A good, strong name. Derived from the name Justus - of Latin meaning 'just'.
Justine, daughter of one of the twelve dancing princesses in Ever After High.
Justine is a beautiful name. Very sexy, strong, classy, and delicate as well. It’s timeless, and just never outdated. Count yourself lucky if you have the name Justine, it’s an awesome name.
Even though I like Pauline as much as Paulina, I can't say the same about Justine and Justina. There's something delicate about Justine that's missing in Justina, which sounds a bit severe to me, but both are good names. They evoke firmness and composure.
I love the name Justine. It's very strong, unique and beautiful.
(P.S. If this is your name, you have an awesome name. Keep going strong.)
I like it. Pristine and strong name.
I think it's pretty for girl. It's so cute, pretty and nice. :)
Second opinion. It's okay for a boy because it's another variant of Justin.
Justine Courtney (name given in English fanslation) is a judge and member of the P.I.C. in Ace Attorney Investigations 2.
I think this is a cute first or middle name. I’ve never met anyone with this name but I think Delaney Justine is a cute combination.
Pretty unisex name in the Philippines. I think it's a variant of Justin when being used by males -
I met someone named Justine a couple years ago, ever since then the name has been stuck in my head. I absolutely love this name and would definitely consider having it in my top 5 for any future female children of mine.
Criminally underused. Justine is strong and elegant.
Lovely. I. AM. OBSESSED. WITH. THIS. NAME. It is a wise name in my opinion. It also is a young adult's name to me. I love it.
Meh. Not my favorite but it’s okay.
Now my name is spelt very different. JUSTEAN and I’m 47 and I am Welsh British. I love it. I definitely love Justean.
But I admit I prefer this way. It’s like it’s a finished name. It actually came about when I was born and registered
This is how my dad spelt it. I do feel very individual as a Justean, but admit when I have met my fellow Justine’s there is a very spiritual connection. It’s like a twin would be.
My name is Justine, its about the only thing my parents got right, as I do like it. I'm sure I was named after Justine in the Thornbirds with Richard Chamberlain.
Justine is already a feminine form of Justin! So why would anyone want to give it to a boy?
Add Usage: Czech, Danish, NorwegianPronounced: YOO-sti-neh (Czech), yoos-DEH-nə (Danish)
This is my name, and I honestly love it. I just wish it was on gift shop souvenirs! As you get older most people grow out of calling you Justin anyway so there is really no problem with having a unique, fun name.
Justine is very cute, delicate and wholesome unlike the male counterpart Justin is rough and strong yet simple. I love both but the female counterpart Justine is better for me.
Some of y'all anonymous users are so rude. I like my unique name and I bet y'all hate your own boring names so that's why y'all stay anon. *side eyes* except for Sabella...
One meaning behind it is fairness :) It could also be linked to Justice as I was named after my star sign - Libra :) I love my name, I don't get the hate! I think it is underrated. It's annoying that so many people pronounce it Justin but that's their problem, not us who are named Justine or who name their children it :) I don't understand why some people find it boring etc, but it is personal preference I guess, but no need t be rude about it! I think it is pretty and femme-ish anyway and I like that it is not overused, so kind of unique. I just wish you could get it on key rings! Haha.
IJustine is a youtuber. That is where I know the name Justine from.
Justine Tanya Bateman is an American writer, producer, and actress. She is best known for her regular role as Mallory Keaton on the sitcom Family Ties. Until recently, Bateman ran a production and consulting company, SECTION 5. In the fall of 2012, she started studying computer science at UCLA.
Justine is really pretty. I knew someone with a daughter named Justin, but I think Justine or Justina are much classier, and more feminine.
Used in Greece as a variant transcription of Ioustini (Ιουστίνη).
A lot of French, Belgian, Canadian, Swiss and American (from New Orleans) girls have that name, it's very popular in French speaking countries. When I went to Quebec, I saw one girl with that name and I thought it was really pretty!
My name is Justine, and it's alright. It's not the best name but not the worst. One thing I do enjoy about my name is that I'm the only girl in school who has that name and it is an uncommon name. I do get irritated when people mispronounce my name. I've been called Justin numerous times but at the end of the day I love my name!
I love my name. But I'd change the spelling and may do it at some point in my life. Talked to my mom and she agrees. Justeen would be great. No way to confuse that with Justin.
My name is Justine. I don't think it sounds particularly pretty because of all the harsh consonants in it. I do like that it is an uncommon, but not too unusual name. I've been called Justin or Christine on occasion, but not enough to be irritated. My experience living with the name Justine has been a good one, but I think there are much more attractive names out there.
I know a very beautiful and talented girl with this name, and she would always tell me how she hated her name and wanted to change it. I don't see why in the world she would, but whatever!
