I've never met anyone with this name. Overall it sounds bland.
Clara711  5/22/2021
I like it on a boy. It’s nice.
ciara23  1/13/2021
I've only ever heard it used on a girl, but I think it works better for a boy.
emmach653  6/19/2020
Very nice name for a boy.
someone-  10/27/2019
My name is Kieran and I say it like kier-in. Also I think it is a very nice name.
ktheman  5/3/2018
My name's Kieran but I always hated it. Now I like it more because so many others seem to enjoy it :)
― Anonymous User  10/3/2017
Kieren Perkins, swimmer, Olympic medalist:
1992 (Barcelona) - Silver 400m, Gold 1500m;
1996 (Atlanta) - Gold 1500m;
2000 (Sydney) - Silver 1500m.
― Anonymous User  4/2/2016
I have a best friend named Kieran, and he has really made the name for me. It's easy to say, and it has the contrast between the "ee" and the "a" sound. So cute!
actingfun  8/23/2015
Kieran is such a lovely, handsome name! It's one of my fave boy names beginning with 'k'. ^_^
― Anonymous User  4/19/2015
Kiki or Kiwi are funny nicknames. XD
― Anonymous User  8/24/2014
Keirran (spelt this way) is one of the main characters in the Iron Fey spin-off Call of the Forgotten series by Julie Kagawa.
― Anonymous User  6/4/2014
Kieran Culkin (born 1982 in New York City) is an American actor. He has four brothers: Shane, Macaulay, Christian, Rory and two sisters: Dakota and Quinn.
― Anonymous User  8/8/2012
Don't like it. Sounds like the name of a stuck-up blond British guy.
Bonquiqui  6/7/2012
A famous bearer is the musical artist Kieran Hebden (better known as Four Tet).
dayzunique  6/22/2011
I know two little girls named Kieran.
― Anonymous User  5/28/2011
Kieran means "the little dark one". The short from of Kieran is "Ciar" pronounced "KEER" which means "dark".
violentcrush  12/10/2009
Kieran is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.
ICEyun  2/24/2009
I think this is a great name. I could see it used for a boy OR a girl. I usually pronounce it Keer-an.
krazykels  7/28/2008
I don't like this form of Ciarán because it bastardizes Irish spellings with the fada. I think it's disrespectful how the English language slaughters other languages in translation simply because they can't let a name be in its original language with original markers. This is evident in other Irish names like Seán, in which the fada is ignored or misplaced. If I named my child an Irish name, I would make sure the fada was evident in his name.

To the above anonymous poster: then the name isn't even an Anglicized version of Ciarán. It becomes a slaughtered attempt at an Irish name.
― Anonymous User  7/22/2008
Geez, Anonymous, chill. EVERY language has bastardized every OTHER language. Come on, the Irish name Alastar? Shall the Greeks complain about Britons' inability to write Alexander properly in Greek?

Anyways, I think Kieran is a fine name. Personally, I've been seeing the name around more and more often. It has that trendy 'k' sound, it's interesting without being overly exotic, while also sounding un-frilly aka more manly.
Diest  8/5/2010
My son's name is Kieran. We pronounce it KIE-ran. Making the kie sound like pie. I just think it sounds more masculine this way. We considered spelling it with a "y", but the "ie" just looks better.
― Anonymous User  1/27/2007
I like the name Kieran. It's an adorable name. :)
EgYpTiAn PrInCeSs  1/17/2007
Actually, one of my cousins is named this and we have always pronounced it KIE-ran.
bobcat_explorer  12/31/2006
Kieran is such a nice strong name for a boy.
― Anonymous User  9/14/2006
Pronounced KEER-en.
Rosethorn08  5/16/2006
Actor Kieran Culkin is a famous bearer.
― Anonymous User  12/20/2005

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