Omg my name is Laird y'all really hate me actually I'm the opposite of it I'm pretty thin not fat.
Super ugly, and it does sound like a fat guy's name. Luckily, this name is very obscure... as it should be.
This cracked me up! It looks like Lard! I would just be like, "Hi Lard!" I'd pretend like I didn't know that his name isn't pronounced Lair-d. Man, this name is weird!
Not a big fan... I like whoever said that it is too close to lard. Agreed. I think that this would make a good villain's name, in a novel, for that reason... being cliche without really being cliche!
Eww. Too close to lard

May as well name the kid, 'fat Lard'.
Laird Hamilton is a famous American surfer.
I think this might be a cool name, if only it didn't remind me of lard so much.
Ick. Too close to "lard."
I've heard this pronounced LERD.
Professional Surfer Laird Hamilton is a notable Laird. He is married to Gabrielle Reece and they have a daughter Reece Viola Hamilton, whom they refer to as V & Viola.
Laird Vonne is Sharon Stone's adopted son's name.

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