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This name is wonderful, I don't care that it's common. Julian. It's lovely to say and the sound current it makes when said is very soothing and musical in a handsome and masculine way.
I am a fan of this name. It sounds handsome and it ages well. Not overly feminine. And for me, it would be a way to name my child after me, Juliet, without going with overly common Julia or Julianna; Julian, for a boy, is a nice name.
It's okay for a boy because it's such a nice, cool, handsome name. I dislike it for girl because it's not girly in my opinion.
Too feminine. It’s kind of long...what would the nickname be? Jul or Juli?
I really like the name Julian. It sounds strong and handsome. I would prefer Julianna/Juliana for a girl.
Really nice name.
I think this name is very handsome. I just don't understand why some people say it's "feminine". Julian has never been a feminine name, Juliana would be a better choice for a girl.
Although the connotation is tainted slightly from Julian from Wonder (he did redeem himself though), I really like this name. Jules is a cute nickname.
Awesome name for a boy!
Sir Julian Freke is a character from Whose Body?, the first Lord Peter Wimsey novel by Dorothy L. Sayers. He is a snobbish and villainous surgeon.
I named myself this because of Julian Bashir from Star Trek Deep Space Nine.
I think it is pretty clear that those saying it is a feminine name have absolutely no idea how to pronounce it or where its origins are from. I mean I'm not surprised since apparently this is a place where people think "Ryan" and "Cameron" are female names. Julian is pronounced Jew-lien and it is as masculine as it gets. And to the one girl who said her name is Julian- I'm sorry but your mother is totally at fault. She may as well have called you Simon or James. Julian is NOT a woman's name, never has been and never will be.
This name is too attractive, I think this is because I've never met a lot of Julians in my life. The way it's spelt is super catchy too. This name just brings the best out of me and I love it so much, even though I was never really into French names but this one hits different. I lack a lot of care if it's an old name because its just super beautiful, every time I hear this name it just brings memories back from 5th grade, I mean, a Latin Greek name meaning young and youthful? You're not my friend if you don't like this name lol, I won't believe a person who ever said "I hate the name Julian". Duhh, it's too beautiful to hate. To all the Julians out there, you are all very young and youthful and can do whatever you want in life my loves, don't let anyone hold you back because we all love you, you are very strong, instead of looking at the negative, start looking at the positive, and show love. Don't change yourself to impress anyone, and DON'T stop loving yourself. This advice goes to everyone else too.
Also Gascon, Provençal and Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
A very nice name for a boy.
Old names are better than new names. :)
I like it! This is a last name too.
Anything old I adore. I'm sick of the people who hate the old names. They can just stop ridiculing names of style and can get a life.
Julian doesn't sound feminine to me at all. It gives off more of an androgynous vibe in my opinion and I think it would be cool on both boys and girls. I associate it with intelligence and creativity. It also sounds youthful and sophisticated at the same time, and definitely attractive.
Julian Vaughn is a smooth jazz bassist.
I don’t think Julian sounds feminine. Julia or Juliana are the feminine versions of this name. I think Julian sounds masculine and is a far better choice than Julius.
I used to think this was a girl's name like Julianne, but I now think this is a full on boy's name. Julianne or Julia for a girl, Julian for a boy. However, this isn't my favorite boy's name.
I don’t like the name in Spanish (Hulian), it doesn’t sound attractive. I prefer Julian not (Hulian)
French pronunciation is ZHUY-LIAWN.
Strong and timeless. It fits a boy of any age. I think it's silly how some people are being frantic about Julian being "slightly girly" for a boy. But masculine names on girls are fine, right?
Julian is my name but I'm French so the pronunciation is a little bit different (it's the French "an" haha), then it doesn't sound feminine at all... but it loses the specificity that makes it interesting to me. I still think it's a great name because it's not weird nor too popular but I definitely prefer the English pronunciation. The German one is nice too!
Since my parents gave me the name in the early sixties in the USA, The girls loved it and the boys mocked it (which made me tougher). My parents were European and at the time it was very unusual to have the name Julian (In sports guys called me Jules). Middle name was Emil - lol, not a popular name either. Today the name is very accepted... many youngsters running around with the name... Julian Lennon was also on the pop charts in the 80's - so that helped.
