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Pretty and vivacious name.
So beautiful.
Karina Ignatyan is a Russian-born Armenian singer who represented her home country at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Gliwice-Silesia with the song "Colours of Your Dream".
Also used in Spanish, but it's considered a variant of Carina (1).There are 2.813 bearers of this name in Spain (source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística).However, this name is much more common in Latin America, especially in Mexico ( [noted -ed]
Reminds me of carrots.
Very dated!
Karina is also Czech, Hungarian, and Lithuanian. The name day for Karina in the Czech Republic is January 2. The name day for Karina in Hungary is March 24. The name day for Karina in Lithuania is November 7.
This is a beautiful name, and I don't care who thinks otherwise.
Also used in Hungarian:
This name is, however, also considered the Hungarian form of Carina (1).
Karina reminds me of falling snow and icy and snow covered pine trees. I love this name, and I think it's beautiful. It has a cold wintry feel, but also a warm, tender, and soft feel to it. This name is good in any situation, and works with a lot of different personalities.
Also used in Slovene:
Also used in Estonia:
THIS name can also be used as a VARIANT of CARINA(1).
Sounds pretty, but I'd spell it Karyna or Kyrina.
Also Slovak: --- offer sources
You'll find numerous sources on social media.
Also Czech:
Karina Kurzawa is a youtuber.
Also used in Latvia: [noted -ed]
Also a variant of Carina.
Another variant I've heard of Kharina.
My mother named me. She is Peruvian, her father Italian. The meaning I have always known is Latin meaning “precious/darling/beautiful little one”. My father's heritage is German-Swiss. I always am confused with the Mexican name Corina since it is most common being in a border state. I am blonde & hazel eyes and fair skinned. I have traits of both my parents. Also often asked if I am Russian or German which is definitely applicable. Italians see it as Italian mostly.
I can’t expect that everyone would be educated enough with this name to know there is a difference in spelling as to origin- I accept that. However I do say ‘No, not like the Hurricane (Katrina)!”
When someone cares to know my name correctly, it is super great & says something to me about that person’s intelligence, that they are cultured, or they just show some class! If you pay attention, it is pronounced quite differently than Corina (with a long ‘o’); Katrina; Corin; Karen; Katrina. When people miss it I feel they just don’t care or are not educated.
Sorry, I do not mean to sound snooty. At least I do try to get everyone’s name right, if I don’t I stop to learn it. I like my name besides the confusion & I do my best to live up to it. I am grateful for my name. It’s quite different & endearing.
Also used in Greece, it is written Καρινα in Greek and pronunced "kah-REE-nah".
Karina can also reference to the Spanish pet name Cariño, meaning "sweet or affectionate", but more femininely. Mothers often use it to show affection to their child. "Mi Cariño."
It's pretty surprising that such a delicate and subtle name would be popular in Poland...
Also used in Hungary. Pronounced: KAW-ri-naw.
My name is Karina, I love my name. People call me "Kary" or "Karushi" and I think my name describes me.
My 18 year old is named Karina, and since she's a A Legend of Zelda fan, she sometimes would call herself Ocarina of Time. :)
My name is Karina and when I was little I always hated it just for the reason that people would take it upon themselves and add a "T" in the middle of Karina and call me Hurricane Katrina.. It sucked but I got over it. I also never liked my name because it was always brash and hard with the K. Now that I'm older I truly do enjoy my name now, I still think the K is brash, but that is only when my name is said in English. In English Karina is pronounce KAH-REE-NAH but in Spanish is comes off the tongue much smoother. In Spanish it is pronounced CAH-RRE-NAH. (it's hard showing how to pronounce in Spanish, lol) (the double "R" in the Spanish pronunciation was intended to show the rolling of the R)
Karina is a really beautiful & gorgeous girl name. I like this name much more than the name Katrina.
A Russian-Australian friend has a daughter named this. It's very pretty, reminding me of an ice skater with long dark hair piled back in a fancy bun and wearing a peacock blue outfit, for some reason. I also like it spelled Carina but to me this lacks the cool wintry feel of the K version and sounds at bit like a make of Toyota car.
Karina is not just a variant of Katherine. Karina is a Scandanavian name meaning "little one".
As a child I really hated this name, since another girl in my class had it. Now, it's really grown on me and I love it. It's pretty common where I live, but still really nice sounding.
I like this name, it's different :) I also like Karinu.
This name's really beautiful. I like Carina and Serena also. These names are so feminine and so lovely in meaning and sound.
The German pronunciation is kah-REE-nah. [noted -ed]
The name Karina is a variation of the name Carina, which comes from the latin word "carrus" - love. In other words, Karina means "being loved".
This is my baby girl's middle name. When we gave her the name it was our thought that she would be named after my mother, and a woman who is a mentor to my husband and I. WE took the KA from my mothers name Kaye, and the RINA from our friends name Corina. At the time we named her we read that Karina meant pure.
I like the fact that it could mean 'pretty', 'beloved' or 'dear'!
As posted before the use of the name KARINA is well established in India. Does anyone know what Karina means in Sanskrit?
The name Karina is as well related to the Persian world and has roots in the most ancient culture of Chaldea. In the Persian-Chaldeic tradition it used to be the name for the unseen woman and became later the name Lilith in the Jewish world. The Jewish tradition derived a lot of knowledge from Chaldea as Abraham the "founder or first father" was a Chaldean. According to myth Lilith is the first wife of Adam and departed from Adam when he fell from the tree of life to this earthly paradise she refused to go with him and hid in the Red Sea. It is said that she would know the name of God which means she remembers God, whilst everyone being to deeply absorbed in timely issues would forget God. And with this forget the true power of the Soul and of Love. Yet she will keep reminding Adam of his heritage. Even if it means through pain. In the Jewish tradition she was later misunderstood as a demon. In the old tradition she stood for the unseen wife, the "first wife" or the soul. She is the one which will always ask for the eternal truth --- never be satisfied with timely gifts only if it is a gift of the heart and won by courage and truth to God.
I didn't know this name's origin was European. Every girl I know who has this name is Hispanic.
A very popular name in Latin American countries. I always thought that the name comes from "cariños" or "cariñosa".
Karina Kapoor is a famous Indian Bollywood actress, as is her sister, Karishma Kapoor.
Melina Kanakaredes & Peter Constantinades welcomed to the world second daughter, Karina Constantinades, born 25 January 2003 in Los Angeles.
Mario's partner on Dancing With the Stars.
I've always heard that this name {my name} is Latin/Italian, not Polish as it says here. It comes from the Italian adjective carina/carino meaning 'sweet', 'nice', 'pretty', etc, or the Latin word 'caro' - dear.
Karina sounds like a beautiful Russian model to me. I also have a friend named this.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Karina here:
It is not true, that Karina is a pet form of Katarzyna. It is a full name. Karina and Katarzyna are different names, and pet forms of Katarzyna are Kasia, Kasiunia etc. [noted -ed]
I always thought this name was a variant of, or related to, names such as Corinna and Korina. I guess not, but they are pronounced almost the same. I wonder why Karina is so popular, whereas Korina/Corinna are almost never used.
A very pretty name--but it is very close to my last name, only two letters difference. I prefer this spelling to Corinna--this spelling is a little less flowery.
Beautiful. I adore this name, and it should be considered for every girl.
Such a radiant, lovely name! I also like it spelled Carina.
This name is also used in Russia.
I picture Karina as an exotic, striking woman with fair skin, black hair, and black eyes. I love the name.

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