I don't know if it's pronounced Kee-Hana or Ky-hana (like Diana) I really like them both though!
Janessa2542  12/4/2020
My name is Kiana but it's spelled "Keyyinah" and my sister's name is Kina it's spelled "Keynia" and my other sister's name is Kimani. My family calls me "Nana". I love my name, I think it's amazing, I used to think it did not mean anything, nothing because nobody spelled it like mine but when I saw how many people had my name I felt special. It could be spelled Kionna, Kiana, Kianna, Keona, Keonna, it does not matter.
keyyinah  10/28/2020
My sister's name is Kiana. We call her Kiki. I think it's a really beautiful and lovely name, especially paired with her middle name- Kiana Belle. I always envied her name a little bit, wished my own was as pretty sounding. Whenever I come across other people named Kiana, Kianna, Keyana, Keyonna, KeKe, Kiki, etc, I don't like it because to me Kiana/Kiki is my sister and no one else can be Kiana or Kiki to me. It's almost as weird as when I meet someone else with my name- I also hate that. I don't think I would even like having two different friends with the same name as each other, to be honest.

TL;DR Kiana is a gorgeous name but don't name your kid that because that name is already taken, capisce?
― Anonymous User  10/19/2020
Kiana is a pretty name. The Hawaiian origin is better.
nylonpanda  6/27/2020
Kiana Firouz is an Iranian writer and filmmaker currently residing in the UK. She was the lead actress in the film Cul-de-Sac, a drama-documentary based on her own life and work, in which Firouz plays herself, received over 30,000 hits on YouTube as of May 16, 2010, less than a month after it was uploaded. Cul-de-Sac is a low budget production made by film directors and human right activists Ramin Goudarzi Nejad and Mahshad Torkan.
Chokherbalyy  6/18/2020
Kiana Jenkins is one of the 7 girls on Queen Bees.
Dianna475  9/1/2008

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