It's pretty, but I almost always prefer the full name (in this case, Katherine), and that Katie, Maggie, Abby, Lottie etc. remain as nicknames.
I have known someone with this name. She's very shy but super cute and very pretty, kindhearted, smart, sweet and just overall a good person and great friend to have when you want to talk about something really serious from my experience and surprise, she told me that she doesn’t like her name but wants to be called Kate/Kit instead of Katie which isn’t a bad thing, it’s her choice really but I like the name Katie it’s feminine and it has a purity to it too.
Katie Hopkins is a controversial British celebrity and far-right nutjob known for her vitriolic, bigoted comments.
Katie’s have the kindest and purest heart.
It's good as a nickname and also sounds sweeter than Kate in my opinion.
If you're called Katie (from my experience) you're most likely a really nice person. This name's cute, but not too cute. Perfect name!
Katie Leducky! #Olympics.
Also a diminutive of "Katherine" as well.
Katie Gardner is a daughter of Demeter in Percy Jackson.
I only like the -ie and when it’s spelled with a K. Katy and Catie and Cathy aren’t as good. There aren’t really many good nicknames for Katie, but I know someone who goes by “Kate” or “Kates” which both work pretty well.
This name is cute! I know a lot of Katie’s so I’ve seen it spelled various ways like Caiti, Katy, or Catie but this is the most popular spelling.
Too cutesy with the -ie. I like Katy better.
Better than Kate.
I really like my name. I am in school, so it suits me perfectly. I saw someone say they hate being called Kate, and so do I. My real name is Katherine, but I have been called Katie since I was a baby.
Really, just, I don't know even what to say about this name. Just, well. Just boring! Really boring name.
I really like my name and I don't know how other Katies feel but I HATE being called Kate. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.
I used to like it when I didn't know how many people had this name. Now it's WAYY too popular for me. I strongly dislike common names. The name itself may be nice, but the popularity of it just ruins the charm for me.
Props to my favorite gremlin pidgeon tech girl Katie Holt.
Originally from Hesston, Kansas, Katie Sowers is an assistant football coach who has been coaching the San Francisco 49ers since 2017.
Katie is my dead name! It is way too feminine for me! The name Kia works much better for me.
Katie sounds very harsh and childish compared to Kate. I guess it's tolerable if it's short for Katelyn, though.
My mom is named Kate. I like the name Katie but I feel like it is better as a nickname for Kate, so that while the person is young people can call them Katie, but then they can use Kate when they get older and want to sound more serious. Also, to the person that called Katie a "stereotypical Irish name," my mom just happens to be Irish, so it fits!
Sounds a little too harsh, compared to the much softer Kate.
I think Katie is a beautiful name. Every Katie I know is so nice and cool and funny I totally recommend.
It's alright. I prefer it as a nickname for Caitlin/Kaitlyn.
We were planning to name our child a name starting with K. Kylie? Possibly.. Katherine... we thought. Slightly more boring than... Katelyn? YES! But nicknames? That was a little difficult to decide. At Katelyn’s birth we decided Katie. We thought it was cute. Turns out it didn’t suit her well. Sounded a bit artificial and not natural. Annoying to pronounce. When she was one, we thought Kate would work better. Kate was natural, decently smooth and refined. It was also pretty and seemed great during her young adult years instead of Katie. Now, she is 13 and she is extremely overwhelmed in a happy way that Katie wasn’t her name. Katelyn also sounded simple.

