Juniper Woods, the best friend of Athena Cykes in the video game Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. She has a crush on Apollo.
June would be a nice nickname.
I love this name. I hope it doesn't become that popular so it can remain a quirky, niche name. It's like those hippie names of the past, like River, Sage, or Raine. I love nature names. I'm most inspired by the feminist YA novel Juniper by Monica Furlong. She was a good witch who had black hair and tan skin. There's the witchy trend, but I think it's been dying off by now. The Juniper berries are pretty, too - a dark purple-blue. This name has plenty of meaning for me. Maybe it can be an unusual middle name, a stage name, or maybe a nickname. It's a great name for a character or pet.
It is already very popular and rising. By no means is it still a quirky niche name.
Cool! I like it, though I would never use it.
I personally don't really get this name. It sounds like someone is saying Jennifer with a congested nose. The plant isn't attractive either.

I agree with the person who wrote that this is going to be the Jennifer of the future. It's rising like crazy and I don't think it will be popular with just Gen Z parents, most millennials are still going to have their children in the future (the age group goes until 1996 by most definitions) and they are using it/will be using it like crazy as well.
Wouldn't be surprised if this overtook Olivia or Emma because of upcoming Gen Z parents. Suddenly, if this name does go trending worldwide, there won't be 1 Juniper but probably 6 in class because of how overused it'll be. Heck, it's having its headstart in the US which then will probably inspire other countries (same thing goes for Willow). Overall, It's a meh-dislike relationship between me and this name.
This is Jennifer for Gen Z. It's also so boring, weird, outlandish, and overall wrong for a name. It's very puny. I just don't like it at all, and can't understand the June-ih-pur craze.
I only like it because it reminds me of the word ‘sniper’.
Uncanny name.
I love, love, LOVE this name! Prettier than Jupiter by far, and with an opportunity for cute nicknames such as June or Juni/Junie. Also, being named after Juniper berries is prettier than being named after a lifeless planet.
I think this name is cute. I think it has potential to be elegant on an adult woman but it'd be quite a name to live up to, easier to imagine on a kid or older lady. I just named my kitten Juniper after deciding I wouldn't be naming a new human Juniper.
Looks like Jupiter made up into a more namely thing. I don’t like it much.
I love this name. It reminds me of my friend who I haven't seen in forever.
According to Wikipedia, this is a beloved children's book character Junie B. Jones' real first name.
I love the song "Jennifer Juniper" by Donovan. This is a good name if you love horticulture and as a child she could be called June/Junie.
Cute. The nicknames "June" or "Junie" would be nice used with this name.
Brother Juniper is the protagonist in the frame story of The Bridge of San Luis Rey by Thornton Wilder. Several people are killed in the titular bridge's collapse, and Brother Juniper researches their lives to try and figure out why God allowed the collapse to happen - were the victims bad people and being punished? Were they virtuous and being brought to Heaven early as a reward? And of course the facts turn out to be much more complicated and confounding than that.

In this case Juniper is being used as an Anglicization of the Spanish name Junipero (sorry, can't type it right with this keyboard). There's also a real-life Saint Juniper, a disciple of Saint Francis, and a Saint Junipero, who could easily be Anglicized to Juniper. I wish English-speakers were allowed to give this name to boys, but sadly, it seems that once a name becomes used for girls, sexists consider it "tainted" and bully any boy who has it, so parents are forced to avoid the name for their sons' sake.
Very interesting and pretty.
I am a Juniper. I love the name because my parents have these knives with wooden Juniper handles and they smell nice. I also have a VERY unique name, and Juniper is very rare.
Hi! I really love my name despite its abnormality. It’s Juniper Aerona Elfine Sweet :)
In my opinion, it only sounds good on a book character or animal. Otherwise, I can't see it on a real person.
My daughters name is Juniper, Juniper Rose.

The nickname she grew up with was Pepper!
Forgot to mention, I named her this in the 70's.
I never used to think about this name. At all. I didn't really gravitate toward "nature" names (other than perhaps Willow) before. But then I ended up playing a character named Juniper in a play. I didn't say my own (character's) name at all, but hearing my scene partners call me it made me think, "Wow... you know, this is actually a really cool name."