Julian is one of my favorite guys names ever. It's just so awesome - unique, but not too unique, common, but not too common... it's just a perfect balance of so many factors. The complexity is simple, if that makes any sense. I would 100% name a child Julian. Plus, the nicknames Jules and Julsie are adorable. If you like it, but it isn't an option for whatever reason, consider Adrian. I have pretty much the same position on it. The two names are just perfect. Too bad they rhyme, or I could use them for my characters!
Julian Chase from Gen:LOCK.
Simply all of the above.
Usage: English, Polish, German, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch, Czech, SlovakPronounced: JOOL-ee-ən (English), JOOL-yən (English), YOO-lyan (Polish, German, Danish), YOO-li-an (Swedish, Czech), YOO-lee-ahn (Finnish), YOO-lee-an (Slovak)
There is a character in Wonder named Julian and in Auggie and Me.
Also Occitan: (Source: Institut d'études occitanes)
Portuguese form is Juliano (pron. Zhuw-lee-AHN-nu). [noted -ed]
Julian may sound more feminine than masculine, but in my book it’s a feminine name that I desire for a boy. I think Julia and Juliana would make pretty alternatives for girls. However, I think Julian is a unisex name, Julia is a girl’s name, and Julius is a boy’s name.
This name is as masculine as Victor and Emil.
This is an awesome name for a male. It also ages very well.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Julian who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 423rd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Julian does kind of sound feminine, but I definitely prefer it for a boy.
Awesome name. I really like names ending in -ian for boys.
Julian sounds like a very handsome name for a boy.
Very feminine name for a boy.
Julian is the name of one of the best people I will ever know, and I believe he said he was named after a god of wisdom. To me, Julian is a strong yet gentle masculine name that adds personality to a person. I don't see it as a feminine name at all, however I don't mind a girl with this or a similar name.
King Julian from Madagascar.
Julian is the name of Postman Pat's son, from the kid's TV show.
Julian Draxler is a German professional footballer who plays as a left winger for French club Paris Saint-Germain and the Germany national football team. He is known for his ability to use both feet, his speed, and the power of his shot.
I admit it does sound a bit feminine, but not as much as Jillian or Juliana. It's not a bad name for a guy, though; it's very soft and sweet, moreso than a lot of other male names, but still strong.
Julian is the name of one of the main characters on "Trailer Park Boys", a Canadian TV show which currently airs on Netflix!
Historically, this name was used more on girls than boys. In the late 1500's the name Julian was one of the top 50 names given to girls, and while used for boys at the time too, it was less popular. It became predominantly male later on.
A beautiful, masculine, handsome, classy, blessed name. I love the name Julian! It's perfect for a boy! :D.
Girls should NEVER be named Julian. It is a strong man's name. It makes a woman lose all femininity. Stop it.
Julian Richings is an actor best known for his role as Death on Supernatural, along with horror movies.
I am a woman named Julian. My mom loved the name and all my life I have never met or heard of another girl named Julian. It is a beautiful name and I like the uniqueness of being a girl with a male name.
I originally detested this name, but now I have grown to love it! It's sophisticated and classical.
Julian, modern version of "Julianus", which is Latin/Roman for "belonging to Julius". Eg. The Julian calendar was introduced by Julius Caesar.
The name is very popular in Austria and Germany currently, probably due to geographic proximity to Italy and a strong local interest in ancient Roman culture.
Julian Fellowes is the creator of Downton Abbey.
How could this name be feminine-sounding? It's perfectly masculine! The feminine form is Julia.This is a great name that I might use as the name of a character.
I hate this name. 2/10.
Julian is a poetic and sweet name to me. It has a sensitive side to it that I deeply admire. It's one of my favorite names and I think it's so sweet and loving to me. I also think Jules is a great nickname to have for Julian.
Used to dislike this name but it grew on me! I know a few Julian's, age range newborn to 30 years old. I think it is a nice name that should age pretty well!
I agree with many users here that Julian is quite feminine sounding. Julian is only one salable away from "Jillian", which normally would be enough, but you also have Julia and Juliana which don't help. Just go with Julius, it's 100% masculine sounding and criminally underused.
I have never liked the name Julia/Julie/Juliana... But I LOVE Julian. And I do not think it sounds feminine in the least bit! It is a strong, masculine name and I would love it for a future son of mine.
I know an adorable little boy named Julian, and I'd never really given the name much thought until I met him. It's not my favorite name ever, but I like it. It's a lot better than the stuff other kids his age have to put up with, like all that Caiden/Aidan/Brayden/Jayden garbage.