Katie and Kate & Katherine and Katelyn are great names, but Kate gave a better approach to us personally.
Katie Grace Bates is the daughter of Gil and Kelly Jo of the TV series “Bringing Up Bates”.
Katie is a character on the TV show Total Drama Island. She is the "sweet girl". Her voice actor is Stephanie Anne Mills.
Katie is an overused, stereotypically Irish white trash name. I can't count the number of girls I've met with this name. The point of a name is to identify you, how am I supposed to find my friend in a crowd if I yell, "Katie!" and every girl within my vicinity turns around. No, spelling her name "Katy" doesn't make it classy, it still sounds childish. Giving her the full name "Katelyyynnn" doesn't make it unique either. I can always tell if a girl's parents conceived her in the back of a pickup truck in camo lingerie if she has some variant of this godawful name. It screams trailer park!
My name is Katie, I’m okay with it and I have the best name in my family, but there are other names I’d like to have as my name instead, but I think my name is cool, and if people decide to hate in the comments they can go somewhere else because this is a site for positivity.
Katie is such a popular standard girl’s name. I still think it’s lovely and elegant. It’s cute as a nickname for Kathryn or Katelyn, or as a legal first name. But I don’t see any masculine usage behind this name! Katie is equivalent to Zoe and Sophia. Female names with feminine usage only. Elizabeth, however, was given to a lot of guys in the 1900’s :(
In 2018, 24 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Katie who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 281st most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
This name is beautiful! So sweet, cute, awesome, and reminds me of a hardworking and awesome girl! My best friend's name is Katie and she is amazing!
I think Katie is a great name and if you're going to hate, go do it somewhere else because this comment section is for positivity. I think it is an adorable, modern, special, beautiful, Italian, independent, amazing, strong, hardworking, sweet, lovely name. And if you have this name you are a very lucky person. If you don't, your name is beautiful too, don't let anybody tell you different.
Super cute!
Katie is an adorable name.
It is a bad name.
Katie Price, previously known by the pseudonym Jordan, is an English television personality and glamour model. Her time as a topless female glamour model in a pictorial Page 3 in British tabloid newspaper The Sun shot Price into the limelight. Her placement in the public spotlight allowed Price to expand into a variety of different industries including television, books, fashion and music.
Too common, still sounds cute though.
Katie is my best friend's name, plus it has a lot of popularity. So I like this name! :p.
I love my name, Katie.
Stupid name that reminds me of two annoying celebs like Katy Perry and Katie Holmes.
I think the first name Katie is so cute and sweet. Some nicknames could be Kat, Kate or Kae. I think those nicknames are adorable as well. I like the combo Katie-Joy, I think it's great. Just Katie.
I've studied name psychology and a very long time ago studies were done to prove that a person's name effects their personality, identity, self-image etc. In my case, I feel this may be true.

My name is Katie, not short for anything. The comments I just read whether positive or negative toward the name are pretty spot one. I agree it makes me feel more like a child and less taken seriously because it is a cutesy, bubbly, sweet sounding name. I am am 28 now. I have been perceived as ditsy, shy, sweet, naive. Quiet, fun, modest, humble, highly sensitive, creative, and other traits similar.

My sister's name is Corinne. The name always sounded very large, masculine and strong to me and that is exactly how she acts and is perceived by other people. I'd rather have my name and be seen as a bubbly, innocent, sweet girl than a masculine, overbearing, big woman.

I wish I had a more unique name but I do like my name now. I am always being called cute and that doesn't bother me at all.
I think Katie is a really cool name. Katie is a very feminine and pretty name, and it makes me think of a woman in her early 20s who is very beautiful inside and out.

I would name a daughter Katherine (my favourite girl name!) and call her Kate or Katie for short, but I think naming a daughter Katie by itself would still work because Katie can fit an adult.

