I have never met anyone with my name, Keziah and I was just looking up my name and came across this amazing entry.
Keziah83  2/28/2021
I have 10 women with the name Keziah in my family. The first was Keziah Tucker, 1619 and she was Nansemond.
Bcskee  8/12/2020
Keziah Mason is the name of a witch in H. P. Lovecraft's short story "The Dreams in the Witch House". Her secret name is Nahab, and she serves the Black Man after signing the Book of Azathoth. She also has a familiar named Brown Jenkin.
― Anonymous User  8/5/2020
A very pretty name for a girl!
someone-  6/11/2020
In FRANCE this name can also be MASCULINE, making it UNISEX -- as seen on the FRANCE CHART.
LionB3  5/29/2020
The IPA pronunciation in ENGLISH is /kə.'zaɪ.ə/.
LionB3  5/29/2020
nylonpanda  12/7/2019
My daughter has this name and the only meaning I had of it was spicy but now looking at this I know more and for this name to be one of Job's daughters is so amazing... I love this name.
Kekaleak  11/18/2018
In pop culture, the middle name of the protagonist James Keziah in Taboo.
LMS  7/23/2018
I like biblical names, especially Keziah. I only like it on a girl, not on a boy. I like Zia as a nickname for Keziah.
― Anonymous User  10/7/2017
I named my daughter Keziah (ke-zeye-ah). I fell in love with it when I saw it in the Bible and I automatically thought it was pronounced that way and even though I know it's not, I like it better that way!
Jaecherie  8/30/2017
My name is "Kissiah" but as far as I know, it should be "Kezziah". Based on my mom’s story, the mid-wife spelled it incorrectly while registering my name at the Statistic office. But, I am thankful to her mistake because they said that my name is very unique. My college friends call me, Kissh, and at our office sometimes they call me, Shai.
okisshy  8/1/2017
My daughter's name is Kesiya. Origin of the name is Cassia. It is spelt in different ways in different countries. It's a Biblical name and it is seen in Exo 30:24. It is one of the ingredients (sweet scented cinnamon) used in making holy anointing oil. It's not common or normal cinnamon. It's a good name for girls. May Lord bless all Keziahs like meaning of their name and use.
Abi John  1/30/2017
I named my first daughter this year as Princess Keziah. A name I took from the later blessing of Job in the Bible who named her second girl Keziah meaning beauty or the Blessing of God.
I love the name so much and it inspires me as a father that no matter what, our end will be the Glory of God.
abmills  9/5/2016
France could use Keziah for females too, and the name Keziah is not spelt Kéziah.
lilolaf  6/30/2016
My name is Keziah Keren and I like my name, I'm looking for the biblical meaning of it and now I found it and my older sister's name is Jemimah, and my nickname is kez or iah, and the funny thing is for those for the first time hearing my name, they cannot pronounce it correctly.
KEZZZIAH  6/27/2016
The name Keziah was given to 163 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/16/2016
My name is Keziah, pronounced Kez-ay-ya I have the nickname Zaya, kitziah, Kizzy and Kezzy.
― Anonymous User  6/8/2016
I think it's quite a powerful and really beautiful name.
Arrsh69  4/23/2016
In the USA (2014) Keziah was given to 155 baby girls.
lilolaf  4/12/2016
I really love this name and I think I'll also give it to one of my daughters, and am sure she will be just as beautiful as the name itself.
EMwima  3/18/2016
In the Spanish language Keziah is pronounced and spelled as Cesia.
― Anonymous User  2/2/2016
Only a black woman would wear this name well. White women should stick to white names like Mary and Jane.
TyrannosaurusRegina  11/10/2015
My parents named me Kezia-Rose and I have to say that I love my name. People just call me Kezia (KEZ-ee-ah) or KEZ for short. It makes me so happy to see all these comments; I always thought that I was one of the very few people to have even heard of this name. My parents aren't religious, and had no idea what my name meant, so recently I decided to look it up because I have gone 15 years with no clue what it means! Of course the fact that it means cinnamon caught my attention as I have a bit of an addiction, but I have also found that it means "to sever" and "it is done" which I found very interesting.
kezzibear  1/28/2015
I have a daughter name Ke'Irah. When she was in my womb, I read the Bible to her. I named her Keziah after Job second daughter. The name is a delight and beautiful for a beautiful creation.
JCic  1/27/2015
My name is Kezia

My parents are native Spanish speakers so when my Hispanic family members say it (Kess-YAH), it has two syllablles and pronounce the "a" with the same "a" sound as in "father"

American people I've came across say it with three stressed syllables (Kes-EE-Yuh) and pronounce the "a" with that schwa mid central "uh" sound similar to the "a" in "about"

