It's not bad but so pretty, but I prefer Lavinia as an alternative to it.
I don't hate flower/plant names, but Lavender is one I can't take seriously. It's another one of those names that would sound great on a fantasy/ fairy tale character (Princess Lavender), but not on real people.
For a human? Nope.
I like Lavender the name and also the flower.
This name rolls off the tongue so nicely!
When I was 8 years old, I loved to read Roald Dahl's books, especially Matilda. The little girl who's friends with Matilda is called Lavender. I think it is quite lovely.
Lovely name!
Funny name.
I think this would make a pretty cool middle name.
I love this name. It's unique, pretty, and has a beautiful meaning. The color is wonderful, and so is the flower. One of my top favorite names.
It would be super cool if someone called Lavender dyed their tips light purple if they had dark hair (black hair). I imagine a very cool, beautiful girl with this name.
My daughter's name is Lavender Belle, we call her Andi and Laddie. She gets nothing but compliments and has had one rude response from an old lady. We got pretty excited when her doctors first name was also, Lavander. You can be successful and have a unique name! It is judgy pretentious people that always claim the kid is going to have a hard life or not be successful based on their names.
I love this name, it’s very pretty and sounds so lovely, and the flower is beautiful too :)
Hi! My name is Princess Lavendar Smiths, I am 15 years old and I dislike my first name as I get teased a lot from it. However, I love my middle name Lavendar and I now go by Lavendar. Some ‘sassy’ girls call me Princess Lavendar as if I was sassy, they all have unusual cool names like me.
River, Rain, Ocean. They all have nature names and it looks as if they’ve invited me to the nature name squad.
Seems strange as a name.
I love longer names and this just rolls so perfectly off the tongue. It’s pretty to say and look at written down. No negative connotation at all. Gorgeous colour! When I think of Lavender I think of pretty flower but then on a person I think of strength and loyalty. Just like Lavender from Rold Dahl’s Matilda. That character was smart, brave and an emblem of good friendship. Very positive and beautiful name.
Lavender is a beautiful name and it’s so elegant as well. Lavender is a very feminine and elegant color and a good shade of purple! Lavender may rhyme with male names but I don’t like this name in particular as a masculine name. It’s associated with feminism. I love it for a girl!
In 2018, 4 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Lavender who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 14, 327th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
This is somewhat similar to Lavinia, another name I love. I might slightly prefer that one, but Lavender has a meaning that's great and a sound that's both feminine and strong.
My name is Lavender Cheri. My mother wanted a unique name for her only daughter, my middle name means 'darling' in French so as a little girl my mom called me Lavender Darling. I always loved having a name nobody else had. My mother giving me my name was the best gift she ever gave me. It's very feminine and strong at the same time. It has definitely fit me- I am strong yet very feminine and I love being different in every way. When I got married I also received a different last name Lexes which is Greek. I am 44 and almost every person I've met has to tell me how beautiful my name is. It is very flattering and I am very proud to have it.
I am quite fond of this name. My younger sister's name is Lavender Elise, and I must say it suits her. She is still a teenager, however if she ever needs a more professional sounding name, she uses her nickname Aven. I think that stating that something as simple as a name can hinder your ability in your chosen career is absurd, and frankly stupid. My parents gave all of their children more unique names in the hope that it would individualize them. I believe that a name is something that doesn’t render you incapable of doing anything. When my sister graduates from high school, she would like to follow in the footsteps of our mother and become a pediatrician. Thanks for reading!
I love the flower Lavender, and I think this would be a great middle name, not a first name though.
It's cool and all, but a bit... floaty, almost? Perhaps it's because Lavender is a more pale colour, so it feels a little dainty and dream-like... which isn't bad, but not desirable. Strictly for a character, in my opinion, though it could work on some.
Lavender Cheung is a former news anchor of Cable TV Hong Kong of Hong Kong. Cheung graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and she received the Monbusho Scholarship from Japanese Government in 1995. She then attended Keio University in Japan for a master's degree in Law, majoring in Political Studies. Cheung joined Cable News Hong Kong in 1993 and left in 1995 to complete her studies in Japan. During her stay in Japan, she worked as a Japanese Correspondent for Cable TV. She returned to Cable TV in 1998 and was promoted to Senior Anchor and then Chief Anchor in i-Cable News. She resigned from Cable TV in 2009 and changed to work in corporate promotion in the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce.
A) The 60s-70s and hippies RULE. B) Nature/floral names are the OPPOSITE of "unprofessional, pretentious, childish, pompous, geriatric"... they're lovely and beautiful and, well, natural. "Ornate" is a positive trait. C) Names don't aid or hinder careers... Lavender can be absolutely anything she wants, including the cliche "doctor/lawyer."
The name Lavender was given to 60 girls born in the US in 2015.
If you like Lavender as a name, also consider the German cognate Lavendel or the faux French Lavendelle. If you like the color oh so much and puns too, pair it with Lila, Leela or Leyla for the alliteration that Violet or Violetta won’t provide.
My first name is Lavender. I'm 43 years old and yes my parents are hippies. To top it off, my middle name is Dawn... yes, Lavender Dawn. It's interesting reading all of the comments. And for the individual who commented about being a professional, I have a master's degree and am well respected and sought after in my field. I just hated as a kid not being able to get a license plate for my bike with my name on it. I have enjoyed having a name no one else had. It kept me out of trouble as a kid and made me unique.
Lavender is also a surname meaning a person who washes clothing. As a first name, it could have come from the surname.
