Good feminine alternative of Kai.
Kaia is a very beautiful name for a girl. I've met girls with the spelling Kaya and I like that as well. I can't decide which spelling I like better. Some combinations I like are Kaia Vivian, Kaia Jade, Kaia Jaye (ninjago, I know...), Kaia Marie.
Why do people keep on writing that they prefer Kiara? The names have nothing to do with each other and don't even sound very similar.
Kaja (pronounced the same as Kaia) is an old Skandinavian short form for Katarina. It is also the Polish form of Gaia and an Estonian name meaning "echo". It's not a modern name. Kaia is just the way it is spelled in English speaking countries because unlike in Scandinavia and many other countries the J is not pronounced like an I in English speaking countries. So it is not just "a less common Maya".
It's just OK. Feels like an attempt to create a less common Maya. Meh.
I prefer it to Kiara. It's a nice name.
Cute, but I agree that Kiara is much prettier!
I prefer Kiara also, although they are both really pretty!
It's fine. A little pretty, but something about it turns me off. I don't even know what it is.
Gorgeous, although I prefer Kiara as well. So pretty!
I thought Kaia originally was a female version of Kai. Imagine my shock when learning it's just another version of my name. So to get straight to the point I just imagine someone really chill, like a beach babe type. I love the combination Kaia June, it makes me think of a beautiful and relaxing scene. I love it! It's my number 2 girl's name.
Cute, although I prefer Kiara as well which is stunning.
Pretty, although I prefer Kiara. They are both beautiful names!
Kaia Kanepi, Estonian tennis player.
Love this name! More mature and unique than Kayla. I love the sound of it!
Its okay. Better than Kayla.
It means well refined and intellectual.
This name has wormed its way into my top 3 and I love it right now. If I were to have a girl, it would be Kaia, and if a boy, I would use Kai :)
I loved the name Kaia so much that I gave it to my daughter 16 years ago. I heard it from a Hawaiian friend and pronounced it as Kai-ya.
Tacky, but this and Kaya are the most acceptable spellings. Kya, Khya, Kayah, etc are just horrible...
My husband came up with the spelling Khya for our daughter "Khya Paige".
Kaia is also a Hawaiian name that means 'the sea'.
This name is cute for a little girl, but doesn't grow up well. I have a hard time imagining a 45 year old woman named Kaia without laughing.
My name is Kaia and to the above anonymous person, I can't see hitting 45 and having my name being a problem at all! I struggle to think of a time when I've told people my name and haven't been complemented on it. I'm 28 and find having an unusual name has been nothing but an advantage in my life. It's an excellent conversation starter!
Kaia is a name from a lot of cultures (usually variants like Kaya or Kai). It means "The sea" (Norwegian and Hawaiian [Kai]), "A restful place", "Forgiveness", "Home" (or earth, in reference to it's possible link to Gaia) or "wise child" and "one with a beautiful profile"
It is linked with Japanese, Zulu, Hopi and Hindi, but I'm not sure which meanings go with each culture.

I've been in love with this name for years because of it's sound and meanings.
Short and sweet. Love this name, especially, the spelling!
Kaia is the daughter of American supermodel Cindy Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber.
I really don't like this name at all. The sound of it seem clunky. This spelling is pretty, but all others (especially when they incorporate a y) seem a bit tacky to me. It's gaining momentum in popularity as well, so I imagine in a few years it's going to become pretty overused.
Kai'a also is Hawaiian and means the fish.
I am from Norway and Kaia actually means "dock" in Norwegian (just Google "på Kaia" which means on dock and look at the images) so I'll always associate the name with that but for non Norwegian speaking people this is a nice name. :)
I love the name Kaia! Though, I myself personally prefer Kyah. One of my best friends is Kyah Noelle-and I think it is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL combo. Its sweet, mature but not harsh, and is full of spunk and originality. My friend Kyah is the only Kyah I know or have heard of. I'm glad it's not too popular, because this is a name where some of its beauty is spawned from the pure originality.
This is my all-time favorite female name. Simple, beautiful, and not very common. I also love that it's derived from Katherine, one of my other favorite names.
Kaia is also an African name meaning "diamond in the sky".
Kaia doesn't mean "diamond in the sky". That's a made-up meaning, probably inspired by the Beatles' song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". I believe the true meaning of Kaia is the one listed on this site. Be aware that many baby name sites make up meanings that they think will appeal to parents.
Kaia also means Pure.
'Kaia' is a simple, but lovely name. It sounds like the name of a little girl who is cute and loves helping people!
This name is too pretty. I just love it.
This name has grown on me, it's actually quite pretty. I would spell it this way and pronounce it KY-a.
Actress Rosa Blasi (Strong Medicine) gave birth to a little girl named Kaia Jane. I personally LOVE this name.
Pronounced KY-a or KAY-a, I have seen the meaning being either Greek or Scandinavian meaning earth or Hawaiian meaning sea.
Cindy Crawford has a young daughter named Kaia Jordan.
I love the name Kaia, it´s so pretty. Kaia is my favourite spelling of the name, I don´t like Kaja and Kaya that much and especially not Kya.
Kaia can also be an alternate form of the name 'Gaia,' which is most commonly known as Gaea, a Greek Titan.

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