You all don't need to talk about this name. It's a unique name and second of all we can't choose our name so why complain about how bad it is? It's not even that trashy and it's not misspelled, it's like that for a reason!
LunarWharf  9/8/2020
My name is Katlyn and I didn't realize that like no one really uses it.
LunarWharf  9/8/2020
It’s not trendy, and it’s definitely not a spelling due to lack of education. My parents are both medical doctors and named me Katlyn. It’s a traditional Irish spelling, which is part of my ancestry. I like the spelling of my name. It puts a unique, Irish spin on a name that became overly used shortly after I was born in 92. Ps this Katlyn just graduated law school so I have, in fact, graduated first grade.
Ktmillig  7/7/2020
Pretty weird.
nylonpanda  12/19/2019
Looks incomplete.
Luvbug86  6/21/2018
This name is pronounced KAYT-lin. [noted -ed]
danielle170  1/11/2018
Obviously no one has passed the 1st grade because there is NO "e" in the spelling! If you are smart and are pronouncing it correctly its Kat-Lynn.
Allykat16  2/7/2015
Without a Y or an I somewhere in the first 3 letters, I strongly assumed it was pronounced as Kat-lin instead of kayt-lin

Spell the name Kate or Kait to avoid any confusion lol! PR even Kaete or any way it's easy to tell its Kate and not Kat.
― Anonymous User  10/20/2014
This is my name, and it is pronounced KATE-lyn. It seems to be that anytime a person is reading my name from paper as they are saying it, like the first day of school, a doctor's office, etc.. almost always say KAT-lyn. It's annoying, but not much I or anyone else that shares the name can do about it.

From what my Mother told me, She has never heard the name before (this was in 1988) and really liked it. But she wasn't sure how to spell it, so she pretty much just winged it.
I don't really use my full name unless I have to sign something, so 99% of the time its just Katie for me.
Which is odd considering that there is no I in my name, but whatev.
I don't want to change the spelling to Katy, because it just reminds me too much of Katy Perry, and well... I would rather just be called Katlyn then, lolol!

Also, I have never, EVER, heard, or read, people thinking that this spelling is trashy..
And really, I don't think that is fair to say. I did not get to pick my name, but Katlyn is what it is, and trashy it is NOT.

Just sayin.
― Anonymous User  10/29/2013
I think this name is nice. It's modern, and a lot of modern names don't make sense (as some people have complained). But, it's a beautiful name.
Myth Writer Dreamer  5/17/2010
The name Katlyn is an old name originating from Ireland, and is pronounced KAte-lyn.
Xeladaria  11/30/2008
Ok. First off it is pronounced like KATE-lyn, and second of all, people have an easier time spelling this than my nickname, Katy.
wicogirl8  6/10/2008
Caitlin says "AAAARGH!"

In my opinion, trendy spellings like this are tacky and cutesy. And you come across as uneducated. Just my opinion.
― Anonymous User  6/8/2008
This is the way my name is spelled, and I pronounce it Kate-lyn. I definitely agree that it's a stupid way to spell it, especially when people always mispronounce it!
kate02  6/20/2005
This name is pronounced KAT-lin. KAT is like "cat" not "Cate".
Sedalyn  5/22/2005
I think this is a horrible spelling. It looks as if it should be pronounced Kat-lynn, not Kate-lynn.
― Anonymous User  4/18/2005

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