Usage of the name Keisha peaked in Ontario, Canada in 1996 when it was given to 39 girls.
I agree with wheelbarrow4. It might be the "Default Black Girl" name to some people, but I think it looks and sounds pretty. :) Many names, in my humble opinion only sound nice but are spelt strangely - or they look nice on paper, but don't sound right when you say them out loud. I might even call a daughter this. The spelling makes perfect sense, most people will not say "Kay-shuh", they'll pronounce it as kee-shuh. It's really simple.
Maybe the simplicity is what they don't appreciate about it. I just think it's ignorant when people think someone is trashy because of a name, that they most likely wouldn't have chosen for themselves. You don't have to like their name; you're not the one who has to live with it- but wow. This is ghetto? Fine: its your opinion, you have a right to that. You may even have the authority to use that opinion as an excuse to not hire a Keisha- but she could be a good doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc. People's names determine how they're treated, but I don't think this should be so.
Keisha is a very pretty name. I've always liked this name and I find it unique. I've only met 1 person named Keisha.
It's pretty, I also like Keshia.
Kiša (kee-sha) in Croatian means rain, and in many Slavic languages. It is pronounced identically as Keisha, only the sound ee is not so long. When I hear this name I think about peace, what I feel while I listen to rain.
Miss Keisha? Miss Keisha?! Oh my f-ing god, she's f-ing dead. (Vine)
I can dig it. Keisha is really beautiful.
I don’t care what anybody says. This isn’t a good name, lmao. In all honesty, this name pretty much has a reputation of being “ghetto” and that’s not good. Ghetto or not, this name just isn’t good.
It's ghetto. I don't like it. This is my opinion, and if you don't like my own opinion, look at the other opinions you like. Being black doesn't mean you're ghetto, and being ghetto does not mean you only relate to black people. So whoever calls this name ghetto, that doesn't mean that that person is saying this name is black and that's the reason they don't like it. They're saying they don't like it because it's ghetto, and That. Is. It.It's an opinion. Get over it.
It’s not a name I would use anywhere, but it’s better than other kry8tyve names I’ve seen. I don’t think you have to be black to use this name, just like how you don’t have to be white to use the name Mary or something. Names don’t have races, and they’re certainly NEVER ghetto. Stop saying that.
Hey, did you know that names don’t have skin colors?
This name is not ghetto. It is of African descent and it means "Favorite". Stop making fun of ethnicities and cultures.
The Canadian football player Kadeisha Buchanan goes by the nick Keisha.
I have a theory that this name is most likely based on an 18th-century English pronunciation of Keziah (KEE-zhah).
Don't like the sound of it.
Beautiful name that you can spell in a couple of ways.
Keisha Kerreece Fayeanne Buchanan is an English singer-songwriter and was a founding member of the BRIT Award-winning girl group the Sugababes alongside Mutya Buena and Siobhan Donaghy, and later Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah. With the Sugababes, Buchanan had six number one singles and two number one studio albums, making the Sugababes one of the most successful British pop acts of the 21st century. Buchanan was asked to leave the group in September 2009 and was replaced by Jade Ewen.
The name Keisha was given to 58 girls born in the US in 2015.
We just named our daughter Keziyah. The bible states that GOD'S people will have his name in theirs, that's why we put a 'yah' at the end, halleluYAH may we all seek the truth and our CREATORS will.
It sounds pretty. It's a bit modern for my tastes, but it's an overall nice name. The controversy over race on this name is silly-names are names. Anyone can have any name. Some names are ugly and terrible, but anyone of any race or ethnicity can have them.
My name is Keisha, I am not African American, I am not Ghetto, I am white. I love my name because my mom gave it to me! My grandmother wanted me to be Pamela Paige... Yuck... I have gotten comments from people asking if I'm black because they hear my name without seeing my face. It's a good name and I wouldn't change it for the world... Except when they call me Keish.
I love my name. Some of these comments are outrageous. I didn't make my parents give me this name. To say it is trashy and ghetto is very disrespectful to our parents and those who carry this name. You should not judge anyone by their name, gender, etc. Truth be told a Keisha may be the one who is operating on you, or may have to work for a Keisha... Blessings to all...
My name is Keisha and personally, I don't think it suits me at all. I'm small with a very pale Irish complexion. I don't think this name suits my personality, nor do I think it will be beneficial in my adult life. I can't even begin to explain how many times I've had to correct pronunciation and spelling of my name. I would prefer to go by Eva, a shortened version of my middle name.
Every time I hear this name, it makes me think of one of my old classmates, named Keisha, who was on the extremely chubby side, loud, rude... This is why (and also because I'm white and my future daughter would most likely get racial slurs for having this name) I would never name a kid Keisha.
Keisha Knight Pulliam who played Rudy on The Cosby Show.
Keshia, that's how actress Keshia Knight Pulliam's name is really spelled.
What's wrong with Keziah? I think Keziah is a much better and actually legit name compared to Keisha.
My name is Lakeisha everyone calls me "Keisha" for short. I really like my name and I'm white! I was reading some of the comments on here most of them are about the color of our skin! I'm not even black and I felt offended by the racial slurs! You DON'T HAVE TO HAVE dark SKIN just to have the name "Lakeisha" or "Keisha", anyone can have this name, you don't have to be black just to have this name... I'm just saying!
You people say it's 'ghetto' are so shallow. I'm half black, half Mexican and my name's Hailie. My black family have very formal names like Liana, Jocelyn, Patricia. And a girl on my volleyball team (who is white) has this name and I think it suits her very well. Stop being shallow and get over the fact that name's are no longer determined by race.
There's a pop singer with this name, only her stage name is literally Ke$ha. She pronounces it KESH-a.
The name is actually scottish and is a variation of Keita or Keitha which means woods; enclosed place. It is the modern feminine version of Keith.
I admit it sounds as tolerable as ghetto names go, and it actually sounds professional.
I knew a (white) girl with this name and she pronounced it Kay-sha.
I think Keisha is an okay name, but perhaps spelled differently, like Keysha.
What is this 'typical ghetto sound' you are talking about? I am black and I hate people telling other black people 'your name doesn't sound black' just because her/his name isn't Keisha, Shenika, Daquarius, or Quantavius.
There is a beautiful r&b singer named Keyshia Cole. She's definitely one of my favorites and she makes this name seem so much sweeter then what people make it out to be.
My name is Keisha, I personally don't like it, it's too common.
Keesha Franklin (name spelled slightly different than the one in this database) is a student in the Magic School Bus series by Joanna Cole. She's an African American girl and the sarcastic one of the students.
I just recently remembered that Rose Tyler (off Doctor Who) had a mate called Keisha.
This name only looks right on girls with darker-colored skin.
Just because mostly black people use this name doesn't mean that other races can't use it.
That makes absolutely no sense and it's not true either. What a dumb response.
Keisha Castle-Hughs: Star of Whale Rider, youngest actress ever nominated for Best Actress academy award.
Keisha is the name of one of the Sugababes.
In the Swahili dictionary put up by Yale University on the Internet, none of the five words for "favorite" looks anything like "Keisha" to me. Of course, maybe a completely unabridged Swahili dictionary would have this, but I personally doubt it. [noted -ed]
I just love the name. My daughter's name is Keisha but I spelt it KEESHA.

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