It has a fairly unique sound (how many names end in -per?) and is uncommon - I've never met a Juniper in real life, though I've met one or two women named June. And given June's past popularity, in the Top 50 of the USA about 100 years ago, I'm surprised Juniper isn't more popular!
I really love this name. It sounds so melodious, feminine, elegant and complete. I don't think it's too unusual nowadays and also I don't think there is not a high risk of confusion between JuNIPer and JuPITer.
I just realized today why I find this name comical... It reminds me of the Juniper berries scene in the Life of Brian.
This name is very pretty. It's a shame I have never met anyone with this name but all the more reason to use it! There are so many wonderful nicknames that can be spun off of this and it sounds good standing alone as well. My extent of this name is from when I played nintendogs I bought a golden retriever and named her Juniper. Wow just saying Juniper in my head makes me feel light and happy.
Who thinks this name is BAD!? When I play games I always name my character Juniper. Sure there are a few WEIRDOS who think this is a bad name! It's beautiful, amazing, and cool. (Don't you dare hate this name.)
Actually I love the name Juniper, my fiance and I were looking for baby names for a boy or a girl since we still haven't found out the gender of our first child. He picked Juniper for a little girl's name, and I think it's a beautiful name. So if we have a girl her name will be Juniper.
It sounds so beautiful, and I love the nickname Junie.
I really hate this name. It's a mouthful, strange, and would probably be misspelled and mispronounced as Jupiter.
This name's grown a lot in popularity over the past few years (it's now in the top 500), so I think listing it as a rare English name is no longer accurate. [noted -ed]
Juniper has really grown on me over the past few years. It started with hearing it in a show called RWBY. There was a team called JNPR (pronounced Juniper), that I particularly loved. But I also love the biblical connotations, and how Juniper berries are used locally in Indigenous medicine.

It’s probably in my top 5 names for girls, so maybe one day I’ll use it for a daughter. It’s likely her nickname would be “June”, as it’s another favourite.
Cute as can be! This name is so sweet, rare, and gorgeous! Naming one of my girls this for sure.
My name is Juniper and I love it. It is very unique and I feel sorry for the people who think it is a hippy name or whatever. I have many nicknames that my family and friends call me, and although people do mix my name up with Jupiter or Jennifer, I don't care as it's like a big joke I have with my friends.
The name of a 1968 Donovan single was "Jennifer Juniper." It's a cute little tune, and the last verse is sung in French.
Juniper is the female lead in the 2012 movie Mud.
I decided to name my daughter Juniper. She's almost two years old now, and I get so many positive comment on her name. Like a previous commenter, we're kind of crunchy at our house too. I really loved the references to Saint Juniper, and my husband is also really into gardening and nature, so... Juniper was a natural fit. The nicknames are endless! We usually go with Junie. I have to really enunciate her name, otherwise people think I'm saying 'Jennifer'.

I feel like her name fits her perfectly. She's a spirited wild child.