Although Juliaan is the authentic, native Dutch form (originally, Latin names ending in -ianus always became -iaan in Dutch), it is not used as often in The Netherlands as Julian. Juliaan is rare nowadays, whereas Julian is quite popular and has been steadily gaining in popularity since the early '90s. In fact, in 2011 the name Julian was at its most popular ever: that year, 601 newborn boys were given this name.As such, 'Dutch' should also be listed in the 'Usage' section for this name. :)
Julian (born 1995) is the son of actor Robert De Niro. He has a twinbrother named Aaron.
Julian Francis Edelman (born 1986) is an American football player.
Julian Hawthorne (born 1846 in Boston, Massachusetts) was an American writer and journalist. He was the son of painter Sophia Peabody and novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne.
My mother's name is Gillian, and I would use Julian for a son someday as it is the male equivalent, which I think is pretty cool. Julian is more popular in the UK than in the US for boys. Since I am originally from the UK, I like that it carries some of my heritage. At first glance, Julian might sound girly, but it is really a cool name for a boy. Think about it... John Lennon named his son this.
I think it is strange and terribly unsophisticated of some people to think this is a feminine sounding name... Gabriel and Gabrielle. Gabriel is a masculine name. Julian and Juliana. Julian is masculine version. I think part of the issue is that these are not American or Anglo names in origin... they originate in countries that have feminine and masculine versions of the same name. I think Julian is a great name: makes me think of someone who is handsome, manly, yet refined, able to use his charm for personal gain. Every time you say the name Julian you have to purse your lips out in a gentle kiss. I think it is a heart throb name. A guy named Julian WILL be popular with the girls.
Julian Bell (1952- ) is a painter and writer on art.
Julian Keller is a young mutant from the Marvel Comics series, "New X-Men: Academy X" and served chiefly as a prominent antagonist until the book's cancellation. He was capable of telekinesis. He is perhaps most famous for the amputation of his hands in 2010.
I really like this name, but it concerns me that it sounds so much like Julie Ann. I would never use it for fear that my son would be teased.
Very effeminate sounding name. Do you want your son to grow up to be the head of the GLAAD alliance at college? Not to mention its most famous namesake was Julian the Apostate, the most infamous backslider in history.
Your comment is extremely bigoted and ignorant. A comment on a name should not have to delve into your personal views on anything aside from the name.That aside, I think Julian is a great name for a boy, and to me, sounds strong and intelligent. It has great background and isn't overly common. I also love the connection to Julian Casablancas.
Julian Assange is the founder and leader of Wikileaks, a website that publishes confidential government documents online for public viewing.
I have a cat named Julian but we spell it Jewelean. I never used to like this name because it made me think of a character from a kids show that I didn't like but now I love it. The name Jewelean/Julian seems like the name of a handsome, intelligent and masculine guy.
Julian MacMahon plays Cole Turner/Belthazor in the TV series Charmed.
It's a very nice name, but a bit too stuffy for me to use.
Julian Cope (b. 1957 in Wales, but raised in Liverpool) is a post-punk musician (specifically a singer), famous for his New Wave band The Teardrop Explodes as well as his solo career.
Julian is the name of a noble and interesting character in the novel 'The Witching Hour' by Anne Rice. Julian Cope is a British singer/musician who writes great songs.
Gore Vidal, the great American writer, wrote a historical novel called "Julian" about the life of the Roman Emperor who though born a Christian renounced that religion and tried to return to the ancient Greek and Roman gods. He was sickened by all the religious strife and bigotry that was introduced by Christianity and its superstitions. If he had not been killed fighting the Persians we might have avoided the Dark Ages.
I love this name, I'm using it for a character in my novel and he is witty, intelligent, and chivalrous.
Strangely, when I was little, I viewed the name 'Julian' as feminine, but now it seems perfectly masculine to me. I like the name a lot now, because it has a nice ring to it.
You people make me mad, my name is Julian and I'm a guy. Why do you think it's a girl's name!
I love the name Julian. It has started to grow on me recently. I like it because I could see a wide range of people being named Julian.
I would love to use this on a girl but I fear the general consensus would be negative despite having been used on females relatively commonly during the middle ages. Anyone wishing to contest that should think about Gillian, Julian's strictly feminine mutation.
Julian means youthful downy bearded man.
