Way too associated with Kobe Bryant, not that there's anything wrong with him but this name is just way too associated with one person to work, kinda like Madonna or something.
Please do not use this name. This is now (forever) linked to Kobe Bryant and your child can be made fun of. It’s hard to hear but Kobe Bryant has done awful things and he has committed awful crimes, please don’t name your kid Kobe.
Kobe Bryant died on January 26, 2020. Please reflect the page to state 1978-2020. [noted -ed]
Kobe beef is delicious, but please don't name your child after your pregnancy cravings.
Kobe could be a short form of Jacob or Jakob.
I heartily endorse calling your son after a plate of beef. In fact, why not call your children after an entire menu?

I can't think of anything more tasteful ... or tasty!
Kobe, in Japanese, consists of two kanji: "Ko" (_), which means "god" and "Be" (ŒË), which means "door". So, its meaning could be: "door of god", "godly door", "door to god", and other similar interpretations.
Great. You wanted to name your son after a basketball player who got off on some serious rape charges!
Shortened form of Jakob. Can be a surname of Ashkenazi Jewish or Slovenian origin. Umlot goes over the "o."
Kobe also means "turtle" in Swahili.
Not exactly a person who bears the name, but Kobe is also a place name in Japan, pronounced "Koe-Bay." Not sure if it means anything specific though.
Kobe Bryant plays basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers.

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