To be totally honest, the first time I had heard of this name was Professor Juniper from Pokemon ;)
In the Bible's Old Testament, a Juniper tree with an angelic presence sheltered the prophet Elijah from Queen Jezebel's pursuit. Similarly, a later 6th century non-canonical apocryphal account tells of how the infant Jesus and his parents were hidden from King Herod's soldiers by a Juniper during their flight into Egypt.
Juniper has been used as a name since at least 1200 AD, when Saint Juniper, a follower of Saint Francis of Assisi, lived. The earliest uses were on males.
I named my daughter (now 20 months) Juniper. There were so many good connotations, minus the gin references, but that doesn't ever come up. I think that because my family is bit crunchy, but not total hippies, it just comes across about the way we come across & my daughter's personality will give it her own twist. We live in Oregon & we have only met one other Juniper in person. We call my daughter Juni or Juniper (or Junebug, Junus & other silly names, but she is a one-year old). It is the most generously complemented of my four children's names. Abner, Jane & Stella are my other kids' names.
To be honest I don't find this to be a particularly pretty name. It works for a girl or woman, but I just don't find it that pleasant to the ear. Maybe it's the "nip" sound in the middle that I don't like. I don't know; I just prefer June or Juno.
I don't like gin, which is what Juniper berries are made into (maybe other things but I don't know) so that put me off initially. But my mom liked gin, and since she passed away I find myself liking more things she did. And gin isn't so bad with tonic! I went through some family history and found the name June. I am born in June, as was my grandma. It is a nice name with variations like Juno, Juna and the cute nickname Junebug! I have found myself liking Juniper as a name, and I like June, and the latter part of the name is niper (nipper), which only reminds me of Dennis the Menace's dog, and that cute pet Leela has in Futurama, that eats everything! I think it's called Nibbler. And as someone else commented about Jupiter, I've just watched the sci fi film Jupiter Ascending, and I can totally see this as a name too. Though the nickname Jupe reminds me of aftershave. I am definitely considering Juniper for our next girl. It's got a decent history of use, and the very respectable name June, makes it possible in any setting. June is supposedly the luckiest month to get married, and consequently also the quickest to book up!
Hi there Juniper!
I had to comment once I saw the line where you stated: "If I had a cat, I'd name him Juniper," Well, I have a cat (4 cats to be honest and I love them all so much!) and his name is JooniPurr! I was so awed and felt the immediate need to share with you that I like the name so much it was picked for him before he even came to live with us (I knew about him the day after he was born and he came home to us six weeks after❤) My Jooni is a pampered, very spoiled Mama's cat! I think he realizes how regal and refined the name JooniPurr makes him feel and he so lives it! He's as pretty as and smells as good as Juniper flowers and he's my babykins, I hope my sharing that I actually do have a now five and a half year old cat named JooniPurr puts a smile on your face, the spelling may be different, but the effect is the same, my Jooni Mooni Moon Man JooniPurr is special for a bunch of reasons, but I feel his name is unique in the cat world especially given that he's male, but I knew it before as I mentioned and JooniPurr is perfect! Enjoy your name and I hope one day you actually do get a cat and name him after yourself! Take care, be well and be blessed -- MarZi
PS If there was a way to show you my Jooni I would, but I don't see that option.
What an interesting name! :)
My name is Juniper and I am writing here to say all the awesome nicknames I am given : June Buggie, Juni, June, Horsey ( my fave animals), berry and Jupiter. I love this name because it is really original, has a good ring to it, I like that it means life, and if I could choose another word for this meaning it would be quirky.
I used to love this name for its off-beat, quirky nature, but now I hear it so often on the Opinions board that I have lost interest. It's become dull and everyday, and I never thought that would happen. Oh, well.
I like Juniper. I don't know why. It just has a certain ring to it. I don't think it would be an easy name to use right now. Maybe in 10-15 years. I feel that people are moving farther away from conventional names and more toward rare and/or abstract names.
It sounds different, but not crazy different. If I had a cat I would name it Juniper. However, I don't disagree with naming a baby Juniper because I don't think it's as bad as some may think. That would be neat if someone did name their baby Juniper.
I dislike it. It sounds too nature-y, like the name of a hippie. It's not as bad as other tree names, like Willow or Myrtle, but it's still very heavy sounding. Why not go for the much prettier Ginevra, which means "Juniper"?
Honestly, I don't understand this love for names like Juniper. I think it's one of the worst names out there and I cringe for the poor little girls who are named this and have to go to school with peer who WILL tease them. I'm not saying parents have to choose common or trendy names, but seriously, Juniper? How about Jupiter? Is that a name too?
Saint Juniper (male), called "the renowned jester of the Lord," was one of the original followers of Saint Francis of Assisi.
I, personally, LOVE this name! It sounds spunky and fiesty yet sweet at the same time. And for all of those who hate this name, well, at least it's better than the similar way too common and bland name Jennifer.
Juniper = Jew-Nipper

You must be real gutsy to name a child that.
Funny? Humorous? Pretty? I think not.
You'd have to be a bit of a nut to think that. Is English your second language? I only ask because if you were to say Juniper properly, "jew nipper" wouldn't come into it.

Also, is there something wrong with Jewish people?
No, Anonymous Poster-- English is my first language, I assure you. "Cyril" has basically the same veins in it which would make me think "Cereal."
June-ipper... Jun-ipper... Jewn-ipper... Jew-nipper. Does that make sense, slightly?

And as far as your comment goes for me "thinking that there is something wrong with Jews"... please do not say such a thing. I adore my Jewish friends, and the culture, too much to be so spiteful (over any ethnicity). I was simply pointing out the "Jew-Nipper" aspect, meaning that people may hear it that way. "Nipper" not equaling anything good, of course.
Juniper is very pretty. It sounds mystic and it reminds me of some kind of mint for some reason.
Sounds like a rainbow-snorting hippie name to me. Some parents sure don't want to live down the good-ol'-dayz. Juniper basically ranks up with the names Moonshine, Spring, Moon-Unit, Cucumber, Peach, Daffodil, Sparkle, Skye, Piper, Lyric, Meadow, Breeze, Thyme, Robin, Flint, Bracken, Storm, Starlight, Moonbeam, Blossom, Fern, Canyon, Windsong, Harper... the lists of gut-wrenching names goes on.