The Katy spelling, on the other hand, makes me think too much of Katy Perry.
I think Katie is a really nice name. I love my name Katie. I really like that it's popular in Ireland but Katie is a beautiful name. I like it and it's better than most modern names today.
This is just another name like Emily... It is overused (Along with its several variations). I know way too many Katie's, Katey's, etc.
I think Katie is a beautiful name. My twin is called it and she is very pretty and clever and sporty! She spells it like Katie, but sometimes I know someone who just spells their name KT just for short and someone called Katy.
Katy Perry is a famous bearer, though is spelled a little differently. My name is Katie, with the original spelling, and I think it's a beautiful, fun-loving name. I've never been criticized for my name, but one thing that annoys me most about being named Katie is when people assume it's a nickname when it's not.
Rock on, Katie's! This is a fantastic name and it fits my personality. I am proud to claim this name my own!
Katie is my name and I've never met anyone with the same name as me, I think it represents a sweet, good natured person.
I've changed my opinion of this name. I think Katie is a cute and pretty name. It's really not that bad. The one thing that bugs me is that a lot of people here in the UK don't pronounce the "t" making the name sound like "Kay-ee". Urghh!
Katie is my name! Can anyone imagine a grandma called Katie? I can't, in fact I am a nurse for the elderly and haven't come across a Katie as yet and have been doing my job 15 years! ☺️.
I hate the name Katie. It sounds so immature.
Coming from Ireland, this name is quite common but still I LOVE it. I've known a lot of Katie's and each and every one of them has been a fantastic person... probably why I love the name so much. Each Katie has been different, from wild and lively to quiet and serious, yet the name has always suited them! A strong, fun and feminine name... LOVE IT!
My name is Katie, I'm 13 and it's a very beautiful name, it gives me confidence, knowing my name is a different name. Yes it may be a strange name, but it lets a girl know that she's special and not like every other girl. In Greek the meaning of Katie is "Pure" My middle name is Grace so my full name is "Pure Grace" it gives it a good meaning. My friend's name is Katie Faith so her name means "Pure Faith" and she's 30 and loves her name as do i.
My name is Katie and I really like it. I think it sounds and looks pretty. My actual name is Katherine. And my middle name is Jane which I think sounds good with both Katherine and Katie.
Katie was the name of Barbra Streisand's character in The Way We Were (1973).
My name is Katie and I personally like it and I've never known anyone in person that is named Katie.
Katherine Mari "Katie" Stevens is an American actress and singer. She currently portrays Karma Ashcroft on the MTV television series "Faking It."
This is the English name I use to introduce myself in informal situations. I use Kate in more formal situations like work, though. It's common, but so is my real name, Katerina (at least among Greeks), and unlike other people, I don't care about a name's "commonness". If I like a name, I like a name, and I will use it. Katie has a youthful cheeriness to it that made me pick it as my primary English name at 19 after experimenting with other nicknames like Kiki and Kitty. As a diminutive for Katherine (or Katerina) it's great. As an actual name, it's just lacking something, probably length.
Katie is a popular name in Ireland and the UK in it's own right (not just as a nickname for Katherine).

I think it's a pretty name - feminine and youthful.
Sounds like a bogan name. Yuck.
It's a nickname, not a real name.
My first name is Kate and people often call me Katie when I tell them that my name is Kate, which is a bit annoying. I mean, I don't mind Katie as it is nice that people call me that as a nickname, but I would prefer if people called me by my actual name Kate, as it is more mature sounding and I like it better than Katie.
Katie McGrath is an Irish actress who played Morgana in the TV series Merlin.
I'm a Katherine and have gone by Katie all my life. I think it's a very classic, wholesome name, yet also strong and youthful. I've never liked when people pronounce it as "Kay-DEE" because I think that dropping the T replaces the delicate, sweet, feminine qualities the name possesses with this heavy-sounding hardness.

Although most people would probably prefer using it as a nickname, I think it could be a great given name as well. 'Katie' also has a sort of elegance to it that (I believe) makes it appropriate for girls to carry on going by it when they're adults, which is what I plan to do.

Overall, it's a lovely name that's stood the test of time, and its humble old-fashionedness is what makes it so much better than other way-too-common names such as 'Madison' or 'Britney.'
This name can also be spelled Kadee.
I know someone who goes by Katie-Bug. As a kid, she spelled it as, "Katie-Buk."
While growing up I was the only "just" Katie that I knew. I hated not being a Jessica, Jennifer, or Kimberly. Now that I am older I love my name, and since I've married I believe it's become even more beautiful. Katie Raye Rose has a nice ring to it, don't you think?
The name Katie can also be used as a nickname for Katrina.
This name always reminds me of girls with black hair, for some reason. Probably because of KT Tunstall, Katy Perry, Katie Melua, etc.
Even though Katie is a very popular name and is thought to be boring, I love this name. It is simple but you can still love it and it is very repectable. I would call my daughter this. It also fits in well with almost any other name, so you could use it for a middle name or you wouldn't have trouble finding a middle name, although I wouldn't go for something like "Katie Isabel", or "Katie Sarah" because those names are just too common. I would go for something like "Katie Louisa" or "Katie Noelle", but that's just my opinion. All in all I think it is a lovely name.
I really like having the name Katie because it is a respectable name, traditional but not too old-sounding. I wish it was less common, but I still like having it as my name. I feel like my name is still somewhat unique because my full name is Mary Katherine, so Katie is short for my middle name.
Katie Cassidy (born Katherine Evelyn Anita Cassidy) is an American actress. She is the daughter of famous actor/singer David Cassidy.
I think Katie is a pretty and feminine name. In my opinion Katie's are the nicest people you can meet, that's the impression I have of all the Katie's I've met anyway, including myself ;)
Katie is cute, but only as a nickname.
It's my name and I think it's a really cool name! It's pretty and elegant at the same time. It works well with all middle-names. It's likeably-popular without being insanely-common.
Katie is ridiculously common. As a Katherine who prefers to be called Katie, the sheer abundance of Katies in the world means I have to suffer through mix-ups and usage of my last name, which is also one of the top 5 most common last names in my home country.

