Hands up! Who likes names Kaylin Nicola or Kaylin Rachel for girls?
I think this name is beautiful, just a little childish but I appreciate that my parents chose this name as it combined my grandmothers names.
Kayla is miles better.
Pretty bad.
I'm Kaylin but this is the app I use for my school work. It's weird but old and seems very interesting.
Exactly what I thought before I read the comments, people will call you Kaitlin anyway, so I don't see the point of using this name.
There is certainly no surprise as to why this name continues to receive so much hate as it sounds completely made up, which it is, and infantile. An older 'Kaylin' might have to go by 'Kay' or 'Lyn/Lynn if she wishes to be taken more serious. I also can't help but to view it as almost the "lazy" version of Katelyn/Kaitlyn/Kaitlin etc. Like someone failing to pronounce the 'T' for whatever reason. (Though I don't believe that name is superb by any means either but it definitely surpasses Kaylin in my book!)
I love the name Kaylin and people who write bad things about it are jerks.
It's a pretty name that ages just fine. Knew a girl with this name, she was called "KK" by family when she was young.
The name Kaylin was given to 353 girls born in the US in 2016.
Ugly trashy trendy name.
As my name is actually Kaylin, I saw it fit to comment. I in fact, do not like my name one bit. As others have stressed, you are always being mistaken for a Kaitlin. No exaggeration. Even after telling the person one million and one times that your name was in fact Kaylin, they continued calling you Kaitlin. And growing up, I was quite shy, so half a year to a year would pass before the teacher actually leaned how to pronounce my names. I don't even have any nicknames. The only time I remember having a nickname relating to my name, was that when I was real little I would occasionally be called K by my cousin. Occasionally, meaning bout 2% of the time. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that K names are EXTREMELY popular, something that I've despised. Overall, I'd give Kaylin 2 thumbs down, even though some might claim that I am exaggerating. Heck, I probably am, though this is just my honest opinion. Nothing more. Nothing less.
Modern American trash name.
I agree with the comment above.
We named our daughter Kaylin (after a friend's last name) and received many, many compliments, which added to our joy of having her in our life.

We struggled with the many variations of this beautiful name, but chose to spell it phonetically (she is KAY-lyn) to avoid mispronouncements and so she would not be burdened with constant requests on spelling. This strategy has worked for her.

A more exotic or unusual spelling would have been fun, but she likes her name and feels good about it, and that is what matters.
Kahlan (pronounced Kay-lin) is the name of the mother confessor in the Sword of Truth book series by Terry Goodkind.
My favorite spelling by far. Sad that it's often confused with Kaitlyn, though.
Other spellings: Kaelin, Kaelan, Kaelen, Kaelinn, Kaelyn, Kaelynn, Kaelynne, Kaylin, Kailyn, Kailynne, Kailynn, Kaylan, Kaylanne, Kaylen, Kaylinn, Kaylyn, Kaylynn, Kaylynne, Cailin, Cailyn, Cailynne, Cailynn, and Cailinn.

I prefer Kaelyn or Cailin or Kaylin.
This name is really feminine and beautiful except I like it spelled Kailen which makes it a little easier to pronounce and gives it a kind of uniqueness.
Canadian Idol winner: Kalen Porter (male)
I like the name because it's the name given to me. :) I hate when people call me Kaitlyn.
The spelling that I saw was Kaelyn and on the website it said the name was Hebrew/Arabic meaning "sweetheart". Regardless, I think it is a very pretty name.
I named my daughter Kaylin, I think it's such a pretty name. However, every time I tell someone her name, they also think I say Kaitlin, it drives me nuts! I thought maybe I wasn't pronouncing it good enough, but now I realize it's just the people not listening!
I'm rather fond of this name because, well, it's my name. A lot of people call me Caitlin by mistake. I'm used to it by now.

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