Lamont Marcell Jacobs is an Italian-American athlete. He competed in Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games as a member of the Italian athletics team, winning for Italy in the 4x100m relay.
It seems strange to me that no one has mentioned him after the great impression he made on Italian athletics after Tokyo 2020.
My father's middle name (and as well as his maternal uncle's middle name and maternal grandfather's middle name) is LaMont. In doing family research I have also seen it spelled "Lamonte".
It’s ok, but I wouldn’t have ever thought about giving this to a child. Name your child this if you would like, there’s nothing wrong with it.
The name Lamont was given to 119 boys born in the US in 2015.
Lamont Sanford from Sanford and Son is a famous bearer.
My surname is VERY similar to this.

My impression of it is that it's kind of like McKenna. It sounds very nice and refined as a surname, but trashy as a first name.
Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Lamont Cranston/the Shadow knows.
It sounds pretentious, and yet also trashy. To put it simply, this is an ugly name.

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