Very pretty, I love the name Kira.
I find the name Kira (KEER-ah) to be a very beautiful name, always have since I was a little girl and heard it in the movie Xanadu. So much so that I am legally changing my name from Samantha to Kira. I have been in love with this name my whole life, there is just something about it. To me it is perfect, just my opinion.
Kira Yukimura is a character in MTV's Teen Wolf season 3-5.
Very cute, although I prefer Kiara as well which is so beautiful!
Pretty. :)
Also a Hungarian variant of Kíra: -- mention it as a variant
It's okay I guess. Kinda pretentious... :/
Cute, although Kiara or Kiera are much prettier!
Death note comes to mind when I hear it.
This is my name but spelled with 2 r's. I really don’t like it, it just sounds so ugly to me. Also I’m Hispanic so it’s supposed to be pronounced kE-rah but everyone just pronounces it keer-ah :( I wish I could change my name.
This name is okay, but I don't personally like it. But maybe because the Kiras I know aren't very friendly...
I like this better than Keira because of the association with Star Trek.
Kira Girad is known for starring on “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” and “Dance Moms” with her daughter, Kalani.
I've always pronounced this as Kear-uh.
(Ta'Kira/persian) Takira (Greek) is the feminine form of the male of Cyrus (Persian) /Kyros (Greek)...
There isn't a Latin form of the name at all...
Kira is the nickname for Takira...
Kira also is pronounced with a long I Ki rah.
Kira Kazantsev is an American beauty pageant titleholder who won Miss America 2015 on September 14, 2014. She is the third consecutive Miss America winner from New York and had won the title of Miss New York on May 24, 2014 while serving as Miss City of New York. Her talent was singing with cup percussion to "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. She is an advocate for women and is raising awareness about domestic violence with her platform "Love Shouldn't Hurt".
My name is Kira, and it's pronounced ke-RAH.
There are other pronunciations, like key-RAH, KY-rah, ky-RAH, keyr-RAH and more. Once my name was mispelled as Kirra.
My name has also been mispronounced as ky-RAH. Don't do that. Please.
My mum told me that she chose it because it means 'sun' or 'light', and that it's good for a Leo like me!
This is a beautiful name, wherever it is derived from.
This is the name of the main character in Ayn Rand's "We the Living".
Kira is also used in Hungary. Pronounced: KI-raw.
It's not a feminine name... It is a short form of the Russian boy name — Kirill. Like Max for Maxwell or Bob for Robert. So this is a MALE name.
I wouldn't say that, it is a short feminine form like Alexa short for Alexandra, a feminine form of Alexander, or Bobbi short for Roberta, a feminine form of Robert.
Kira was a popular Barbie doll, especially in the 90s, marketed as one of Barbie's "friends." However, she is absent from the Wikipedia page on Barbie.
Kira Manning is the daughter of the central protagonist Sarah Manning on the hit BBC America series Orphan Black. Kira is a very intelligent, adaptable eight year-old, who is portrayed by Skyler Melody Wexler.
There have been two princesses who have been christened Kira. The first being Grand Duchess Kira Kirillovna of Russia, named after her father Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich of Russia. The second was her daughter, Kira of Prussia who died in 2004. Kira Kirillovna was called upon to testify during the case of Anastasia Romanov and Anna Anderson.
I agree with a number of the other comments made here. The etymology of Kira, Kiera and Ciara are actually entirely different entities, however, in modern times they have become assumed variations of each other.

