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This name is so pretty and stylish. I really like it.
Paula Puddephatt  6/19/2017
Karlene is a very cute and unique name! I love it! ^_^
― Anonymous User  11/7/2014
This is the sort of name that grows on you. Karlene Bridges is the main character in the novel Spelldown, about the National Spelling Bee. She's a sassy, yet intelligent and thoughtful girl, and this name fits that sort of a person perfectly. I like it how Karly could be a nickname for it, so you have two options.
bunnyfunny  2/9/2009
I feel that my parents put a lot of thought into my name. It is different yet not completely uncommon. I love my name, and hope that someday one of my children or grandchildren will name their little girl Karlene Kay after me.
langan3571  11/13/2006
When my mother named me she thought she was making up the name from scratch. She liked the names Caroline and Karly and thought the combination would be unique. Although few others had the name as I grew up (although there was a Marlene in my grade school!) I didn't like that it was hard to spell, to remember, and stores carried pencils and the like with common names rather than mine. As I grew older, I understood the value of being unique and liked my name more.
karleneolesuk  1/18/2006

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