Actress Kay Kendall (1927-1959).
I don't like it much. Prefer Kae.
Nah... not my thing. "Hey, Kay!". That would just sound plain weird.
Just forgot to mention, it's better than Kaylee or Kaytee or whatever.
I can think of a movie named "Oh Kay!" starring it's main protagonist, Kay, as she just says Okay to everything everyone says, then everyone says "Oh Kay!" because they're fed up with Kay just saying okay all the time. At the end of the movie, the universe Kay resides in begins to fall apart, because the amount of times Kay said okay was so large it breaks the laws of physics. She finally gets the motivation to say something other than "okay" when the universe finally falls apart and she is left to float in nothingness forever, she says "okay".
Definitely more mature than Kaylee or Kayla.
Too simple for a first name.
Much better than Kaylee and Kayla.
I love Kay as a nickname for Kayla. Omg, it has such a pretty sound.
Kay Faraday, a character in the Ace Attorney series. She is Miles's assistant.
A well-known bearer of this name is the writer & psychologist Kay Redfield Jamison. Check out her book "An Unquiet Mind" if you want some good reading.
Deborah Kay "Debi" Pearl (née Smith), better known as Debi Pearl was an extremely controversial book and magazine author who has written the following works: "To Train Up a Child" (1994) (co-written with her husband, Michael Pearl), "No Greater Joy" magazine (co-written with her husband, Michael Pearl) and "Created to Be His Help Meet" (2004). She and her husband were known to encourage the treatment of women as a subservient species (particularly, in "Created to Be His Help Meet" which solely focuses on a woman's/wife's "role" in marriage and subservience towards her husband) and child abuse, which they referred to as "training" (this in particular, is the sole focus of "To Train Up a Child").
A filler name or nickname. Too short as a stand-alone name, in my opinion. Pretty boring as a first name. Well, it's okay. Lol.

What happened in 1929 to spike the popularity?
I like Kay.
I much prefer it to Katherine. As many Medieval forms it is simpler and neat. I would pronounce it like KIE so people would not assume that it is just the letter K.
Ugly and old-ladyish.
This name seems more like a nickname for me. I don't like it as a middle name or full name, just a nickname.
My name is Karen, but my brothers call me Kay as a nickname. It's better as a nickname to me.
My middle name is Kay and my grandmother also has it for her middle name. I hate when I tell people my middle name is Kay and they say "Wait, so it starts with a K?" or "K as in the letter?".
The name Kay was given to 43 girls born in the US in 2015.
Very short, simple, straight forward name. Makes for a decent middle name.
It's my middle name and to be quite frank, I've never cared for it. To me, it's rather boring and plain. I feel bad because it's also my mom's middle name and I see that there are a lot of people who have it and like it... So long as you like and are happy with it, no one else's opinion matters.
As for my mom, maybe if I start spelling it with an "e" as in "Kaye" I can reconcile my feelings about it a little. Still sounds the same, but I think it looks a tad better. (Not unlike the "e" in "Anne" from Anne of Green Gables I guess).
I think this name sounds like a name someone would use in the past and not the modern days. I still think it sounds cute for a dog but not as good for a person. Also, I think this name is feminine and not masculine. Who would have the thought to make it masculine?
My name is Kay. When I was young I wanted a fancier name. Now I love my name. It is simple, straightforward, feminine, and just a bit sweet. Additionally there is not a nickname for it. As an adult this is an advantage as I am not called something childish and little girly as so many women are.
Kay Hanley, a singer. She sings "Follow Me" which is the theme of Team Rose in Sonic Heroes. She has also sung the main theme song for My Friends Tigger & Pooh.
Can be a bit of a filler, and would often be assumed as just the initial, rather than the actual name.
I agree with Hushpupy, both Lee and Kay could be used as good filler middle names if you can't come up with any.
The name Kay was given to 51 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
I know a lot of people who have Kay as their middle name. Savannah Kay, Amber Kay, Tracey Kay...
I love the way this name looks: Kay. It just looks cheerful written out. It is sweet and spunky, yet old-fashioned. I think it is nice as a nickname or a given name.
A famous Kay was American actress Kay Francis (1905-1968), who was one of the most popular actresses during the earlier Thirties and appeared in films like "Trouble in Paradise".
I can't see this as a given name. It's way too short and boring.
I personally think Kay is an awesome name, whether it's a nickname, first name or middle name.
My middle name is Kay. It was my mother's middle name, and I've never really liked it. It's a bit too plain for my tastes, but, I'm stuck with it. When I tell someone my middle name, they always think it's an initial and I don't really have a middle name. That's why I don't like it.
This is sort of friendly and it's better for a girl named Katherine to be Kay than one of a thousand Kates.
Kay Lástima (née Pasa), Spanish philosopher. Said "ah!," said "ah!" (Ouch!)
Let's not forget Kay Swift; George Gershwin's lover! :D
Kay Hanley, lead singer of Letters to Cleo (now defunct) and solo artist.
I love Kay either as a stand-alone or a nickname for Kaya. I also think it's weirdly handsome on a guy.
A character of Mary McCarthy's novel "The Group" is named Kay.
Kay is not only an nickname for Kayla, Kayleigh, etc. It is also the reason such names exist according to a book I read once.
Kay Panabaker is an actress.
Mary Kay Bergman provided the voices for most of the female characters in the first 3 seasons of South Park and for the movie too. She commited suicide.
Kay is a common nickname, usually for Kaylie, Kayatonmy, and Kayla.
There is an author named Kay Hooper.
I like the name Kay. I think it's pretty and simple. It's also my sister's middle name, and her first name is Laura. My parents call her Laura Kay a lot. Also it can be a nickname for any name that starts with Kay. (ex. Kayleigh)
Kay Adams was a character in the novel and film The Godfather. Another 'Kay' was Kay Pierce, the little girl in 'Mildred Pierce.'
Common middle name.
This name has been in my family for three generations. I still think it's a pretty with an impression of someone who's kind-hearted, even if it is a simple one-syllable name.
A famous bearer of this name was Kay Thompson, an actress (she was in Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn). She was also the author of the famous "Eloise" books.

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