The name Justine was given to 101 girls born in the US in 2015.
I like the name Justine. It isn't especially feminine, but it sounds nice.
It's great. It sounds beautiful.
I'm not trying to be rude, but this is not a name I like very much. Not because it sounds like Justin, which is fine but there is something about it I don't really like personally. But if you like the name, that's great :-)
The sexiest female name I can think of. Its so very sophisticated and feminine. I would love to have this as my name.
The name Justine was given to 134 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
This is my name and I love it! It is beautiful and classic, and yet also not very common. I have only met one other person with this name.
Justine Larbalestier is a wonderful Australian author.
I'm so sorry, but this name is just so hideous! It probably looks good in print, but in Braille, which is what I read, it is not attractive at all. It doesn't even sound good. Besides, my brother's name is Justin, and when he was little we used to tease him and call him Justina. I don't like this name or its variants.
This is my name, and I love it! It is very unique, and I have only met one other person named Justine. I think it is very pretty and, unlike many of the other commenters, I haven't had any problems with being called Justin.
Justine was the longtime girlfriend of Theodore "Theo" Huxtable on the American television series "The Cobsy Show".
A famous bearer of this name is Justine Bateman.
This is my name, and I'll have to say I've gotten nothing but positive comments about it. Its popularity peaked in the 1990s, when I was born- but I've only met one other person with my name. I didn't really like my name when I was younger, but I've sort of grown into it. I've realized that it doesn't look silly on a job application, but it isn't too formal either. I wouldn't change my name for any other name now. :)
I love the name Justine, and I would use it, but I find it hard not to think about the poor, innocent, young nanny from Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein", swinging from the gallows for a crime she didn't commit.
I'm pretty sure the French pronunciation is zhuy-STEEN. If it were zhoo-STEEN, the name would have to be spelt Joustine. [noted -ed]
You would have to be illiterate to mispronounce Justine- yeah, it's French, but the spelling follows English rules as well.
It's a lovely name.
Justine Ezarik (also known as iJustine) is a popular name bearer.
This is my middle name, and in my eyes, a beautiful name in general. Justine is just so elegant and graceful sounding. Again, a beautiful name!
This is my name and I love it. It is not so common or overused like a lot of names; very unique. I've always been called Justin since elementary school, but it doesn't bother me anymore, I respond to two names! :-)
I really like the name Justine. It's cute, won't ever be considered unfashionable, and is fairly uncommon. Justine sounds like a very royal and romantic name.
Justine Pasek, former Miss Universe from Panama, is a famous bearer.
Justine Waddell is a British actress originally from South Africa. She played the main female role in "Tess of the D'Urbervilles," "Wives and Daughters," and "The Mystery of Natalie Wood."
I used to know this really really nice girl named Justine. She was cool, and she would always tell me about how people mispronounced her name. Personally, I didn't understand why, but hey!
This is my name and I wouldn't change it for the world! It is unique and original! I haven't met that many other people called Justine. For me, it is a beautiful name!
Well I do sometimes get called Justin which rather annoys me as I am not a guy. It's also somewhat amusing listening to people from other countries say my name for the first time! I get so many varieties! The French pronunciation is my favourite and Italian and Spanish battle it out for a close second and third!
This name is not boring. It is a very pretty name and it isn't overused which is nice.
I'm so sorry, but this is such a boring name. I knew a beautiful little girl named Justine. I couldn't figure out why her parents would name her this. It's nice a middle name though. But as a first name? I mean, you could name your kid something so much more.
Justine is a character in the film, The Good Girl. She is played by Jennifer Aniston.
"Justine" was one-fourth of the Alexandria Quartet, written by Alexandre Dumas. More imfamously, it's the title of a novel written by the Marquis de Sade in 1791 during his imprisonment in the Bastille. "Justine" and its companion work "Juliette" are the 'misfortunes of virtue' of two sisters. Contains fetishism, incest, and other poorly written drivel.
Justine has been in use since the 1880's very sporadically but used the most in the 1990's.
Justine Henin-Hardenne is a Belgian tennis player.
This my name, and I identify with the person who changed their name to Justeen. I have been called Justin more times than I can count. And so has another girl in my class by the same name. I love my name, I just hate being called Justin. Consider that if you plan on using this name.
But, it's such a pretty name! Sorry, you get called Justin.
My cousin's name is Justine, it's a terrible name.
Justine Frischmann is a British singer and guitarist best known as the lead singer of Britpop band Elastica.
Actress Justine Bateman played the part of Mallory Keaton on the 1980's sitcom Family Ties.
I knew this girl named Justine in middle school. She hated her name so much she changed the spelling to Justeen. (so people would stop calling her Justin) I did like the name though.

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