I do like the name's versatility and meaning however, as I can call myself Kate or Katherine as I grow older.
I agree that Katie is better as nickname than a proper name. It sounds a bit artificial.
Katie is my sister's name, short for Katherine. I think it's a very pretty classy name, but it is very very common. I've probably met 50 Katies in my life. It's so common! My sister says she gets really annoyed by how common it is.
This is my name. You wouldn't believe how many times it gets misspelled, and in how many different ways. Really, America?
I think it's a very cute nickname, but do NOT use it as a full name. It's too youthful.
Katie Murphy is a guitarist in the all girl band, Sick of Sarah.
My nickname is Katie, short for Katerina. I'm biased, but I like Katie as a nickname. As a full name, it's clearly lacking and a bit déclassé in my opinion to give a nickname as a full name. It's girly enough that it works for little girls, but it isn't so cutesy that an older woman would be embarrassed to use it. Definitely something to consider.
I like this name so much because I adore a famous Greek actress "Katie Finou".
To me, it's fine as a nickname, but I don't like it as a stand-alone name. Katie is a very childlike, youthful name.
My name is Katie and I absolutely love having this name. Sometimes people call me Kate and I like that as well. It is quite a popular name, but if I have to have a popular name, Katie is a million times better than some of the other very popular ones.
Katie is a bit over-used, but for a young person it sounds so sweet and Bubbly! I like it.
My birth name is Katherine, but I have always gone by Katie since the day I was born. When I was younger I was a little bored by my name, but now I love it and wouldn't change it to anything else. I also sometimes spell it KT. I hate when people misspell my name as Kaite, because that spelling doesn't make sense really. Also, although I know a couple other Katie's, I do not know enough to consider this name too common.
One of my close friends goes by Katie. Her real name is Kathleen, but she is called Katie just about exclusively. I think it bothers her that so many people have her name. When I think about it, I realize that I know a lot of Katie's, but if someone said the name Katie to me, I would immediately think of my good friend, unless they differentiated. I adore her name, and think it suits her very well. It's so cute! I know it's common, but I would still consider it for a child of mine one day.
Cute, but too common.
Canadian actress Katie Stuart (whole name is Katherine Anne)
American actress Katie Stuart (whole name is Kathryn Elizabeth)
To the above poster who said Katie wasn't unique, since when did all names have to be kreaytyv and oonike? Does that mean that you won't use names like Emma and Amanda, but will use names like Narcissa, Belatrix, Unique and Uranus? You'd get teased more with them. Katie is a lovely name.
My name is Katie. I asked my mom why she named me Katie and she said because it's simple and easy to pronounce, and life is hard enough without having a name you can't spell or pronounce. I don't like that it is so common, and I wish people would go by their real first name. I have come to like my name and I think it is unique in it's own way. Plus you can't really help what you were named, so just learn to appreciate it.
Star Wars creator George Lucas has a daughter named Katie Lucas.
My original name was Katie and I didn't like it because everyone thought that my real name it Katelyn or Kathryn. And all of the Katlyns and Cathryn's I know like to go by Katie. So I changed my name to Kittie because it is a very rare name and spelling.
A friend of mine's name is Katie and whenever she's writing her name she spells it K.T, I think it looks kinda cool.
One famous bearer is Katie Bell. She plays as a chaser on the Gryffindor quidditch team in J. K. Rowling's famous Harry Potter series.
Far too common.
Katie is a nice sweet name, and it could be fancy if you wanted it to. Katie Holmes a actress bares this name. I like it much better than Kate, Kate is the second stupidest name of all time, but I love the name Katie.
My given name is Katie, and although it is used a lot as a given name and a nickname, (I was one of three Katies in my 8th grade class), I still like it. And my middle name is Dakota, so I'm 'Pure Friend' and I like that a lot. Also, my initials are K. D. so it's like my real name. (My parents didn't plan either though and I personally don't care if people say my name with a 'd' sound or a 't' sound).
My name is Kaitlyn but I go by Katie. I love this name. I am 13 and I don't think this name is childish. I have a friend who is 21 and her name is Katie. She also loves her name. I think it is common in some places. I don't know but maybe 2 Katie's besides myself.
Katie Rowley Jones (sometimes called KRJ or Katie Rowley Powley Jones by fans) is the awesomeness British actress who played Nessarose in the London version of Wicked! Her contract ends in June 2008 - *sob*! I'm going to see it next year, but I wanted to see her! Apparently she's very excitable and amazingly nice! She sounds lovely, and she's got an awesomest voice!
Katie isn't a bad name, but I do prefer Kate and Katey. My problem with Katie is that it's SO common, and each Katie I know spells it the same way. We've got one Katherine, one Katharine, one Kathleen, two Kathryns, and one Katie in my school who ALL go by the same nickname. Not a single one is a Kathy or a Kate. Way too popular of a name!
Katies tend to be perfectionists and the most ambitious people ever. Every Katie I know is on student council and has really good grades. Unfortunately, all the Katies I've met are also the kind of people that are so nice to everyone that they come off really fake. Katie is not a name I would use, too popular for my taste. It also sounds a little shallow to me.
Pretty and elegant.
My name is Katie, shortened from Katherine, I'm glad I didn't get Kathy(sorry). I've always liked it but I do think it is very informal, which is fine for now while I'm young but when I get older I think it'd be weird.

