Sounds childish and silly. Also gives me sort of a country vibe for some reason.
Literally Ally with an L at the beginning, or Lily with some really weird accent.
Very silly looking name. It reminds me of Lalaloopsy.
Lally Stott was a British songwriter and musician, best known for writing the song "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep," which was a #1 hit in several countries for the Scottish pop group "Middle of the Road."
Lally pop, Lally pop, oh Lally lally pop, Lally POP! Ba doom doom doom.
I know someone called Lara and she uses Lally as a nickname.
It is impossible to say this name without a southern American accent.
In the case of the journalist Lally Weymouth, it's a nickname for Elizabeth.
I have a friend whose name isn't Lally but that's her nickname. I think its actually very pretty. Ignore the hate comments, to anyone with this name.
Maybe I'd use it as a pet form of somebody's name, but never as a name on its own.
It sounds ugly and infantile to me.
This is an outdated term for a lollypop.
Lally is also a surname, and a possible nickname for Layla.
A trademark used for a concrete-filled steel cylinder utilized as a supporting member in a building.

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