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Gender Masculine & Feminine
Usage Japanese
Scripts 佳月, 伽月, 嘉月, 夏月, 歌月, 加月, 克己, 克希, 克樹, 克紀, 勝己, 勝希, 勝樹, 勝紀(Japanese Kanji) かつき(Japanese Hiragana) カツキ(Japanese Katakana)
Pronounced Pron. KAHTS-KEE, KAH-TSUU-KEE  [key]

Meaning & History

As a unisex name, it combines 佳 (ka, kei) meaning "beautiful, excellent, good, pleasing, skilled", 伽 (ka, ga, kya, gya, togi) meaning "attending, entertainer, nursing", 嘉 (ka, yoi, yomi.suru) meaning "applaud, esteem, praise", 夏 (ka, ga, ge, natsu) meaning "summer", 歌 (ka, uta, uta.u) meaning "sing, song" or 加 (ka, kuwa.eru, kuwa.waru) meaning "add(ition), Canada, include, increase, join" with 月 (gatsu, getsu, tsuki) meaning "month, moon."
As a masculine name, it combines 克 (koku, ka.tsu) meaning "kindly, overcome, skillfully" or 勝 (shou, ka.tsu, katsu, -ga.chi, sugu.reru, meaning "excel, prevail, victory, win" with 己 (ki, ko, onore, tsuchinoto, na) meaning "self, serpent, snake", 希 (ki, ke, mare) meaning "beg, beseech, few, Greece, hope, phenomenal, pray, rare, request", 樹 (ju, ki) meaning "timber trees, wood" or 紀 (ki) meaning "account, annals, chronicle, geologic period, history, narrative."

One bearer of this name is film director Katsuki Iwauchi (岩内 克己) (1925-).

Katsuki is also used as a surname.
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