I don't know that many Katies, I actually get excited when someone else had the same name as me, but if it's spelt differently I get weirded out because I feel that's not right haha.
Boring. Unremarkable. Overused.
My real name is Kathleen, but everyone calles me Katie. I don't really like the name Kathleen, so I am glad my nickname is Katie.
Katie Noonan, a fabulous Australian singer songwriter.
I think it is a beautiful and peaceful name!
To be honest, the name Katie is very childish, a bit boring, and way overused. I much prefer "Kate." Also, my cousin's name is Kaitlyn and she sometimes goes by "Kaite." I like that spelling better, just because it's different.
Katherine means 'pure' which is why Katie means 'pure'. Katie is 'ok,' but I think that Katerine Elizabeth, shortened to Katie Beth is really cute! That's my mom's fav, but not my style. I like names that are either hippie or classic.
I really like the name Katie and much prefer it to Kate. Would sound nice as a combo - Katie Rose.
My name is Katie and I am a red head and the meaning of the name suits me to a tee. I used to never like my name because I grew up in the 80's when there were about 13 Katie's in my grade but now it is less common and it makes me feel youthful. I have always been loyal to those who deserve it and love to help people. I am proud of my name and everyone I meet tells me that my name is beautiful.
A famous bearer of this name is Katie Cassidy, who is an actress and Jesse McCartney's girlfriend.
Katie is such a unique name because it’s old fashioned but it still sounds young, yet modern, which you usually don’t hear much. A name is either too old sounding, or too modern and overused, but not Katie. It’s such a nice name.
Katie is the best name in the WORLD. Not to mention it's the number one name in Ireland! Katie has got to be the cutest and sweetest name for a little girl ever.
My real name is Katie. I will admit, I like my name, after all I wouldn’t be me if my name wasn’t Katie!
I don't like this name, it sounds ditzy and childish.
Katie is such a great name for a girl. When I think of this name, I think of a bubbly, sweet, outgoing, funny, pretty girl who doesn't let anything in life put her down, she always has her head held high and keeps a smile on her face! Katie is someone who will always be spunky and a cutie no matter what age!
Katie and Orbie is an animated television series.
WAY overly used and not the least bit unique!
My name is Katie I used to hate it and think it was childish, now I love it! I kind of wish it weren't so popular, but I still think it's a great name.
My name's Kaydee (pronounced Katie). I've never met another Katie and I've never heard anyone spell it the way I do and I think my name is really boring.
Katie's my name. And the actual NAME Katie isn't all that popular. The NICKNAME Katie is much more popular. My name is Katie Lynn, by the way. I like that combination.
My little cousin is called Katie. I never really liked this name much before, but now I think it is a lovely name. It is very cute and I like it spelt both ways, but preferably with an "ie" at the end.
I have always loved the name Katie. This name was used a lot in the 1890's and in 1980 and 1990 the popularity of the name boomed again.
Katie is a very common name. I know A LOT of people with the name. Though it is very common, it is a very pretty name!
Every Katie I know is blonde, funny, cute, and sweet, so I definitely have nothing against it. It's definitely the most popular white girl name! :)
Katie is an okay name, but it is very, very, very popular. I must know 5 Katies. It's gotten a bit boring. No offense to any Katies, Katys, Kadies, Caidies, Caities, Caitis, Kaities, or any other variation of the name, out there.
Famous bearer: news anchor Katie Couric.
Katie or Katy is better than Kate because it's easier to say.
I think Katie is a very simple yet sweet nickname with a nice ring to it. (My name is Katya, which is the russian form of Katie). I love this name, but it's too casual to have as a full name instead of "Kathrine" or "Katelyn".
I like this name. I'm pretty sure it's Irish. And I hate it when people spell it with a y. Means pure, I think.
I have always loved the name Katie but I would make it a nickname for the name Kate or Kathleen so that when she grew up she could have a more mature name to use.
Catching Katie is the title of a book by Christian author Robin Lee Hatcher. It's a historical book about a girl named Katherine "Katie" Jones who believes in fighting for women's rights.
Katie comes from the Greek form of 'Katheros'.
My name is Katie and it is a little boring to me, but I found out it is a Celtic name.
P.S.-I am not a redhead.
A famous bearer of this name is the British musician Katie "KT" Tunstall.
The name Katie, although fairly common is a nice solid name to have, it is a name which doesn't go out of fashion and will always be loved by families.
I don't see how some people are putting this name down - a simple yet firm name for a pretty girl. How would you like your name to be put through a blender?! Anyways, "Katie" comes from the Greek root "Katherine" most times. My name is just Katie, but I've found that the meanings can be identical.
Katie: pure. a person who will do what she can for others; someone who charms all she meets; an original person; she belives in being firm, but kind; the answer to a prayer; an individual who is very divine; is well-informed and has an excellent memory; one of her goals is success in her work.

