hoop   1928-1945   Liechtenstein  
Prime Minister Josef Tošovský   1998   Czech Republic  
Other Royalty: 13 princes
Joseph Wenzel I, Prince of Liechtenstein (a.k.a. Josef)   1712-1718; 1732-1745; 1748-1772   Liechtenstein  
Joseph Johann Adam, Prince of Liechtenstein (a.k.a. Josef)   1721-1732   Liechtenstein  
Johann Nepomuk Karl, Prince of Liechtenstein (a.k.a. Josef)   1732-1748   Liechtenstein  
Franz Joseph I, Prince of Liechtenstein (a.k.a. Josef)   1772-1781   Liechtenstein  
Aloys I, Prince of Liechtenstein (a.k.a. Josef)   1781-1805   Liechtenstein  
Johann I Joseph, Prince of Liechtenstein (a.k.a. Josef)   1805-1836   Liechtenstein  
Aloys II, Prince of Liechtenstein (a.k.a. Josef)   1836-1858   Liechtenstein  
Karl Franz of Prussia (a.k.a. Josef)   1916-1975   Prussia  
Franz Joseph II, Prince of Liechtenstein (a.k.a. Josef)   1938-1989   Liechtenstein  
Nikolaus of Liechtenstein (a.k.a. Josef)   1947-   Liechtenstein  
Wenzel of Liechtenstein (a.k.a. Josef)   1962-1991   Liechtenstein  
Josef Emanuel of Liechtenstein   1989-   Liechtenstein  
Hans-Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein (a.k.a. Josef)   1989-   Liechtenstein  
Swedish Kings and Queens: 1 king
King Oscar I (a.k.a. Josef)   1844-1859  
Title Characters: 1 song
(song) Josef   2004   Josef's Train