Kira is a feminization of the Russian name Kirill, which is an international equivalent of Cyril. Ciara and Kiera are likely connected as Ciara (Kee-arh-uh) means "black-haired" and Kiera means "little dark one" both Irish in origin. So they are somewhat linked, while Keira (as in Knightley) was an accidental misspelling of Kiera. Chiara, an Italian name is also pronounced the same as Ciara, so there could be a connection there too.
In terms of meaning, Kira means "lordly, ruler" etc. in Greek. I've also heard it means "throne" in Persian, while Takira or even Kira allegedly means "sun" in Egyptian. It also means "glittery, shiny" in Japanese. In Hindi it means "beam of light."
I don't see Kirra on this site, which is an Aboriginal word that means "leaf". My daughter is named after Kirra Beach, Australia. I have met only a few Kirras, but all of them have father's who are avid surfers, LOL. My husband lived in Kirra Beach, and yes, he's a surfer. It was his dream to name his daughter after this beautiful place.
Kira Hollis was the name of Camilla Belle's character in the movie "Push."
Kira is also used in Finland, where it is almost as popular as Kiira.
It's a really cool name. And it's the same one as the awesome main character, a slightly world-weary teenage Colombian freespirit in the book Last Tanker To Cancún.
Kira is the main character in the book Escape from Memory by Margaret Peterson Haddix.
Olivia Newton-John's character in the movie Xanadu is named Kira.
For the people who have made the death note connection; r and l are often pronounced the same in Japanese; they do not distinguish between the two letters. Thus, when people pronounce Killer, they say Kira. Also, as I saw above, Light is actually the name of 'Kira,' not Raito, again, it has to do with the lack of discrimination between L and R.

Kira is also the new name of Jack in the Chronicles of Riddick.
Another famous bearer is Spanish actress Kira Miró.
This name does, in fact, also have a meaning in Japanese. In the book Kira-Kira, by Cynthia Kadohata, the word is something that 'joins' the main character with her sister (It's a wonderful book; read it!). "Kira-Kira" (‚«‚ç ‚«‚ç in hiragana, a Japanese syllabary) means sparkling, glittering, or shiny.
As far as I know, Kira is not a form of Cyrus but of Cyril (Russian Kiril/Kirill). It is a Russian name, not to be confused with Kiera/Ciara etc.
All that comes to mind is Death Note.
Kira can come from Ciara. Just a different spelling. This happens when you translate names to Roman text. This name also has Persian origins, meaning sun. I believe it is also used in Japan. Or at least it is a town. Different countries have different spellings and different meanings. They may not be from the same source as in Hannah Anna but like I said spelling changes happen when you translate a name to Roman text.
You're right, Kira (吉良町, Kira-chō) is a town located in Hazu District, Aichi, Japan.

Kira or Kyra is a female name of Persian origins. The original Persian name Kûrush could mean "far sighted" or be related to khur, "sun".

The etymologically unrelated Japanese name, romanized as "Kira", is common in Japan.
Pronounced KEER-ah.
Kira Plastinina is a Russian heiress with her own clothing line and she is only 15.
I loved this name for a girl until I saw Death Note. Now it would just be kind of weird for me to use it.
A famous bearer is Kira of Mortal Kombat!
Kira is the feminine form of Kirill (the Russian form of Cyril).
One of the main characters of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is Kira Nerys, played by Nana Visitor.
Kira is the main character in Lois Lowry's novel Gathering Blue.
Although not particularly famous, manga fans may be pleased to know that in the graphic novel 'Death Note', Kira is the name the public gives to the supposedly "righteous" slayer of criminals behind the Death Note murders. In this manga, however, 'Kira' is in fact male -- the Japanese pronunciation of the name gives it a hint of the word 'killer', adding to the sheer creepiness of his character. 'Kira' actually means 'light', and in the English version of the manga, Raito (Kira's actual name) is changed to Light for 'easy reading'.

Read up on the manga if you're interested; you /won't/ be disappointed.
Famous bearer in Poland is Kira Galczynska, Konstanty Ildefons Galczynski's daughter. (he was a poet)
Kira is a character (a female Gelfling) in the puppet-fantasy film The Dark Crystal.
Kira has many forms, though there are some very similar names that are not related, even though they seem to be.

Kira means "Lighthearted" - Russian
Keira means "Dark Skin" - Irish/Keltic
Takira means "Sunny" - taken from the Persian word for sun.

There are many variants to this name, and I like most of them.
"Keira means "Dark Skin" - Irish/Keltic"

Actually, it's "Ciara" ("KEE-a-ra"), which simply means "dark one" in Gaelic (I think that that's what you meant instead of "Celtic")
Kira is also derived from the Welsh and Celtic names, Caera, Ceara, Coera, Ceargh and many other Celtic names. It revolves around the meaning of "sun". Kira in Welsh can also mean "lady of dark beauty".
The previous post is completely erroneous. Contrary to popular belief, Kira is completely unrelated to the Irish (not Welsh) Ciara/Kiera (KEER-ah). This site's origin for it is correct.

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