Very dated.
― Anonymous User  1/17/2021
My name means kind, loving, to be honest and follow your heart. So don't you dare make fun of my name or I will hunt you down.
ssssss  12/14/2020
I like it as a nickname. One of my friends is named Mackenzi (without the e, though) and we primarily call her this instead of Mackenzi.
Not good as a stand-alone name, though. Please, name your kid Mackenzie, Makenzie, whatever, just not Kenzie by itself.
― Anonymous User  6/5/2020
Better than Mackenzie, but still too cutesy to age properly whether it's on a boy or a girl.
someone-  3/24/2020
Someone in my class is just named Kenzie and not Mckenzie.
― Anonymous User  2/4/2020
There was someone named Kevin on my XC team. After he graduated he became trans-gender and is now Kenzie.
Thomas543  2/18/2019
There was a girl in my cheer class who’s name is just Kenzie. Her name is not actually Mackenzie.
danielle170  7/14/2018
A lot more bearable than Mc/Mackenzie for girls.
If it's a guy, you could go by 'Ken', as well.
mememan28  6/5/2018
I had never heard of this name before meeting my friend Kensie (with an s). I like it a lot!
crhecht  12/22/2017
I know a lot of prissy first graders with this name, and though it's a step above Mac/Ma/McKenzie, it really isn't a very good name.
― Anonymous User  6/6/2017
Well, my real name is just Kenzie and honestly, the struggles are real when you're constantly being called Mackenzie and you keep having to correct... especially when I was in school. Even though it gets messed up, it is unique and a lot of people tell me they love my name. Kenzie has a different style that some people either really like or really don't like. It's a good name when you want it short, sweet, and different.
― Anonymous User  12/1/2016
Being named Kenzie is sort if a struggle. Everyone thinks that your full name is Mckenzie. It is a great name because it's rare to find someone with that name, but you can't find Kenzie on souvenirs as often. Still a good name for a girl or boy.
― Anonymous User  5/30/2016
Well, I don't know anything about the history behind the name. The name "Kenzie" in Arabic means 'My Treasure' and that's all I know about it. I just thought to share something with you.
CountryE90  5/25/2015
Earlier posters were obviously not aware that the name Kenzie does have a historical feminine meaning. Perhaps people stick to only what they think is common and have heard of themselves out of comfort and are afraid to accept more unique names. It's easy for the ear to accept redundancy and the brain to not be aware that that is occurring. Mackenzie is beautiful as is Kenzie.

The "teen mom" reference is a bit ignorant as names rise to popularity with the times. Names come and go. It's like saying the names Iris, Doris, Darlene, Irene are horrible and screams "geriatrics unit" and the names Carla, Jennifer, Maryann, Tiffany, Jessica and Melissa are awful as they scream "oh lord, it's the 1980's"... I think all those names are lovely and in fact it is the individual who defines the elegance and intellect in a name.
― Anonymous User  5/16/2015
Kenzie is a beautiful Scottish name that I happen to really like. And, yes... for a girl. I have read that it means: "The fair one" - "favored one" - or "light-skinned."

I believe this name can serve as a perfectly independent forename all by itself. It doesn't have to be anchored to "Mackenzie" any more than "Beth" has to be anchored to "Elizabeth." To say otherwise is like saying that the name Bert can't stand alone without being associated with "Robert" or "Herbert."
I spell "Kenzie" with a 'y' (Kenzy), and honestly didn't have "Mackenzie" in mind at all when I chose it.
For those who insist it can only exist as a shortened version of "Mackenzie", I hear it also has an Arabic meaning, which is "my treasure", and that has nothing to do with the Gaelic origin whatsoever.
Cerise A.  2/17/2015
Wow that's really mean! My name is Mackenzie and people make fun of me and call me big mac and I'm 15. You should feel sorry for us but not be so judgmental. It's a really classy name, but most people call me Kenzie.
― Anonymous User  6/17/2014
More sickening comments of such a beautiful name. I'm starting to think the ignorant people who make such stupid comments have boring names themselves and named their kids just as boring names, which is why they have to make fun of beautiful names such as this. Trendy? I think not. Mackenzie, yes that's very trendy. I named my daughter Kenzie after my father who passed away, his name was Kenneth. That alone has meaning and not every person is looking for the babycenter or online meaning of a name.
― Anonymous User  5/9/2014
I also named my daughter Kenzi after my deceased father Kenneth... it means a lot to me and my family and honors him in one of the best ways I can. I agree with the above comment that people making negative comments must have their own issues; live and let live, people!
Llacivita  5/29/2014
Mackenzie "Kenzie" St. James is a fictional character in the Call of the Forgotten series written by Julie Kagawa.
― Anonymous User  5/2/2014
Not exactly a "meaningful" name...