Close friends and my siblings call me Kes. My aunts and grandmother call me Case
Either way I'm cool with it.
I'd prefer these over Keisha any day...Only because people mispronounce my name as Keisha quite often :)
kezlokez  8/31/2014
Keziah happens to be my name and it means sweet smelling fragrance, or an article of commerce. Can be pronounced as Cassia, gotten from the cinnamon tree... Kezzy for short, is a Hebrew name (job 42:14), they are indeed beautiful, unique and fun loving with a good heart, and rare to find. I love my name and proud of it.
Kezzylollipop  8/27/2014
I've always known my name had biblical origins, but couldn't find exactly how it was spelled as there are so many translations. I have a variation of the name, Kessiah. I've battled with liking my name, but grown to love it as I've gotten older. I know of at least two other Kessiahs; one being my great-great-great-great-great-grandmother on my father's side, and a girl whose mother asked mine if she could use the name. I'm thinking of naming a child (girl or boy regardless) a variation of it as well. It makes me happy to see that it's a well liked name worldwide, people always tell me it's unique and beautiful.
siahanne  10/28/2013
I named our second daughter Keziah by inspiration of the ruach ha kodesh. He told me that her name means "protector," just as the bark protects the tree's life force. The ruach told me that she would go through much tribulation in her life and that she would live up to her name by protecting her older sister and others around her. I marvel at Yahweh's wisdom in guiding us to name our children and how they live up to the meanings of their names!
DELTA DAWN  7/4/2012
Keziah, pronounced in Hebrew as "Ketzi'ah" was the name of one of Job's daughters after his ordeal had ended. It refers to the cassia tree or rather the spicy sweet smelling cinnamon powder that was obtained from the plant and used as a perfume at the time. Job often mentions in the scriptures how he was so miserable, he "sat in ashes", "he repents in ashes". Ashes are a sign of deep grief and mourning. That when God had healed and restored everything to him, more than he previously had, he named his now second daughter Keziah as a perfumed cinnamon powder a symbol of restoration and beauty in contrast to his ashes of grief and mourning.
Gracy  4/4/2012
This is my name. But I have the alternate spelling, Kisiah. After my 5th great grandmother. I am 35 years old and have met only one other Kisiah in my lifetime. I get compliments on my name almost every time I introduce myself to people. They say it is very unique and beautiful. I am also VERY used to people not remembering my name, it's a hard one. But over all, have always been very happy with my name, and proud of it.
sia13sia  12/18/2011
I went to school with a Keziah nickname Kizzie which I think is quite a spunky nickname.
― Anonymous User  6/23/2011
Neat name. Much better than the horrendous "Keisha".
Dawson  12/31/2010
This is going to be the name of my little sister. We are pronouncing it Keh-ZEE-ah.
TeamPeeta4ever  9/23/2010
I think Keziah is a beautiful name for a girl. I like that it also means "cassia" or "cinnamon" as that is one of my favorite scents.
fon_solo  7/20/2009
I think this name is used to mean someone very beautiful and loveable.
DENNIS  8/13/2008
The 'z' makes the name sound harsh, and the -iah too Biblical.
slight night shiver  4/26/2008
Am very proud of this name because am called Keziah, my friends call me Kezzy or Kez. Apart from other views mine is based on the fact that Keziah was one of the blessings God gave Job after losing all he had. The name Keziah is actually associated with "BLESSING". It is a wonderful name almost devine.
kezanne  10/24/2007
This was the name of my fourth generation grandmother. While doing research about her I found that some people would spell her like like Kisiah, Kesiah, Kessiah and Kazia. I think it is a very beautiful name with a quality of strength and pride. =)
Cyneburga  10/19/2007
I really like this for a boy or girl.
Jasmine  2/24/2007
There's something about this name that I find off-putting.
Surreal  12/27/2006
I have met two Keziah's so far, both of which pronounced it kez-ee-ah and used Kezzie/Kez as a nickname.
― Anonymous User  12/25/2006
I've also heard this pronounced KEZ-ee-ah. I like kez-EYE-ah better.
menno_girl  12/22/2006
I have known of the name Keziah since a child and always loved it particularly as it comes from the name of the cassia tree which produces cinnamon which is the most gorgeous smell. I have only known one Keziah until finally after three boys my daughter Keziah Star was born - she is now 3 months old and we have had many positive responses to her name. Sometimes we call her Kizzy which I beleive was the usual abreviation when the name was very popuar in Puritan times.
lexyB  11/10/2006
I am very proud to say that is my name. My parents named me from the 3 daughters of Job, Jemimah, Keziah, and Keren-Happuch. My full name is Keren Keziah. It also means "the most beautiful girl in the land". And indeed I know deep inside I am.
keziahishme  7/21/2006
Hello I am French and I have called my son Kéziah (born in 1999 and who is seven years old now). This is just to say that Kéziah is not exclusively a girl name, I saw on the web that some people in France did like me. In fact when we thought of giving this name to our son, it was because of Keziah Jones, a great guitarist coming from Nigeria. In order to make it a little bit more a French male name, I have put a French accent on the "e" so that his name is Kéziah (I am not sure that all the other French people did it!). My boy is clever and very nice, and he is very proud of his name, too. Of course, we familiarly call him "Kez." Hoping this could contribute to enlarge the debate about the name.
marianne  4/24/2006
I think Keziah is one of the most beautiful names there is, which is why my nineteen month old daughter has this name. We call her Kezzie for short too.
Ebba  1/27/2006
I know of a girl named Kezzie. Maybe it's short for Keziah.
― Anonymous User  12/15/2005
The love of my life is from Mexico, and her name is Cesiah, which is the way this name is rendered in an old Spanish Bible. I think it appears better with her spelling. Moreover, I found that the way it is rendered in the Spanish New International Version is Canela, which means Cinammon.
theShield  12/1/2005
The name is derived from the Hebrew qatsa, which means "to cut off, strip off bark". (
cait  9/16/2005
My wife and I changed the "E" to an "A" and named our son Kaziah. I thought it might be a little odd but he starts high school in the fall and loves his name. All of his friends call him Kaz for short! What a great name!
MrWhite  4/7/2005
Might mean "polished, refined" in Hebrew. Job gave all three of his later daughters unusual names associated with beauty and purity.
noae  3/21/2005

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