I'm not sure how people can derive such heavy negative connotations from only a name. Makes me a little bit scared.
I think Lavender sounds sprightly yet sophisticated. I love the smell and colour of the flowers, they remind me of peaceful spring days. Why not name a child this? It will absolutely not prevent them from doing things in life, honestly the idea of that is absurd and just plain weird.
I had boy/girl twins and named them Max Henry and Lavender Mae. Lavender's nickname is Lavvie. :)
I know a girl named Lavender after her mother's favorite flower. Her name suits her, but I think it takes a certain personality to be able to pull off this name. Lavender is sometimes called Ender, because she loves the book Ender's Game, and her sister is coincidentally named Valentina, similar to Ender's sister Valentine in the book.
If you really like the color purple, name your daughter Violet instead!
Lady Patten, wife of British politician and BBC Trust chairman Lord Patten, is named Lavender.
I love this name... if I was to use it I would use Vennie as a nickname :)
It's a very airy, girly name. It doesn't work on everyone, but when it does, it's amazingly pretty.
I think it's really nice in the flower, scent, and color associations, but it's a bit pompous and overly-modern as a name.
I love this name as a middle name but I don't think it would age very well as first name! If people use Lily, Violet, and Daisy why not Lavender? The comment above me is wrong, nature names are very trendy right now!
Nature names are horribly 1960s-70s-- the age of Hippies and all that is associated. Many flower names could go unnoticed to the general public due to the fact of incredibly unheard-of titles. "Lavender" is not one. Not only is it unprofessional, pretentious, childish, pompous, geriatric, and ornate-- it is ugly. Give your child a name that will aid her career, and one that she will thank you for. A Lavender Ferris, lawyer? Doctor? I am afraid not.
I love the name Lavender, it's one of my favourite names. It's such a pretty colour just like the flower. Francesca your comment is really unnecessary and hateful, by saying nature names are so hippy-ish and 1970's is an offense to everyone who names their child Rose, Poppy, Willow, Rowan, Violet, Lily, Daisy, River, Lake, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter or any other nature name. What if I told you I know a Lavender Marsh and guess what? She is a doctor! Clearly her name hasn't effected her chosen career in any way. I think Lavender is a classic name that can age well. It is perfect and I think anyone with the name Lavender is lucky to have such a lovely name. Xx.
I love the name Lavender and think it would be cute with twin name lace. For the Lavender and Lace combo. As far as Francesca's comment that it's unprofessional and a hindrance in adult life giving the example of Dr. Lavender Ferris. I personally would take my child to a Dr. Lavender Faris- the name would make me think of a laid back relaxed doctor who was willing to think outside of the box to explore all the treatment options. I'd expect the name Dr. Lavender Ferris, to be a peditrician who always has a treat hidden in her jacket pocket for the kids. I'd agree Lavender Ferris wouldn't sound like a a top attorney's name but she could always use the nickname Aven. Aven Faris does sound like a top attorney. I know Francesca made her comment a few years ago but I had to put my two cents in anyway.
I think this name is gorgeous, by the way. I think a Lavender Ferris would make a fine doctor. Sorry. Just have to stick up for *my* opinion, too, ya know?
Lavender is a very pretty name, but it would be a little weird naming it after a color. I don't think I would like it if it was my name, but it's still a good name.
In The Language of Flowers, Lavender means "Devotion" or "Distrust".
Might work as a middle name... kinda cool =]
Lavender is my "Taylor Swift song" name - I know it's going to be poppy, corny and sentimental, but I can't help liking it, because it's also very pretty, positive and upbeat. I love the scent of Lavender, and it makes a beautiful name. I think Lavender sounds soft, light and delicate, and it has this old-fashioned charm.
Miss Lavender Lewis is a character in the "Anne" books by L.M. Montgomery. She is a sweet middle-aged woman who is still pretty and young at heart, and one of the teenaged Anne's "kindred spirits". She lives at Echo Lodge - a stone cottage that is always surrounded by Lavender.Sweet old-fashioned name.
This is a darling name, though it may be difficult for a woman to carry. It would be a nice middle name.
The smell of Lavender reminds me of my grandmother, who grew it around her house. I might name a daughter Lavender in her honor.
I love this name, the flower, the smell, the feeling, the beauty of the name itself. Not to forget the beautiful color, either. I think this name would go well with Diana. I would consider this name for a character in a book I'm writing.
I hate how Lavender smells, but, actually, I think it's rather cute as a name.
I despise the smell of Lavender, and I don't really like it as a name either. Guess that is why.
In the film Matilda her best friend is called Lavender.
This might sound childish, but Lavender has been my favorite color since the 4th grade. I'm in College now. Besides the Harry Potter series, this name is also given to a girl in the movie "Matilda" - the young girl's closest friend and accomplice. While it may be TOO girly of a name, I've always liked the sound of "Athena Lavendar".
I have also seen it spelled Lavendar. I wouldn't suggest it though.
Heather and Lavender would be good names for twins.
"Lavender" could have a nameday on Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter) is the day of flowers and willows (the names of the other trees also have a nameday).
I think it's pretty.
This is actually a pretty sounding name, very unique and delicate.
Lavender is the name of a song by the prog band Marillion, formerly known as Silmarillion.
There's a song called "Lavender's Blue."
A famous bearer of the name is a character in the Harry Potter series: Lavender Brown.
The name Lavender is a derivative of the Latin word "lavare," which means "to wash". It was an herb used for bathing rituals in Roman times.

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