This can also be spelled as “Lee-Ann” or “Lee Ann” or LeeAnn.
I don't like this name or its variants but if you do name someone this name them Leanne because this form is a mess.
This is Leanne unorganized. Just make it Leanne please.
Leeann is a super pretty name.
Leeann Velez Tweeden is an American model and sports commentator. Tweeden was born in Manassas, Virginia, and won her first talent contest at age 16. After graduating from Osbourn Park High School, in 1991, Tweeden moved to Hollywood to pursue a career in modeling.
61 girls were given Leeann in America in 2015.
I prefer the names Lee and Anne on their own.
My middle name is LeeAnn, and I like the way Paige LeeAnn sounds, but my dad accidentally spelled it wrong on the paper work. It was supposed to be LeeAnne, chosen by my grandmother, she was always upset about that. I too wish it was spelled LeeAnne, I think it looks nicer. My favorite thing about it is that my grandfather's name is Lee, and it's nice to have a little piece of him in me.
The name Leeann was given to 86 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
I am a proud recipient of the name, and I've had it for a while too. Mine is spelled Lee Ann, and I don't own an Asian restaurant. It's actually discouraging to see someone almost making a racial slur about the name. I'm actually Scotch-Irish. It's not good to stereotype anyway. I'm very liberal, and I associate the name with liberal, free-thinkers!

I have always gotten positive feedback regarding the moniker. The people who say negative things on here, must have ugly things associated with them, other than names!
Reminds me of a Chinese restaurant Leeann Chin.
It looks very strange with the double letters, like her parents were fifteen-year-old poseur-ish scene kids, who thought it might be cool transfer their love for extra lettering to their kid's name. Her middle name might just be Stellar (which is a real name, according to this site, but at least it's nicer than Stella). Even though I hate the name, Leanne and Lianne look much nicer, and less rad. (And I'm not dissing the scene style. I actually love it. :P)
I've lived with this name for over 40 years now (spelled Leanne) and it has had its "moments". Overall though, it's a good name and I only have two major complaints: It's an easy name to whine (try it -- esp. between the "e" and the "a") which is VERY annoying AND it's really a little girl's name. I'm more of a Eleanor now. You know what I mean? PLEASE if you choose this name, use the double "n". Do you know how many times I've been called, "lean"? Ok, it's better than "fat" but still. And just so you other LeeAnns know, our name is not French and in French, when spoken, means "vine"! I live in France and whenever someone isn't quite getting my name, I mimic swinging on a vine and say, "Tarzan!" and they go, "Oooh! Liane!" Oo la la! The bullying I got for having the name Leanne while growing up was, "pee-pan potty-head". Just FYI. Masculine namesake names: Leon, Leo, Leonard, Lionel, Liam, Lyon (French form of Leon), Lee, Lenny.
I like it spelled Leigh-Ann better. But, that's just me.
I really like this name and I want to call my daughter it but I want it to be like LeeAnn.
I really don't like this name for some reason, I think it's ugly-sounding. Maybe because Ann is in it.

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