Most Katies I know have been redheads ♥
I've also been told that the name Katie originated in Wales - not Ireland.
My name is Katie and I think it is a very nice name. And I also dislike it when people say "Kadie" and not "Katie". I personally like Katie better than Kadie.
My name is Kadie, and I strongly disagree with anyone who doesn't like this name. It's not very common, which makes it even more romantic. The name "Katie/Kadie" is characteristic and simply put, beautiful.
Another famous bearer of the name is the actress Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise's lover.
In Gone with the Wind, Scarlett O'Hara's true first name is Katie. Scarlett is her middle name. I don't think Katie Scarlett sounds all that great, though.
Katie seems like everyone's nickname for Kaitlin. Most of the Kaitlins in my class in kindergarten were Katlins, and they were all Katies. Now we have a few Katilins, but one is spelled differently, with a C. From my experience, Katie means Loyal, trustworthy, nice, kind, forgiving, and bold. There is much meaning in that name, and it is one of my favorites.
This is also the name of the girl who'll play Harry Potter's love interest as Cho Chang: Katie Leung. I think she'll be a good actress!
Girly, creative and loyal.
A famous bearer is Britsh musican Katie Melua, born Ketevan Natasha Melua in Tblisi, Georgia.
Well my name is Katie and I like my name but I hate it when people drop the T when pronouncing it. I agree that Katie is a better name than the popular modern names that are about today. Katie is as popular today as it was a pet form name 100 years ago.
I think it is English but Katie is more popular in Ireland than England.
Katie means 'pure'.
I'm pretty sure that Katie is Irish and not English.
Katie is a beautiful name. Very pretty and girly unlike some of the modern names you get today.
I think this is a very pretty name. It's also nice spelt as 'Katy'. There is a book series by Susan Coolidge called 'What Katy did' and 'What Katy did next'. It's a pun on the insect the katydid, which supposedly sing, and when they sing it sounds a bit like "what katy did, what katy didn't".
How can I put this nicely? Katie is not the name that I would choose.
Well, I do not agree. I think Katie is a great name--it means "pure". My name is Joy, so I have always been "Pure Joy!" It may not be the most fantastic name in the world, but every name has something good about it.

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