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Kenna 1
Gender Masculine
Usage Ethiopian

Meaning & History

Famous bearer is Kenna Zemedkun, musician.
Added 5/5/2010 by Alison
Edited 1/23/2014 by LMS and Frollein Gladys

Kenna 2
not set
Gender Feminine
Usage Japanese
Scripts 絹七, 絹奈, 賢南, etc.(Japanese Kanji)
Pronounced Pron. KEN-NAH  [key]

Meaning & History

From Japanese 絹 (ken) meaning "silk" or 賢 (ken) meaning "intelligent, wise, wisdom, cleverness" combined with 七 (na) meaning "seven", 奈 (na) meaning "apple tree" or 南 (na) meaning "south". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Added 7/28/2017 by cutenose

Kenna 3
Gender Feminine

Meaning & History

Medieval Lithuanian feminine name, found in genealogies of the royal Gediminid family of Lithuania.
Added 1/20/2019 by Shaymin
Edited 3/16/2019 by SeaHorse15

Kenna 4

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