This is a nice name, but seeing as Americans suffer from a condition that is characterized by anxious masculinity in males and sexism and homophobia in both sexes, I have a feeling this name night be considered ''too feminine'' by many people, especially since some people actually think names like Hunter and Tanner are good for females, and the boyish names Riley and Bailey are most often given to girls. This name also ends in a similar way as Lillian and Vivian, although many masculine names like Brendan, Tristan, and Aidan also end like that. Of course, many girls are named Tristan and Aidan, too! I personally think this is a good name for males and a rather bad one for females despite the likeness to Lillian and Vivian. On the other hand, the name sounds like Julia and Julianne and the likes, so I can sort of (but only sort of) see why people might find it slightly feminine. But hey, you can always call the guy Jules!
Julian is the perfect name in my opinion. It has a great nickname (Jules) but also sounds amazing but not too formal and stuffy on its own. Plus, there's the Strokes connection. :) I'm definitely naming my son this.
I just don't get the argument that a name sounds too feminine BECAUSE of its feminine versions. Julian does not sound feminine at all, not because of the existance of Julia/Juliet/Julie or any other reason.Julia sounds feminine. Julian does not.
Julian Emerson Dilley is the second oldest of the Dilley septuplets, born on May 25, 1993 to her mother and father Becki and Keith Dilley.
Actually, Julian Emerson Dilley is a GUY, not a girl. Julian is a masculine name.
Julian is a wonderful name. I love it. When I think of the name Julian I picture a handsome and attractive man. Or a very adorable little boy. This name is a perfect male name. I dislike how some people use this name on a girl. Stop that people. This is a boys name. Use Julia on a girl and leave Julian to the boys. That is just my opinion of it. But I think this is one of my favorite boy names.
I think this is a very cute name. I agree it is a little feminine sounding, but I think it's very intelligent sounding also.
My surname is Julyan from the name Julian. I like it as a surname (strange because my birth month is July and my middle name is Ann). It is quite a common name in Cornwall UK (Julyan). Not keen though on Julian as a Christian name.
I like this name a lot, but perhaps I wouldn't give it to my child. It sounds a bit too feminine for a boy because of Julia, Juliette etc.
This is a great name. I feel the same way about this name as I do about names like Laurence and Alexander. A name like Julian is strong and gentle at the same time, giving its bearer both strength and sensitivity. I know a nice person with this name and he certainly lives up to his name.
The lead singer of The Strokes name is Julian Casablancas.
Juliana is a cool name but it carries bad memories of the guy I knew and liked.
Julian Sands is a well-known English actor, best known for roles in movies like Warlock and A Room With a View, in which he played George Emerson.
I think this name is TOO POPULAR. All the polls have something to do with this darn name. It's just a name, nothing special. Jeez, what's the big deal?
Very nice; I adore this name. Currently my number 2 pick for a boy, Lucius being the first.
Adorable name.
I think this was the name of the little boy in the movie Big Daddy with Adam Sandler. I like this name.
I really like this name for a little boy. I think it's cute. But I can understand why some people would see it as a little feminine, however, it derived from Julius which is a Strong Leadership name. Which to me makes Julian a very masculine strong name. And adorable for a little boy.
Julian Barratt plays Howard Moon in the comedy series The Mighty Boosh.
A character in the Famous Five series by Enid Blyton was named Julian.
I think it's a cool name, not girly like others. Jules is an awesome nickname.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Julian here:
I have come to really like the name Julian for a boy. Makes me think of a smart, handsome man with brown hair.
I like this name for a boy even if it is a bit feminime. I choose it instead of Julius.
Julian Delphiki is a character from the Ender series of books by Orson Scott Card.
Not a bad name but a tad too feminine sounding for a boy in my opinion.
Julian Kal is the name of Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld's son.
Julian of Norwich was a 14th century mystic. She originated the famous Catholic theological statement "All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well."
Julian seems like a very strong name.
Julian Bashir was the doctor on Star Trek: DS9. Ever since that show, I've associated the name with someone who is intelligent, charming, and brave.
Julian Sark! Need to say more? Yes? Alias!
Julian Casablancas is the singer of the band The Strokes, he is known for his tousled hair, raspy voice and smoking habit.
Julian Barnes is a contemporary British writer.
'Julian' was the name of Nathaniel Hawthorne's middle child and only son, who later became a writer himself, although he experienced considerably less success.
John Lennon's first-born son bears the name Julian and the song "Hey Jude" was written for him by Paul McCartney. The original lyrics read "Hey Jule" but were changed to make the song flow better.
Julian Marsh is the main male character in the hit Broadway musical "42nd Street".

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