And by the way, if you look up the meaning of MacKenzie, you'll find that it means "son of Coinneach". You might be thinking, "well, if you take out the "Mac" part, it no longer means "son of" and thus becomes feminine"... that is so wrong. The name Coinneach is a MASCULINE Scottish name meaning "handsome".

There is nothing feminine about Kenzie other than the common misconception that names ending in the "ee" sound are girly.
Tiger Lilly  9/19/2013
Oh wow... People use 'Kenzie' as a full name?! This is even worse than Mackenzie (and that's really saying something) what happened to the good old days when Mackenzie was only used as a surname? I feel horrible for the poor girls who are forced to bear this tacky, trendy, juvenile name. Imagine a 40 year old woman named Kenzie. I really wish people would think about their childrens' futures before using names like these. This screams "teen mom!" And is just plain horrible as a nickname for the awful, trendy Mackenzie, but even worse as an actual legal name.
― Anonymous User  6/12/2013
I know a little girl with the spelling 'Kensi' (pronounced just like Kenzie). 'Kensi' is short for Kensington.
kate.wilde25  1/26/2012
It's weird that people act like this could never be a stand-alone name. I know a 15 year old girl named Kenzie, and it's maturing on her very well. Yeah, Mackenzie is interesting, but it's overrated, and it's annoying (to me anyway) that the whole MAC part makes it more masculine. In fact, it goes better with guys with having that in there. For girls, Kenzie is much better.
― Anonymous User  8/27/2009
I think this name can stand alone just as "Kenzie" (without the MAC) and still be a nice solid first name. I think of it particularly as a feminine name (the MAC on Mackenzie, to me, makes it sound more masculine.)
― Anonymous User  7/24/2009
I think Kenzie is way better for girls than McKenzie.
― Anonymous User  2/5/2009
Kenzie is also a semi-common surname.
― Anonymous User  2/3/2009
Feminine diminutive of the name Mackenzie. (Also a shorter version of it.)
― Anonymous User  1/26/2009
I know a girl named Kenzie! I think Kenzie is a great name, and I like the fact that it comes from Mackenzie.
― Anonymous User  11/18/2008
This name truly does sound more like a shortened version of an actual name rather than the official name of a person. I don't think it's cute on a little girl at all. On girls, it sounds tacky and ugly, but it sounds okay on little boys, however, not on grown men. It's positively ridiculous on women.
slight night shiver  4/26/2008
So much better than Mackenzie! None of this surname "son of" stuff.
earthnut  9/15/2007
I like this name - while it sounds trendy, it's not (in my opinion). I know a guy in his twenties named Kenzie, and it fits him perfectly. But if you want to go for a more grown-up feel, name the kid MacKenzie and use Kenzie as a nickname.
Georgia_kh  4/14/2007
Kenzie isn't a bad name at all, kind of cute. I also like the name Kinsey.
― Anonymous User  11/2/2006
A cute nickname for Mackenzie/Makenzie, but it doesn't sound whole by itself as a first name.
LoveTheNameMackenzie  8/29/2006
I named my daughter Kenzie and she's definitely a one of a kind, like her name. The only downfall is that everyone thinks it's a nickname for McKenzie.
adm  1/10/2006

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