Cute, but the Julian spelling is more preferable to me. :)
Cute. But I prefer Julian.
King Julien is the lemur king in the Dreamworks franchise 'Madagascar'.
Julien Boisselier is a French actor. Boisselier was born and raised in Nantes before moving to Paris to study comedy at Le Cours Florent. He dated acclaimed French actress Mélanie Laurent, though the two ended their relationship in February 2009. She dedicated her 2006 César Award for Most Promising Actress to him, which she won for Je vais bien, ne t'en fais pas.
The name Julien was really popular in France during the 80's and 90's, so much so that it became the 26th most common name for baby boys in the 20th century despite the fact that it was quite rare until the 80's. It is still a top 100 name, but I personally find it a little dated. It's kind of like Jason in a sense. Not bad names, just overused at a certain point in time.
Sounds very classy and royal.
This is the name of the man who saved the little girl from the river couple days ago. What a pretty name! I like this for a boy/man.
King Julien, king of the lemurs in the film "Madagascar."
One of the main characters in the French film "Le Papillon" was named Julien.
I love this name because it's French and not so common in the UK. I also know a Julien who is very special from Belgium. I love it, it's really cute!

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