This also means Sunday in Greek, just a fun fact! :)
My first name is Kyriaki as a family name. In my childhood, my parents used to call me Korina instead.
In Greece, most nick names for Kyriaki are Kiki and Koula but they sound like old fashioned nick names. When I moved to England, people used to call me Kiki, Carrie or Kyra, so I picked the Greek old fashioned one Kiki. I have to say, it doesn't sound so bad to my ears anymore :)
Kyriaki Liosi is a female Greek water polo player and Olympic silver medalist with the Greek national team. She received a silver medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics in 2004 Athens. She received a gold medal with the Greek team at the 2005 FINA Women's Water Polo World League in Kirishi.

Liosi participated at the 2008 Women's Water Polo Olympic Qualifier in Imperia, where Greece finished 4th and qualified for the 2008 Olympics, in Beijing.

At club level, she played for Olympiacos (1998–2003), Glyfada (2003–2005) and Vouliagmeni (2005–2013).
This is my youngest daughter's name, she was named after my wife's yiayia (Greek grandmother). It is quite a hard name for most English people to pronounce so we call her Kitty mostly.
It sounds so pretty, but unfortunately it reminds me of teriyaki.
Κυριακή is also a Greek word meaning Sunday. I always thought that was the root (we use other weekday names as people names, like Παρασκευή (Paraskeve)) but I don't know for sure. Lots of girls born on Sunday get this name.
It's a little odd, but it has several potential nicknames that would work for it.
I like this name. I think that Kyrie would be a cute nickname. However, I prefer Ciriaca, the Italian and Spanish form of this name.
I actually know someone with this name, and they use 'Kyri' as a nickname.
A strain of the GUILT (Gangliated Utrophin Immuno Latency Toxin) in the Trauma Center game series is Kyriaki. It is the first (Sunday) strain you encounter in the game. It is characterized by many lacerations.
There was a Greek saint named Kyriaki. She was martyred by the emperor Diocletian. Her name day is on July 7th.

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