I have heard of two people in real life with Juniper as a name. Juniper Sunshine and Bailey Juniper. Yuck.
I do not get the nature trend that has seemingly swept the nation.
St Juniper would probably engage you in some comedic standoff for suggesting he was a hippie, anonymous.
Names that originate in nature are not merely "hippie" names, and are just as legitimate as any name in the bible. I imagine, especially as a follower of a Nature based religion myself, nature-based names are given to children for the same reason a Catholic parent might name their children after a Saint, which might be respect.
Jennifer and Juniper would be cute for twins :)
A very unusual, very cool name! And if you named your kid this and they didn't like it you could call them June or Juni as a nickname! :)
I'm not completely sure about my feelings on this name. In some ways, it's pretty enough, but it also has a slightly harsh sound to it. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's because of a book I once read "The Juniper Game" where the title character had a rather hard exterior. However, I think this name would make a nicer middle name than a first name. I especially like it paired with the name "Cori."
Title character of a lovely book by Monica Furlong.
Sounds like something comical. Not to be taken seriously ever. Isn't it a chocolate bar of some sort?
Nice enough but I would expect a mother of a Juniper to be crunchy in the extreme. ;)
I can't quite put my finger on it, but I find Juniper an attractive name.
This name personally reminds me of a woman who's out of touch with reality, and more concerned with looking pretty than being intelligent or knowledgeable about anything. It even sounds horrid, but this is just my personal impression.
Juniper is a beautiful name, I first saw it in a comic long ago, and fell in love with it immediately. If I ever had a daughter, I would definitely consider this.
Juniper seems like a very sprightly name that's well-suited for a young child. With a nickname like June or Junie, I think Juniper can be an equally appropriate name into adulthood.
Juniper is quirky without being over the top. Beats snotty Genevieve and the very weighty Guinevere.
My name's Juniper! And as a nice sort of pun my really, really close friends and family call me June and I'm born June 13th. :D I rather like the name compared to more common ones.
This is such a pretty name, and it is a source of fairly nice nicknames as well. The name makes me picture a friendly, young, pretty girl who likes music, art, and nature, and doesn't bother much with fashion or make-up. However, the name is not too youthful. I'd love to use it as a middle name to Phaedra. Of course, if this becomes popular, the name will be horribly trivialized.
I find "bland" a very odd description. It's anything but. "Bland" would be a fitting description for the similar sounding Jennifer. I would like to use Juniper as either a first name or middle name for another girl.

"The given name is either in reference to the English common name for the Juniper tree or berry, or in reference to a derivation of the Welsh name Guinevere. Juniper has historically been used as both a boys and girls name. Juniper has never been on the top 1000 list of given names in the United States, but is an increasingly popular girls name likely due to the popularity of a wide assortment of well-known fictional works, including the cartoon series The Adventures of Juniper Lee, the movie Benny and Joon (where the Joon character was short for Juniper), and the novel Juniper, Gentian and Rosemary.

The Juniper tree's name is derived from the Latin word juniperus. In Latin, juniperus is combination of the word junio, which means young, and parere, to produce, hence youth producing, or evergreen.[1] The names Genefer, Jenefer and Jinifer (all old English variants for Juniper), [2] Geneva (French variant of genevrier), Geneviève (French variant), [3] Ginepro (Italian for Juniper), Ginevra (Italian variant form of Juniper), and Ginny are other names that also refer to the Juniper tree.

The Welsh name Guinevere is a variant spelling of Gwenhwyfar, which in Welsh is a combination of the word "gwen," which means white or fair and "hwyfar" which means a spirit or fairy. This is also the same origin for a name that is similar sounding to Juniper: Jennifer.

Because the Latin Juniperus family of names are the same or very similar sounding to the Welsh Guinevere family of names, it is very difficult to determine, for names that begin with gin-, jen-, or jun-, which family they ultimately originated with."

Juniper also reminds me of the gorgeous da Vinci portrait of Ginevra de' Benci.

The Juniper tree was also a symbol of female virtue.
Many cute nicknames, "June", "Joon", "Junebug", "Juno".
I wouldn't name a child this. Imagine all the people who would call her "Jupiter" by accident. It doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, either.
I don't like the name. It's so tacky and bland. It reminds me of a bimbo and I don't like the life and times of Juniper Lee either.
I remember I once read a book named Juniper. That was the name of the main character. Don't remember the author though.
I love this name - it's unique, looks good, flows easily, and is definitely fresh!
"The Life and Times of Juniper Lee" is a television show on the Cartoon Network about an 11 year old girl with magical powers who fights evil monsters.
I really like this name and it's very pretty! You should be proud if your name is Juniper! Also, Juniper Breeze is a scent from Bath and Body Works, which is a lotion store. It smells sooo good! Like fresh cotton! ;-)
I think this is a great name for a dog, but I can't imagine it on a person.
Much fresher and more original than other plant names, like Daisy or Rose.
In the movie Benny and Joon, which stars Mary Stuart Masterson, Aidan Quinn, and Johnny Depp, Joon's full name is Juniper.

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