What the hell? This doesn't look nice all! I like the name Cole, why would you have to change it? And, for some reason, I misread it as "ko-lee."
Ew. I love K names but THIS? No!
The name Kole was given to 290 boys born in the US in 2016.
Kole Weathers is a fictional superheroine in DC Comics.
Yuck, yuck yuck. Cole is bad enough, but this is just an eyesore. Horribly tacky, juvenile, and too modern for my taste.
Spell the name as Cole or don't use it at all!

Cole is a great name. Spelled only as that. With a K it's tacky and juvenile

I don't agree with the user above me. I love the name Cole! Way better than most names.
It doesn't even look like an English name. And changing C's in to K's is tacky.
I prefer this name spelled as Cole, with a C and not a K.
It can also be used as a girl's name, like in the cartoon Teen Titans, a girl who lives underground with a caveman Gnark. She can turn into indestructable crystal, making her useful for a villian who wants to kidnap her, Doctor Light.

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