"Either be Kyle, or be Tyler...don't be both"

- Kurtis Conner.
Not that common, and better than the boring Kyle!
Kyler Murray is the quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals. A standout at Oklahoma, he was the first person to be drafted in the first round of both the NFL and MLB drafts, although he ultimately chose to play in the NFL.
Kyler is a great name. Just like Kyle and Skyler. I know it’s made up but what’s wrong with being kri8tiv? I think Kyler is more of a boy’s name but I love it as a girl’s name too. Kyler for sounding masculine probably was derived from Kyle but it sounds a little feminine because of Skyler, so technically it’s unisex.
My name is Kyler and it means church warrior angle.
Kyler is the name of the bully from the YouTube Premium show Cobra Kai.
Another babyish made up name. Why not Kyle or Tyler?
I just knew it was a made up name just by looking at it.
I'm a 23 year old male named, you guessed it : Kyler. My name is easily mistaken for Kyle or Tyler or Skyler and if not people get way too infatuated with my parents naming of me and go on like 45 minute plus ramblings on how Kyler is such a unique and cool name. Honestly, I hate my first name. If you're expecting a baby boy: DO NOT NAME HIM KYLER.
I get the 'K' slapped on trendy Tyler feel to it, but Kyler is a valid and fairly common surname in the U.S. (most likely from the Dutch roots of Schuiler (the root of the name Schuyler) which comes from the verb schuilen, which means "to take shelter").
Kyler is a good... no, the best name ever ;)
I named one of my twins Kyler. I love this name. Although everyone feels differently about the name, it's a heck of a lot better than half of the names you can't pronounce because parents want to throw in extra letters then say "Oh, the Q, R, S, T and P is silent" LOL! At least the name is simple but not the average JOHN JOE or Bill.
Am I the only one who noticed that this name is pronounced exactly the same way as "Kyla"?
My name's Kyler and most of the time I just resort to people calling me Tyler cause it gets old having to correct people.
Cute name! I love the name Kyler! :)
19 year old male with the name Kyler.
It's awkward sometimes... in my case I found teachers (in the beginning of a year) will often glance at the name, assume it's a typo and either call you Tyler or Kyle. When you correct them they will also say "oh, so your name is like a cross between Tyler and Kyle" because I haven't heard that a million times in my short life from various kids/people etc...
Personally I like the sound of it and that's the main reason I've gone by it since I was a kid, even though it would have been very easy to go by my middle name "Ethan" it just doesn't feel right to me. All I'm saying is if you do name your child boy/girl whichever it may be, give them the option to go by their middle name if they choose to do so. :)
Well, to all you jealous haters on here, disliking the name Kyler! I Agree, I dislike the spelling of the name Kyler. Its Like Tyler and Kyle. It sucks. Way too normal.
I'm a Male, 26- and my name is Kylar. I'm proud about this name. I've always liked it. Doesn't work with all crowds sometimes. I use my middle name. Equally as cool.
Everyone I have talked to likes my name.
Its hard to say, hard to understand, and therefore very unique in its own way. Why would I want a normal name like John, Tyler, Kyle, Paul, Arron, or Mark? All those names are too typical.
Do note I was the 5th Person in the United States to have this name. My parents made it up in 1987 before I was born.
My mom wanted to name me Ky- but Dad said it was too asian sounding, therefore Lar, was added. Making me? Kylar!
New York Made- With Russian And Italian. Yea, it's like that.
One of the worst "names" I have ever seen. I pity those who give this to a child.
This 'name' was actually given to 77 baby GIRLS born in the US in 2012.
Horrible. I'm in awe that there are people who actually like this. I absolutely cannot stand the name Tyler, and now there's this? Wanna really be unique? Why don't you use a name that has real meaning and history to it. Those are pretty uncommon these days. If I ever meet a little "Kyler" I think I'll scream.
I love this name on a girl. I think it sounds so beautiful and somewhat Irish.
I dislike this name. It sounds like the parents couldn't make up their minds between the names Kyle and Tyler so they just combined both. I also dislike it because I know a guy named Cuyler who pronounces it like this. 'Cuyler' is so grammatically incorrect (plus it looks ridiculous on paper) that every time I see it I want to puke. Cuy does not rhyme with Guy and therefore it is not pronounced KYler. Blehh. Perhaps that has destroyed this name for me, if I ever liked it to begin with.
I like this name more as a girls name than as a boys name. It's slightly more grounded than 'Skylar' (no pun intended), but it still has a whimsical feel.
In the game 'Nancy Drew and The Haunting of Castle Malloy' Kyler is the name of the female character that is British but of Irish descent.
Kyler would be a fine name were it not two horrible names smushed together. And spelled with an A like Sylar. (What? I like Heroes and he is my favorite character.)
Great. Someone took Kyle and rammed the nauseatingly trendy Tyler into it, forming this hideous monstrosity. Plus, it's getting popular as well. Kyler is just plain ugly.
Awww. I LOVE the name Kyler! It's so sweet. It's better than Kyle, which is waaaay too popular. I like Tyler, too, but I would take a Kyler over a Tyler any day!
Love this name. We used it for our second son, and as time passes we only grow to love it more. Sometimes the name does need repeating because someone assumes they heard wrong and we really said Tyler. Personally, though, we like the sound of Kyler a lot more. The Gaelic meaning is "handsome one" and the English, Scottish and Welsh meanings are all "peaceful." This name couldn't be more perfect for our little guy.
Are you sure about that? I know enough Scottish Gaelic to know that there is no such word as that in Gaelic; there are some words that sound similar, but they don't mean "handsome". As far as I can see, this is just another trendy, meaningless name put together by some parents who are striving to be "unique".

"Kyle" and "Tyler" rammed into one name, why? With this constant rush to be "unique" and has any parent figured out that it's the child's name but the child's personality that makes the child unique?
I think this is a great name. Much better than Kyle.
AAHHHH! First time, they have Tyler. Then Sklyar. Now Kyler?! Don't get me wrong, it's an awesome name, but I can't say Kyler without having to say it again, because then I would have thought I said Sklyer or Tyler.
I think this also can be a variant of 'Kyle'.
I found that the feminine form (that I spell Kylar) is either Celtic or Irish Gaelic in origin and means "shelter".

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