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Gender Feminine & Masculine
Usage Japanese
Scripts 襲, 重音, 香沙音, 香紗音, 花沙音, 花紗音(Japanese Kanji) かさね(Japanese Hiragana) カサネ(Japanese Katakana)
Pronounced Pron. [kä̀.sä́.né̞]  [key·simplify]

Meaning & History

This name can be used as 襲 (shuu, oso.u,, which refers the layers of clothing worn under one's overcoat, ultimately derived from the noun 重ね (kasane), the continuative or stem form of the verb 重ねる (kasaneru) meaning "to pile, add (layers), stack, heap" or "to repeat."

Combinations of kanji can also be made to form Kasane, like 重 (juu, chou, e, omo, omo.i, omo.ri, kasa.naru, kasa.neru) meaning "heap up, heavy, pile up" or, for a 3-kanji combination, 香 (kyou, kou, ka, kao.ri, meaning "incense, perfume, smell" or 花 (ka, ke, hana) meaning "flower" + 沙 (sa, sha, suna, yonageru) meaning "sand" or 紗 (sa, sha, usuginu) meaning "gauze, gossamer" with 音 (in, on, -non, oto, ne) meaning "noise, sound."
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