Mrs. Kipling is the lizard on Disney Channel's show Jessie.
Kipling? Like the pencil case?
Last name, not first.
Kipling is a strong, distinguished masculine name, without being overused and without sounding made-up. Kipling could be the rancher sitting at the desk in the den of the log ranch house going over his accounts, Kip the young handsome rancher riding the range. The name is not too common but is not a brow-raiser.
It sounds too much like a surname, and a verb at the same time. I do not believe that is an accomplishment.
I don't think Kipling is a bad name. I actually really like the cute nickname Kip. :-)
Hopelessly elitist and pretentious-sounding.
I can't hear this name without thinking of the famous 'Kipling'-bags.
The fabulous Mr Kipling cakes, pies, tarts and slices!

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