I used to hate my name but I now like it because it's very uncommon. It also goes well with my middle name...Kerry Ayn.
Kerry Butler is a famous Broadway actress. She is best known for originating the roles of Barbara Maitland in the musical adaptation of Beetlejuice, Penny Pingleton in Hairspray, and Clio/Kira in Xanadu, the latter of which earned her a Tony Award nomination for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical.
Kerry Kennedy, who was born Mary Kerry Kennedy. She is RFK´s third daughter and seventh child. She was married to NY governor Andrew Cuomo.
Kerry Graham and Francine Trimble are currently unsolved murders that occurred in December 1978, when both girls disappeared after leaving their homes in Forestville, CA to visit a shopping mall in Santa Rosa. Their remains were discovered in July 1979 approximately 80 miles north of Forestville.
I think your name is fantastic. Unusual but still masculine, you will always stand out for being so unique.
My name is Karry, spelled differently yes.. but I'm a 20 year old man. Coming from a small town in Missouri I grew up hating my name because I felt like it was too girly. But as I get older this name seems to draw women in, lol. I always get compliments on my name even though I didn’t make it but I guess I make it look good, lol. But I'd still like to have a nickname, something that's not so feminine, but they never stick for me lol. I’ve met more guys with this name than women though, so I don’t feel too alone.
Kerry is a gorgeous name, I think, but it is also the one I possess, so I might be biased.
Kerry Ray King (born June 3, 1964) is an American musician, best known as a guitarist for the American thrash metal band Slayer.
The name Kerry was given to 26 girls and 62 boys born in the US in 2015.
I know of two Kerries, one male, and one female. I prefer it on a female.I can imagine a 48-year-old woman with this name, but that's probably because that's how old the oldest Kerry I know is.
It's my English teacher's name. When I first heard it, I was like "ew“, but I grew to love it! This name is beautiful!
My Mum's name is Kerry. She gets mail from people who don't know her, addressed 'Mr. Kerry...' because it can be both a male and female name. She was born in the 50's.
I don't find this name ugly or trashy anymore, but I prefer the sound of this name for a girl more than for a guy.
I find the name Kerry very ugly and trashy imho. I much prefer the names Terry and Perry.
Actress Kerry Washington is a famous bearer.
Kerry to me is a feminine name. It's like Ashley, it might have been a male name to start off with but it's purely feminine now. I find it weird when a guy is called Kerry, I really feel sorry for him as it is so girly.
Kerry is a unisex name so any spelling is either feminine or masculine but I think this name is girly, to be honest and suits girls more, no matter the spelling.
Kerry Trotter is an LA guy who in November 2012 raped a developmentally disabled woman on a city bus.
I met this incredibly good-looking guy at church camp named Kerry. I know a Carrie and I like that spelling for a girl, but I think Kerry looks more masculine and I really like it for a boy because of church-camp Kerry :)
Ireland may be one of the places the name Kerry comes from but it's not the only place. My name Kerrie is a form of Kerry and it isn't Irish but Welsh. It comes from the Welsh Goddess Kerridwen / Keridwen / Ceridwen / Cerridwen. "Goddess of arts, music and poetry" meaning "Blessed Song/Poetry". I like the Welsh meaning of Kerry/Kerrie much more than the Irish "Dusky".
I don't think Kerry is that youthful. It seems more mature than Kelly.
I was born in the early 50's. My parents named me Kerry Colleen (also had an Irish surname). Named for the Ring of Kerry in Ireland. Hated my name as a kid. Wanted to have a boy's name like Franky or Johnny. Found out Kerry was predominately a man's name, but I still hated it. Now, I think (when I actually stop to think about it) that it's kind of a cool name. I certainly don't know anyone with the same name. Only problem is that it is endlessly misspelled as it has many spelling variations.
With this spelling, it comes off as a better name for a man, but it just sounds like one of these names that were very common for girls in the 70s and 80s. It's a bit too cutesy and youthful for a grown woman.
Kerry Ellis is an actress and singer who performs on the West End. She is currently starring in the musical Wicked.
It is used as a first name in Ireland. I know a girl named Kerry (perhaps it's spelt with an i) who is named such because her parents are from there. (They now live in Dublin).
I have a book on old names which also refers to Kerry both in old Gaelic and in the Welsh form. The book mainly covers Scottish and Welsh names i.e. it refers to Celtic & Gaelic names.
Old Gaelic: Kerry & Kerri are shown as the two forms. Kerri being the feminine and Kerry is the masculine. Kerri is associated with the meaning "the Dark one" and Kerry is translated as "son of the dark one". I think this refers to hair colouring rather than skin complexion but I may be wrong here.When the Latin alphabet was linked to the Welsh language the letter "K" was not used but the letter "C" was used for the harsh "K" sound leaving "S" for the softer sound so the symbol "K" was not needed. The name is thus spelt "Ceri".Old stories have referred to warriors with the name "Ceri" in Wales and until modern times it has been a masculine name.Born in 1958, I went to an all boys school. In my class of 30 five of us had the name. Three of us had it spelt the traditional Welsh way of Ceri and two of us had it spelt Kerry. I was 21 before I heard of a girl being given the name. There are of course other meanings such as a "man of Kerry" (i.e. County Kerry), small black dairy cattle (Irish origin). The name is suffixed to give us the work "knobkerry" which is a club known tob be used by Zulus in the 19th century as a weapon to beat the enemy to death with. The term here is believed to come from an Afikaans word.The most famous Kerry of the 60's & 70's being the Australian Kerry Packer, who became well known through his infamous cricket tours.
A county in Ireland, the "Ring of Kerry." Which is why I would think the name would be Irish and not English. And this name happens to be my sister's, and from what we've always found, the name means "Dark" or "Dark-haired", not "Ciar's People". Although I do believe the Gaelic way to spell it is Ciarrai, and maybe perhaps "Ciar" means dark? But we've always found the meaning "Dark-Haired" or "Dark", and never any mention of a specific person.
What I don't understand is that on this website it's an English name but it comes from an IRISH county. Surely that makes it Irish? I suppose if it was going to be Irish it'd have to be spelt Ciarrai like the county?
[it's not used as a first name in Ireland -ed]
In response to Gianna's comment, where the ed said that Kerry isn't used in Ireland, I know quite a few Kerrys here in Northern Ireland. Does that not make it Irish?
It also means Dark Eyes or Dark.
There's a palce in Ireland called Kerry.
I think Kerry on its own sounds tacky, but teamed with another name it can sound quite modern and fresh. For instance, Kerry-Olivia or Kerry-Helen.
Kerry Katona is former member the British girls´ group Atomic Kitten. She was married behind Brian McFadden with his has two girls name´s Molly and Lilly Sue.
Kerry Hennessy was the name of Amy Davidson's character on the television show "8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter" (2002-2005).
Kerry Joseph is a football quarterback.
Kerry is a nice name, but don't confuse it with Kelly.
The name of the main character in Vivian Vande Velde's novel, COMPANIONS OF THE NIGHT.
I really like the name Kerry - it's short and pretty. The thing is, I only like it for women, not men. That's the only thing that puts me off this name, that some men have it. That just seems wrong to me because I think it's feminine and pretty. Kerry is a place in Ireland. When I was younger I used to write fairy stories and one of my fairies was called Kerry. I also like the spellings 'Kerri' and 'Kerrie'.

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