My name is Lainee. I've never known anyone who spelled it this way. I've also never met anyone with this as their full name; I've known a few people that used "Lainey" or "Laney" as nicknames. I don't dislike my name itself, but I greatly dislike the pronunciations I've gotten my whole life. I've only had a handful of people read my name and pronounce it correctly. I almost always get "Lonnie" or "Lenee" (rhymes with Renee). I've also had more than a few people who need some reading practice because my name is obviously not "Leanne", "Lena", or "Lenny". I've had people assume that "Lainee" is short for "Elaine" without even asking me. I actually got marked absent from class once when a substitute called roll and never called my name (it was a new school and I didn't know she meant me when she called for "Elaine"). One time, I had just started at a new school (4th grade, I think) and my new teacher had a strict NO NICKNAMES policy (Mike was Michael, John was Johnathan, Alli was Allison, etc). She insisted on calling me Elaine and would argue with me when I told her my name was just Lainee. My parents actually had to go to the school and complain to the principal to get her to call me by my actual name. Almost as frustrating is when I politely correct someone and they keep saying it wrong anyway. It's to the point I don't bother to correct people anymore; however, my husband always speaks up and corrects them, which is sweet.

For anyone who read this rant, here's how I got the name in the first place: My parents liked the idea of mashing their names together. My mom is Cathy Kay (Cathy is not short for Catherine or anything else) and my dad is Victor Laine. My dad's mom's middle name was Elaine. So, they were either going to name me Katie Laine or Lainee Kai. They went with Lainee Kai (pronounced like Kay). Now, I do hate my middle name simply because the spelling does not match the pronunciation; it should either be spelled "Kay," or even just "K," or pronounced "Kai." You know, how it's spelled.
Can't it also be used as a diminutive for Helena?
My name's Laney, I love my name but people always spell it Lanie.
In 1973 I named my daughter Lanee. No one has ever pronounced it lawn-ny.
My daughter Lanie often gets mistaken for Lawn-ie that is not a happy time for her but we get to educate the public with the great meanings her name has every time it's called wrong! :) The name Lanie actually has 2 meanings I know of, first being a Hebrew name meaning the narrow road and second the Hawaiian name meaning heavens, sky. I have called her Lanie Bug since birth. I love her name! That's my stormy child- expect scattered showers of Lanie!
It's a potential nickname for Marjolaine.
The name Laney was given to 366 girls born in the US in 2016.
My name is Laney and I honestly don't like my name when being called for something, everyone pronounces it as 'lawn-ee' or spells it like 'Lainey'. It drives me insane!
I have a friend who uses this as a nickname for Helena. I think it's adorable.
Laney Penn from Grojband.
I knew a girl with this as a full name. I'm not a fan, sounds incomplete.
It sounds like the Dutch name Lenie, which is a diminutive for names like Helene and Magdalena.
It looks a little like a (very silly-sounding) pet form of Lane.
I absolutely love this name. My sister's name is Laney so I think this name is wonderful. It is elegant, and very unique. To anyone who has this name, you are very lucky.
Character played by Rachael Leigh Cook in the film 'She's All That'.
This is also a nickname of the name Delaney.
I like this name a lot, and I would name my kid this, but I know someone with this name so it kind of ruins it. I prefer the spelling "Lanney".

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