This name can also be FEMININE, making it UNISEX.
Sounds a bit pretentious. Even worse on girls. Why would you give a girl a name with "king" in it?
Kingsley is originally a male's name first recorded in the early 19th century, Americans have in the past couple years or so, tried to claim it as a female's name but the true feminine form should actually be Kinsley.
I think Kingsley’s unisex. The “king” part makes the name sound masculine, but the “ley” part makes the name sound feminine. Just because it has “king” in it doesn’t mean it can’t be used for a girl. It rhymes with a lot of unisex names. Personally, I love it as a girl’s name better than a boy’s name! Does that mean I don’t like it as a boy’s at all? No! I like it for a boy too, but I love it for a girl, despite the “king” part.
Why not Kinsley instead of Kingsley for a girl? It's a ridiculous name no matter the gender though.
Kingsley Coman is a French professional footballer who plays for Bayern Munich, on loan from Juventus, and the France national team as a forward or winger.
We love the name and love Alice Kingsleigh (Kings-leigh) family in Alice in Wonderland. We love it so much we chose to name our brindle, female, Frenchie puppy Kingsleigh and it fits her perfectly! :) Her name was going to be Alexandra until we saw the new movie! We're so excited and happy with our choice.
The name Kingsley was unfortunately given to 117 girls born in the US in 2015.
I had a friend with this name, and his nickname was "The King".
My Vermont teddy bear is named Kingsley. Can't imagine it on a human.
The most pretentious style of a name I EVER came across. What comes to mind is an outrageously over the top stereotypical feminine male. Or at least a preppy rich snob type. A part of me has died on the inside discovering this "name"

I feel so bad for anyone bearing the name, especially women. Sorry but KINGsley for your daughter? Why don't you have a son and name him Queenie?
An incredibly pretentious name.
Definitely a males name. No doubt! It has king in it for crying out loud!
It would be like calling a male a queen.
I am a woman who's middle name is Kingsley, and I have never even considered it to be "too masculine" for a girl. It's a very old family name that I am very proud of. As a lover of nature I have always been proud to have a name given to the person who cares for the king's land. I think it's a noble name of a hard worker, not pretentious. Honestly I have never considered it to be anything but pretty cool and a nice reminder of my English heritage of which I am very proud. Even though it has the word 'king' in it, it doesn't mean that it is strictly for boys. It never influenced my femininity, it has only ever given me confidence that I am unique and carrying a really awesome family name that I plan on passing on to a future child, boy or girl.
To me, this doesn't sound like a boys OR girls name. I really hope that people aren't using this just because it was in Harry Potter. I would never name a child anything starting with King. It sounds so faux pretentious.
Seriously, almost every name I come across on this site, no matter how manly it is, has at least one comment saying "this could also be a boy name," no! Are you doing that just to be annoying?! I'm not going to even take the comments saying Kingsley can be a girl name seriously. But, for a boy, this name sounds really snobby and high class. Also, I knew a pit bull named Kingsley. I like it a lot for a dog.
Why would anyone name a girl this? Aren't the first four letters obvious enough to show that it's not feminine? It's a rather dumb name anyway.
Kingsley Russell is a Youtube celebrity with over 1 million subscribers to his channel.
This name remind me of Kingsley Shacklebolt, my favorite Harry Potter character. Who I love from the Order of the Phoenix.
But it's a nice name too for a boy.
This reminds me of Ben Kingsley. Plus: I love the way it sounds. It rolls off the tongue so easily. I can't wait to name my future boy this name.
Seriously if you insist on naming a girl this, she will hate your forever. The number of female names way outnumber male names, so let's just leave it to the boys.
I think the name Kingsley would be quite fitting for a cat. It sounds great and it is cute!
This name in my opinion is strictly masculine. I mean, it makes no sense to name a girl KINGsley. But for a boy, this name is awesome!
First of all why can't you imagine anyone outside the UK having this name? Second of all this name I really love! For a boy or a girl, it's so lovely on a boy and I can just imagine a little tomboy girl (or even a girly girl for that matter) having this name, suiting it and loving it! This name I would consider as a middle name for a future child and possibly as a nickname instead of their first name.
It's hard for me to imagine anyone having this name who lives outside of the UK.
I don't like this name for either sex, but it's positively awful for females. The name is very surname-y, and it sounds masculine even ignoring the obvious fact that it has the ''king'' in it, which seems weird on anyone female.
Meh, this name is just okay. Actually, Queensley sounds awesome, especially for a boy.
Naming a girl Kingsley makes about as much sense as naming a boy Queensley.
I absolutely adore this name, and Kingsley Shacklebolt is such a great character in the Harry Potter books. It's completely cool and masculine. I love it! Terrible name for a girl though, in my opinion.
I don't mind boys' names on girls, although it's sort of sad when they become popular. But the King part just makes this way too masculine for me, and I don't think most young girls would want to bear such a name.
This is a very cool, tomboyish name for a girl.
Kingsley Shacklebolt is a character in the Harry Potter books.

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